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w367.22020-09-17Cartagra ~Tsuki Kurui no Yamai~Kara no Shoujo has a special place for me compared to Cartagra. Touko Kuchiki is one of my favorite characters of all time, so that definitely plays
w328.12020-09-15Butterfly SoupI feel very informed now, you are an inspiration to reviewers everywhere. Thank you, my hero.
w74.42020-09-14Hoshi Ori Yume Miraikekw
w184.42020-09-14Konata yori Kanata madeI suppose it's just a question of personal preference then. From what I've discussed with people, Takehaya can be pretty divisive. For example, I
w184.22020-09-14Konata yori Kanata madeI saw your review too and was going to make a comment myself actually lol. Yeah I definitely agree, the SoL parts and the other similar elements
w240.22020-09-12Tsuki no Kanata de AimashouIf you do end up reading it, I'd like to hear your thoughts on it.
w48.12020-09-02DasakuVery insightful Mr.Checker My Pecker, I learned so much through your words of wisdom. I will look forward to more amazing content in the future.
w28.52020-09-01Hoshi Ori Yume MiraiI get that a lot lol, no worries there.
w28.32020-09-01Hoshi Ori Yume MiraiWhat I personally respect about Hoshi Ori is actually the lack of comedy. Comedy is one of my least favorite elements in VNs, so seeing a VN not
t14539.12020-08-17touko buddies!!!!\o/ !
t14429.102020-07-31Hi not altuWu
t14429.82020-07-31Hi not altpls don't remove it ;____;
t14429.62020-07-31Hi not althaha lol
t14429.32020-07-31Hi not alt:peeposad:
t14429.12020-07-30Hi not altlink OWO
t10302.1632020-07-24Suspicious voting behavior reporting threadlink Looking at the username and votes, this account is obvious a parody account of link where the votes are an inverse of the original's account.
t10302.1472020-04-03Suspicious voting behavior reporting threadYeah was gonna point out the same thing. link link link These are images links to axanael, sumaga and tokyo necro respectively. All accounts
t10302.1402020-02-29Suspicious voting behavior reporting threadI got reported :ooooooooooooo
t13293.42019-12-16No edit wars!Apparently ac728 wants to play the "strength with numbers" game and hiding behind this shield despite having never read the VN (proof is in his VNDB
t13183.12019-11-24The debate on the spoilers in the prologuethe spoiler is madoka dying 3/4 into the prologue and showing up as a ghost in the first chapter . should this be tagged as some sort of spoiler
t12832.162019-09-08no screenshots?No worries! Glad we got this sorted out. link
t12832.142019-09-08no screenshots?:clap:
t12832.32019-09-07no screenshots?I'm a survivor, this is my story. The amount of mental damage I have received from this, frankly, disturbing incident is immense. Since then, I
t2546.82019-09-03Can anyone please tell me its whole story?Hi erno.
t12250.32019-04-29This is going to be kind of weird but...I think I'm free in 3019 :)
t12250.12019-04-29This is going to be kind of weird but...It's probably weird seeing some random guy you don't even know messaging you, but I was looking at vnstat and you ended up being my most similar user
t9625.12017-09-10Favorite route? *SPOILERS* (of course)Finished playing this, and it's pretty cool. Yuuma can be dense sometimes can he's tolerable for a decent portion of the game. Definitely not the