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t3192.82012-10-132 questionsLol 12 episodes.. that's Chaos;Head all over again silly.
t3036.12012-08-09Can't we separate the series?Since it's different, and I have differing opinions about the the stories.
t2534.12012-03-25So for those you finished this...Can you say that this can be categorized as "real" netorare? Seriously for an Atelier Sakura game, this was a mind fuck. I was expecting some usual
t2521.32012-03-22PhotokanoWell, I thought it would "fit in" because it's basically the same as Kimikiss and Amagami. Choose a Location or event in Amagami, talk with the girl
t2521.12012-03-21PhotokanoI apologize if this was already asked before. Why is there no Photokano page? It's basically the same as Kimikiss and Amagami. Does the gameplay
t2341.982012-01-17Katawa Shoujo - GDJust A FYI, there was a " fake" news in CNN iReport. A drunk 16 year old, tried to cut of his own arm, after playing KS. The news is now removed
t2181.32011-12-03SoniComi threadDoes anyone here have a link to a walktrough or guide. I keep getting the same ending, the nurse ending. And I can't seem to get a proper branching
t2132.112011-10-24Release Date For The Sentou GakuenRance is more VN with Rpg elements. While Farland Symphony and Riviera the Promised Lan is RPG with VN elements, which is why they were removed from
t2132.52011-10-24Release Date For The Sentou GakuenSo, the VN part is only the Story mode? Then this is not a VN anymore. A VN needs to be narrated like a novel. It won't be a VN if it's more gameplay
t896.12010-10-18Japan only IP banDon't know when this started but, they're now banning non-Japanese IPs
t519.32010-04-09What's u're opinion?Can anyone point to a working NDS ROM that I can download?