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w4569.22022-06-28Suki to Suki to de Sankaku Ren'aiPlays vn where half the heroines are imoutos, thinks imouto routes are disgusting
t18653.32022-06-28Should this be split up somehow?You've pretty much answered my questions, thanks. I don't care enough to add the stories since I'm not really a fan of this VN though, but if someone
t18638.142022-06-27My pet peeve, background voice in H-scene.LOL now I want to try that
t18653.12022-06-27Should this be split up somehow?The VN itself is pretty content barren, but it is designed as a base for users to add content to. Somewhat like mods, you can download user made
w4564.32022-06-27AI: Somnium Files - nirvanA InitiativeDon't worry about it, I'm not really planning on playing it. And I get what you mean, it's more you don't like the direction it was taken and some of
w4564.12022-06-27AI: Somnium Files - nirvanA InitiativeI thought the first was decent but this one seemed a bit suspect at a glance so I've been hesitant to touch it. From your review, it sounds like it's
w4563.12022-06-26Scarlet HollowBlack Tabby Games is that you
t18638.52022-06-26My pet peeve, background voice in H-scene.I also find it very annoying. Especially when it overlaps with the regular sounds... makes no sense. It'd be like if you were talking to one person
t18625.52022-06-25LF hookcodeI hadn't heard of agent until now and just checked it out. They have some videos on how to use it. You basically just update the scripts, attach it
t18631.32022-06-24Why is Persona 3 Portable not allowed here?I'm with what #2 said. I just watched a 30 minute clip and it just looks like a JRPG. The ADV sections are all dialogue except for at the start and
t18616.92022-06-23Inappropriate footer quotesOnly feature I want is the removal of Umineko quotes :p For real though, I've found multiple VNs I like through the quote feature, it's great. One
t17540.82022-06-23Offline reading & VN HookDon't think so. I tried all of the built in Magpie settings and another program that forces a window to always overlay and those didn't work. Maybe
t3649.112022-06-23No Remake?I've only played the remake but it's amazing. The music, the story, the characters, the gameplay. All are great. Haven't touched the original though
t17192.352022-06-23Yet another 'best girl' doesn't get a route#33 lol true. At least some like Dies Irae have the friend already in a relationship, but I guess that's quite a different genre #34 I also enjoy
t18614.22022-06-22Request to restore entry.I don't really know anything about Shadowverse in particular, but according to the inclusion rules, the game must "consistently use the novel
t17192.322022-06-22Yet another 'best girl' doesn't get a route#31 Sounds interesting enough, wish more VNs did neat ideas like that. Added to my wishlist, thanks for the rec.
t17192.302022-06-22Yet another 'best girl' doesn't get a route#27 if you read through the thread, you'll see that the post I replied to said that not all girls being love interests "helps clear a bit the vastly
t17192.262022-06-22Yet another 'best girl' doesn't get a route#17 The weirdest thing to me is that EVNs are associated at all with VNs, I'm sure some fans overlap, but from my experience looking at random VNDB
t17192.162022-06-21Yet another 'best girl' doesn't get a route#14 Last thing we need is VNs that are trying to correct our perceptions. I'd play an EVN if I wanted that #15 I get what you mean, but people seem
t17192.132022-06-21Yet another 'best girl' doesn't get a routeThey hated SirKljerk because he told the truth
w240.32022-06-21Tsuki no Kanata de AimashouGood review. Wow, the time travel aspect sounds poorly connected. Too bad, I was thinking of all the cool twists they could do with it.
t12894.152022-06-20someone give me a reason to keep playing?Randomly came across this vn and yeah, was wondering what the big deal was. No drama, no plot, surprised its so highly reviewed. Guess it just takes
t18599.92022-06-20Missing tagsOh, I was saying #2 as in post #2 in this thread (the one by cubky). My point was that, as cubky implied, most people would assume automatically due
t18599.52022-06-20Missing tagsSorry I was rude with my response. I didn't remember Fate had that so that's my mistake. It doesn't hurt to have it tagged properly, though I
w4527.12022-06-19Soukou Akki MuramasaI can tell this wasn't for you, and that's fair. I will say even though I enjoyed the story, I wasn't a fan of the monster of the week style either.
