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t17644.12022-01-14A half-baked VN with the same tiring trope*SPOILER* Just finished reading it and I expected more, only to to find the same tiring trope of the queer couple relationship isn't successful. I
t17635.12022-01-12Is there a way to filter tags?Steam have something similar and makes easier finding VNs. I don't like nukiges and NTR, and it would be easier to narrow down VNs that I like
t17618.122022-01-12Starting a Japanese and Spanish translation group#9, are you for the Spanish or Japanese translation? If Japanese, then Japanese first
t17618.112022-01-12Starting a Japanese and Spanish translation groupSent. Check your spam folder just in case
t17618.82022-01-11Starting a Japanese and Spanish translation groupAlso, my discord: KatsyThe6thChid
t17618.62022-01-11Starting a Japanese and Spanish translation groupI'm more responsive in social media FB: Alex Melody Torres TW: @witchnovel
t17618.52022-01-11Starting a Japanese and Spanish translation group#3 and #4, yes. My email is if you are interested
t17618.12022-01-08Starting a Japanese and Spanish translation groupI want to start a translation group mostly JP to EN and SP to EN including visual novels and doujins. I have a few VNs and doujins: For Elise
t17520.12021-12-20Looking for a team to translate ChaosHead spin offI realized these games have Spanish translations, I'm a native speaker and was a translator for a short time. I'm interested in translating it into
t12268.562019-05-12Why are there so many crappy oelvn#4 As non binary I admit that Japan really does "Dance" to our whistle. In fact, I see that Japan is a little way behind than the west. Just don't
t12268.552019-05-12Why are there so many crappy oelvnIdk I just hate them. They are over saturated. As much I hate Epic Games, I agree that Steam opens to sell that crap
t8716.42018-03-12Who is your favorite heroine?My fav girl is Mizuzu. Redhead, dominant , has advanced fighting skills. Everything that I look into a woman. I hate how she was treated by her