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c110158.92022-06-21 at 18:56nirvarenSonohara YukioMinor capitalization fix
c110156.152022-06-21 at 18:55nirvarenArima ShinoaCapitalization fix
c110158.82022-06-21 at 18:51nirvarenSonohara YukioCapitalization fixes
c110158.72022-06-21 at 18:48nirvarenSonohara YukioFixed minor spelling error
r60426.32019-06-05 at 20:41nirvarenParanoia: Deliver MeUpdated release date to be accurate
v22117.22018-11-26 at 05:04nirvarenWo He Ta de Shijie MoriI added some screenshots from the game since there currently are none.