t18050.82022-06-19H-CodeAs in character names? I'm sure it's possible with regex
t18599.32022-06-19Missing tagsThis post gave me an aneurysm. Fate doesn't even have that tagged, presumably because Sex with Protagonists Only is almost always the case unless you
w4528.12022-06-19Voices In SpaceGood review. Just a thought, to me $3.19 CAD ($2.43 USD) for 22 minutes is not even close to worth it, unless the work is amazing. For that price I
w4532.12022-06-19Crimson GrayAlthough it had its flaws, I also enjoyed its yandere interpretation. Wish there were more works that explored the idea beyond the surface level.
t18580.92022-06-17Anime Expo 2022 + Upcoming Visual NovelAh interesting, thanks. Hopefully we get some good news then.
w4514.12022-06-17EvenicleThat's about how I felt about it. Gameplay was decent enough but the plot and characters were lacking depth, or personality really.
t18580.62022-06-16Anime Expo 2022 + Upcoming Visual NovelAre these streamed? I've never watched/attended this event.
t18573.22022-06-15Dislike how they handle the 'heroines'Haven't finished this one yet, however it's disappointing to hear it's handled worse in this one than the first. I didn't really like how the first
t18572.32022-06-15Best Yuzusoft Title?Overall? Riddle Joker. Though I liked Meguru from Sanoba Witch the best. Too bad it's NTRge
t18547.102022-06-15Yukiko Mild Spoiler QuestionYou preach the truth. Misuzu is amazing. Thanks for going into detail. Regarding Yuka: Wow, I can see why you dislike her. If she tries to mind
w4218.42022-06-13Subarashiki Hibi ~Furenzoku Sonzai~#2 I'm not sure why you'd think a review doesn't have value just because the reviewer liked a different vn. If anything, if we assume your statement
w4481.22022-06-12BALDR SKY Dive1 "Lost Memory"100% agree with succ. The worst part about the combat for me is that most of the fights you've already done in 1 or 2 other routes so they're just
t18547.82022-06-11Yukiko Mild Spoiler QuestionI got to about 3/4ths of the way through and ended up switching to the manga because I wasn't a fan of the pacing. Unfortunately, the manga didn't
t18547.72022-06-10Yukiko Mild Spoiler QuestionThanks, I'll do that
t18547.52022-06-10Yukiko Mild Spoiler QuestionThanks for the input, good to know. I ended up reading a decent amount more today and they cut most of the focus on her thankfully. Regarding the
t18547.32022-06-10Yukiko Mild Spoiler QuestionMight check it out, I really like the VN though (and the format in general) so I'd like to stick with it. Surprised they can get through it in 13
t18547.12022-06-10Yukiko Mild Spoiler QuestionI love the vn so far, but I hate everything about Yukiko with a passion. Will I still enjoy this vn? Minor spoilers only please. I'm at the day
w2610.42022-06-09STEINS;GATE 0Kagari is awful. Never understood why people like Maho though
t18540.22022-06-08Kinusaga MichioPerhaps he worked on it during development, he doesn't have to be alive on release date
t18538.12022-06-08Is this tag a spoiler or incorrect?This VN has the tag "Protagonist with Superpowered Side". According to the tag's description, its for when "Protagonist of this game has a second
w4456.42022-06-07WORLD END ECONOMiCAI do agree in that regard, chapter 1 and 2 felt much more intentional and better paced.
w4456.12022-06-06WORLD END ECONOMiCA"Maybe this stems from the fact that I actually could not care less about economics and the economic side of the game" "I hate capitalism" I'm
t18514.52022-06-05Yurukill Japanese reviewsWell you edited it to make it more clear now so fair enough
t18514.32022-06-04Yurukill Japanese reviewsI'm thinking #2 missed the purpose of the thread
t18512.12022-06-03Spoiler ThoughtThroughout the entirety of the vn, I was wondering what horrendous acts of villainy the two side characters had done to deserve being killed to death