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w1102.62021-07-23Natsu no AmeOh, I forgot that some randos commented on here lol.
t16660.22021-07-23Rating SystemThe number of times I cum to said VN ends up being my rating. If it has a .5, that means I stick 50% of the ejaculated cum back into my dick hole
t10302.2312021-05-02Suspicious voting behavior reporting threadThis might not really be a suspicious vote, but I'll post it here because I don't want to make a separate thread for this. There's this one person
w40.152021-04-10Sanoba Witch*sucks dick*
w40.132021-04-10Sanoba Witchno thank you, good sir
w1780.392021-04-10Musicus!Sorry, I didn't quite catch that, may you repeat that again?
w1780.372021-04-10Musicus!Glad that you read my intelligible review then!
w1780.352021-04-10Musicus!He can say what he wants. If you guys have any intelligible responses, I'd love to answer those.
w1780.332021-04-10Musicus!>assuming I have coke in 2021 smh fucking disgusting
w40.112021-04-10Sanoba Witchidk you seem like the angry one here
w1780.312021-04-10Musicus!Oh no, did I hurt baby's wittle feewings? There, there, don't cry. I'm sure you can suck on the writer's dick and that will calm you right down.
w1780.262021-04-10Musicus!>Where on the political spectrum would the ideas that Setoguchi tries to capture in this title be positioned? I explicitly left it out for a reason
w1780.222021-04-08Musicus!Thank you to whoever made this link
w1780.182021-04-08Musicus!Thank you Mr.Mod People :pray:
t15811.112021-04-05Another kamige gonna get exposed soon :3Friendship ended with Musicus, now Black Sheep Town is my new Setoguchi shrine
w1748.12021-04-02Yukiiro SignI'm reading Yukiiro Sign right now and I have to agree with what you said so far. It feels underwhelming so far, especially since I know what the
w1698.112021-04-01Hamidashi CreativeIt's just a prank bro.
t15613.32021-04-01Just a word of caution to temper your expectationsFor me, KnS2 was a slow burn. It sets up a lot of stuff, but it pays off later. Besides, I didn't really find the flashback stuff to be that bad and
w1732.22021-03-28Kara no Shoujo - The Last EpisodeTruly unfortunate indeed. The demons of paranoia ensnared me, consuming my mind bit by bit. My obsession took me over, blinding me from seeking my
w1698.92021-03-26Hamidashi CreativeOnly when the scorns of the Earth unite their forces, will the sadistic tyranny at the top finally be toppled.
t2108.37002021-03-26Candidates for deletionlink is just a graphical update of link, the text and all remains the same. Yu-No and Doukyuusei are in the same camp, receiving graphical updates
w1698.72021-03-26Hamidashi CreativeBecause everyone on the Internet has a god complex and if you say something they don't like, even if it's a minor thing, they will crucify you and
w1712.82021-03-25Koinoha -Koi no Share House-No problem >2.5 Unlockable Harem Ending, with Spoilers Hidden yee
w1715.22021-03-25Haru KissI've seen literal cumstains with more worth than this MC lol. I guess I won't be going back to this, looks like I saved myself from this. Thanks
w1712.52021-03-25Koinoha -Koi no Share House->When you enter a heroine's route, the rest of the characters disappear? While the heroine you choose is the main focus of each of their routes
w1712.22021-03-24Koinoha -Koi no Share House-Yeah, I'll definitely check out Skyrocket's future releases. Interested to see how what else they can do in the future. I'm not really that
w594.82021-03-17Amakano 2I mean Hoshi Ori is my favorite VN and that's definitely a comfy romance VN without much drama, so it's not like I'm out for the blood in terms of
w594.62021-03-17Amakano 2I'll comment on whatever VNs I want how I want, thank you very much. If you can't accept the fact that people will have differing opinions, I don't
w1645.32021-03-11Ore-tachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai - Under the Innocent Sky.Oh yeah, I definitely get what you're talking about. Sometimes it's hard to get discussion even going about certain VNs because a lot of the
w594.42021-03-10Amakano 2And yet there are other VNs that handle this element miles better than the Amakano series. It does not excuse it of anything when there are way to
w1645.12021-03-09Ore-tachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai - Under the Innocent Sky.Thank you for having an opinion instead of copying and pasting the same few lines that ferociously masturbates to keyboard strokes from a Japanese
w1607.12021-03-04Aa Mama ni Naru! ~Anata o Omotte Afureru Oppai~Yeah, the whole mommy thing was hot as fuck, which made the h-scenes even better. Honestly, she's such a good heroine. And I agree, the piss
w1586.52021-03-01Meikei no LupercaliaInteresting. I definitely have no qualms with stories that deal with the whole cast, though I guess it depends on the execution. I guess I'll read
w1586.12021-02-28Meikei no LupercaliaHonestly, I was sort of skeptical about this game, however your review intrigued me a bit. I don't have the greatest interest in theatre, but some
w1582.42021-02-28Senkou no ClariasNijima is washed up confirmed.
t15613.12021-02-27Just a word of caution to temper your expectationsWhile it's always good to temper your expectations before reading anything, I feel like KnS3 needs more of a reminder considering it's the last entry
t15597.192021-02-26Which VNs most people like but you don't?yes
t6466.242021-02-20Bishoujo Mangekyou 3 -GD-Yo, someone call vndb_txt to save this beauty of a gem.
t6466.152021-02-18Bishoujo Mangekyou 3 -GD-Tbh "大きなおちんちんが欲いい" hits differently then "Fuck me with your fucking horse cock".
t10302.1862021-02-15Suspicious voting behavior reporting threadlink Considering the five reviews that were posted and promptly deleted, well... I think that speaks for itself.
t15544.42021-02-14I need helpYes, I use Windows 10 too and that's how I got it running.
t15544.22021-02-14I need helpRunning it requires hex editing. General instructions, guide and what you need to download can be found here: link The specific instructions to
w1477.32021-02-07Muv-Luv AlternativeI can't believe the REAL thatanimesnob is on VNDB :DDDDDDDDDDDDDD
w1441.22021-01-30Muv-Luv AlternativeWould you rather re-experience MLA or drag your scrotum through broken glass?
t15330.22021-01-04KNS3 WalktroughYou can find the guide on seiya saiga: link
w1266.12020-12-30Kara no Shoujo - The Last Episode>what's next for Innocent Grey? Is this it for them, or are they moving onto bigger and better things? At the very least, Sugina Miki tweeted about
t10302.1772020-12-30Suspicious voting behavior reporting threadlink and link Both accounts made today and share the same votes
w1265.42020-12-30Kara no ShoujoTouko is love, Touko is life.