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2021-03-209.59 -Nine- Yukiiro Yukihana Yukinoato
2021-03-187Sorcery Jokers
2021-02-247.5Cartagra ~Tsuki Kurui no Yamai~
2020-12-208.5Riddle Joker
2020-12-137Onii-chan, Kiss no Junbi wa Mada Desu ka?
2020-11-289Juusan Kihei Boueiken
2020-09-3099 -Nine- Haruiro Harukoi Harunokaze
2020-09-288.59 -Nine- Sorairo Sorauta Soranooto
2020-09-277.59 -Nine- Kokonotsu Kokonoka Kokonoiro
2020-09-047.5IxSHE Tell
2020-08-3010Summer PocketsAlka: I definitely enjoyed Alka the most. It was extremely heartwarming and shed light onto the primary aspects of the main lore. While i feel like it held the contrived elements in which Shiroha suddenly got forced into the role, the progression thereforth was something to behold. Ao: The most wholesome and complete ending in my opinion. Not only is Ao a great character, the way this route expectantly plays out still creates endless bittersweetness but also hope. The way the characters grew together were one of the best aspects and working together despite all the negative side effects of their goals was both realistic and admirable. Tsumugi: We've all seen this kind of story template before. It's nothing new, just a little different from the vast amount of other stories using this template. This one also does a good job at depicting the conflict and foreshadowing the future progression. With the limited amount of time left in this route, it successfully displays a variety of emotions and camraderie, especially between the three main characters. Shiroha: Objectively speaking, it's just one of the most well developed routes because of how much time is put into creating Shiroha. She gets a ton of backstory and lore. Furthermore, her relation to other characters and interactions are slowly flushed out each time. We come to understand her whether we want to or not and perhaps you will sympathize with the situation. Nevertheless, the complications and conflicts are all laid out eventually and it's a strong route in representing the anxiety of the involved characters. It also involves each other character extremely well which is great to see how they all played their own roles in this route. Kamome: It WAS a great route, until it became strange in my opinion. If I had to name the third contrived aspect this route may be it. The endinging portion just wasn't explained very well and it reaches much more into the realm of fiction. Without spoiling anything, Ka
2020-08-027Koiken Otome
2020-06-277Doki Doki Blue Skies
2020-06-278Kyonyuu Fantasy Gaiden 2
2020-06-277.5Kyonyuu Fantasy Gaiden
2020-06-277.5Kyonyuu Fantasy
2020-06-137.5Ouka SabakiAlright, starts kind of like Phoenix Wright and has similar gameplay feel as well. Kind of cliche starter and hook isn't particularly strong. (only 1st case atm) With the completion of the main scenario/story, I can safely say that it was pretty good. Some twists were certainly unexpected, while some could be easily inferred. What I will say is that part of the plot feels contrived especially for the final chapter. Furthermore, transitions and gameplay really started getting sloppy in my opinion. Overall, the cases were also way too linear in my opinion while some of the elements within the court portions were strange and un-spectacularly contrived. has issues with transitions and story building. Coherency can become an issue as well. Many aspects are indeed generic but it is still solid in many respects. A sense of contrived progression nearing the end though, and character routes were decent for the most part but some left things to be desired, particularly for those who had tons of potential. The primary 3 heroines, were decent; I felt like Sakura's route was the only one to feel completed in every sense with maintaining decent balance between story and characters. Case 3 was the best in terms of character growth and managed to have a decent case overall, though it was fairly straightforward and simple when considering every aspect. nonetheless, the final two cases were probably the most "interesting" in terms of complexity and intriguing mystery/development. Though, i personally felt like some aspects were weak or (again) much too contrived. In the end, this game shows MUCH promise and as a debut game i'm tempted to let somethings off the hook. I didn't really like that the script fell back in generic tropes/fundamentals at key moments. I then went on to think that generic SoL elements in these mystery novels are quite rare. Overall, I am definitely looking forward to either a sequel (which is unlikely for this game) or a new investigation-game.
2020-04-2010Baldr Sky Dive2 “Recordare”
2020-04-209Baldr Sky Dive1 “Lost Memory”
2020-04-109AI: The Somnium Files
2020-03-276Sepia Tears
2020-03-207.5Gyakuten Saiban 5
2020-03-129Gin'iro, Haruka
2020-03-128Senren * Banka
2020-01-216.5Kemono Musume no Sodatekata
2019-12-2710Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm
2019-09-148.5Fate/Stay Night
2019-09-107.5Kyokugen Dasshutsu ADV - Zennin Shibou Desu
2019-08-309Grisaia no Kajitsu -Le Fruit de la Grisaia-
2019-08-309Grisaia no Meikyuu -Le Labyrinthe de la Grisaia-
2019-08-308Grisaia no Rakuen -Le Eden de la Grisaia-
2019-08-307Dies irae
2019-08-307Noble ☆ Works
2019-08-297.5Doki Doki Literature Club!
2019-08-298Dangan Ronpa Kibou no Gakuen to Zetsubou no Koukousei
2019-08-297Eien no Aselia -The Spirit of Eternity Sword-
2019-08-299Saya no Uta
2019-08-298Gyakuten Saiban 4
2019-08-297Gyakuten Saiban 2
2019-08-299Gyakuten Saiban 3
2019-08-298Gyakuten Saiban
2019-08-298Kyokugen Dasshutsu 9-Jikan 9-Nin 9 no Tobira
2019-06-256.5Sekai de Ichiban Dame na Koi
2019-05-238Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai