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v31136.102021-07-21 at 14:06llee1000Sousaku Kanojo no Ren'ai KoushikiTranslated description from the main site.
v31130.32021-06-04 at 23:11llee1000Matching Appli de Deaichuu Shitemitaa word
r79810.22021-06-04 at 20:23llee1000Matching Appli de Deaichuu Shitemitaadded egs link
v31130.22021-06-04 at 20:04llee1000Matching Appli de Deaichuu Shitemitalength and TL of description
v29005.102021-03-27 at 15:17llee1000Koinoha -Koi no Share House-added a TL of the description
v29662.142021-03-26 at 22:52llee1000Yukiiro Signa word
v29662.132021-03-26 at 22:51llee1000Yukiiro Signfixing some of the most glaring grammar errors in the description. Might take a closer look at this later to see if anything else needs to be changed.
v29837.42021-02-17 at 01:47llee1000Misuzu no Kuniedited a word
v29837.32021-02-16 at 23:02llee1000Misuzu no Kunitranslated description from freem
v29837.22021-02-16 at 22:52llee1000Misuzu no Kuniseven screens
v25767.42021-01-16 at 18:49llee1000Yukiko no Kunifive screens
r63678.32021-01-16 at 18:48llee1000Yukiko no Kuniresolution
v17012.382020-12-25 at 16:57llee1000Kara no Shoujo - The Last Episode4 more screens
v27365.92020-12-18 at 20:21llee1000Maokatsu! ~Maou to Yuusha no Idol Seikatsu~it's short
c92963.42020-12-12 at 18:18llee1000Maezono Seidies in the trial
c6397.232020-12-12 at 03:20llee1000Masaki TomoyukiDefinitely a protagonist this time around too
v17012.332020-12-12 at 00:01llee1000Kara no Shoujo - The Last Episodethree screens from the trial
r76024.32020-12-09 at 20:47llee1000Kara no Shoujo - The Last Episode prologuetrial came out today link
c27169.92020-11-20 at 23:59llee1000Ayasaki Takakoadded FD
v28645.102020-11-18 at 23:56llee1000Amamane 2It's pretty short all things considered.
v24987.292020-10-31 at 22:55llee1000Einstein Yori Ai o KometeThe general consensus seems to be that this VN is in the 10-20 hour range.
v24208.202020-10-17 at 21:46llee1000Christmas Tina -Paomo Dong Jing‐a word
v24208.192020-10-17 at 21:46llee1000Christmas Tina -Paomo Dong Jing‐edited the description to make it read better.
v26664.262020-09-28 at 18:26llee1000Sakura no Kumo * Scarlet no Koiadded two more screens
v26664.252020-09-28 at 16:23llee1000Sakura no Kumo * Scarlet no Koiadded four screens
v26307.192020-09-25 at 22:22llee1000Amakano 2added three screens
c11247.122020-09-17 at 20:28llee1000Kuroya Naorichanged to side
c4097.82020-09-17 at 20:27llee1000Yamanouchi Koharuchanged to side
c4095.132020-09-17 at 20:27llee1000Kuchiki Chizuruchanged to side
c89850.32020-09-17 at 20:26llee1000Rokushiki Makotoon the character list for the new site
c4090.112020-09-17 at 20:25llee1000Satou Ayumuon the character list for the new site
c42833.92020-09-17 at 20:24llee1000Old Manon the character list for the new site
c11247.112020-09-17 at 20:24llee1000Kuroya Naorion the character list for the new site
c11241.72020-09-17 at 20:23llee1000Futami Yuuon the character list for the new site
c4097.72020-09-17 at 20:23llee1000Yamanouchi Koharuon the character list for the new site
c4088.152020-09-17 at 20:22llee1000Takashiro Natsumeon the character list for the newt site
c4096.102020-09-17 at 20:21llee1000Kuchiki Fumiyaon the character list for the new site.
c6397.222020-09-17 at 20:20llee1000Masaki Tomoyukion the character list for the new site, adding him as a main character and not protagonist since we don't know yet.
c11392.122020-09-17 at 20:18llee1000Kayahara Fuyumiin the character list on the new site
v5922.642020-09-03 at 15:50llee1000Kara no Shoujo - The Second Episoderemoved some screens and replaced them with new ones from the revoice edition.
c31684.22020-07-20 at 22:41llee1000Yoku Korobuadded character relation
v15426.192020-07-17 at 01:22llee1000Ame Koifilling up the last screen slot
v15426.182020-07-15 at 01:49llee1000Ame Koiadded three screens
c28864.22020-07-10 at 22:42llee1000Takanashi Chikachanged to main character, she has her ending, among other things.
v26537.202020-07-06 at 02:23llee1000AikotobaChanging length to short because of own personal experience (took way less than 10 hours ) and because of the play times on EGS link
c77443.42020-06-28 at 23:27llee1000Suzumori Satsukiadded a sexual trait
v27367.102020-06-26 at 02:31llee1000Icing -love coating-one screen
v27367.92020-06-26 at 00:31llee1000Icing -love coating-added a screen
v27367.82020-06-25 at 22:36llee1000Icing -love coating-two screens
v24987.162020-06-12 at 16:42llee1000Einstein Yori Ai o KometeI misread the "そして、周太はロミにある相談をもちかける。" part so I changed that slightly.