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c16780.32021-09-29 at 20:38onorubKuki AgehaDon't know why it took this long.
v5391.82021-06-28 at 02:08onorubTokimeki Memorial 3 ~Yakusoku no Ano Basho de~Around 40 hours for all 8 routes.
v12513.52021-04-22 at 20:22onorubIsogashii Hito no Tame no Youyoumu Extra..
v12512.62021-04-22 at 20:22onorubIsogashii Hito no Tame no Koumakyou Extra..
v12513.42021-04-22 at 14:29onorubIsogashii Hito no Tame no Youyoumu Extrabasic description
v12512.52021-04-22 at 14:27onorubIsogashii Hito no Tame no Koumakyou Extrabasic description
v7539.122021-04-18 at 20:43onorubIndigo..
v7539.112021-04-18 at 20:42onorubIndigosynopsis
c72567.22021-04-18 at 18:53onorubSuekawa HarikoNot as significant as Kaiho or Sakurano, but still enough to be considered a protagonist.
c72558.22021-04-18 at 18:52onorubSakurano ManaHer perspective is just as proeminent as Kaiho's.
c72559.22021-04-18 at 18:51onorubOnose KiriNot as significant as Kaiho or Sakurano, but still enough to be considered a protagonist.
c72566.22021-04-18 at 18:51onorubNishii NorioNot as significant as Kaiho or Sakurano, but sill enough to be considered a protagonist.
c72560.22021-04-18 at 18:50onorubKusada ShoutaNot as significant as Kaiho and Sakurano, but still enough to be considered a protagonist.
v1483.372020-11-25 at 02:17onorubKitto, Sumiwataru Asairo Yori mo,Feel free to give a more detailed description of a lesser length, because this was 46 hours long for me.
v27364.22020-11-17 at 02:38onorubKinovel NoirWebsite for reference.
v1308.162020-11-12 at 17:52onorubDevils Devel ConceptI'm open to different takes, but i find it hard to believe that a playthrough of all routes and endings would take under 30 hours. For me, it was 8
v26997.42020-11-05 at 02:00onorubDoukeshi Satsujin JikenOriginal is almost exactly 2 hours while remake is almost 6 hours.
v28270.22020-11-02 at 02:55onorubSwitcherooDeveloper had the bright idea of making the vndb entry without any release information, so here is a website link for reference at least.
v5390.62020-10-31 at 02:19onorubTokimeki Memorial 240 to 45 hours for all routes, more or less.
r75047.12020-10-13 at 14:47onorubDoki Doki Literature Club! Fruits of the Literature ClubAlmost requested deletion thinking it was a troll entry, so here is the website at least.
r58764.22020-10-12 at 21:44onorubSoushuu Senshinkan Gakuen HachimyoujinClarification on translation as the site says.
r24340.22020-10-04 at 22:31onorubBest Hit Selection - Deardrops DistortionConsole-exclusive routes.
r13241.42020-10-04 at 22:31onorubDeardrops Distortion - Limited EditionConsole-exclusive routes.
r10395.82020-10-04 at 22:24onorubDeardrops Distortion - Regular EditionConsole-exclusive routes.
r7398.62020-09-29 at 02:21onorubJesusBoth japanese and english wiki seem to agree that the day of release was 28.
v453.192020-06-24 at 21:36onorubDraculiusReverted to previous because it didn't help one bit.
v453.182020-06-24 at 21:34onorubDraculiusBroke up the text a little because those walls of text are WAY too unpleasant to the eye.
v14314.72019-12-27 at 18:55onorubCosmology of KyotoThis is one i have to step down on. If you really take your time exploring everything, it will take you a little over 4 hours at most. No idea how
v10059.42019-12-26 at 15:53onorubGin no Hebi Kuro no Tsukiabout 5 hours
v24315.52019-11-10 at 13:59onorubLove EsquireSlightly under 30 hours.
v22251.42019-10-02 at 16:25onorubYi Wan Nian de Xingguang - Stars of the Fairy TaleAbout 9 hours for the 3 stories.
v8756.52019-06-15 at 18:26onorubKousoku ChojinUnless the japanese text is overly lewd, i have no idea how screenshots 1-4 and 6-7 are NSFW.
v4190.92019-05-22 at 13:32onorubRocket no NatsuReported to be a little over 20 hours for all routes.
v19987.82018-11-19 at 20:27onorubDai Gyakuten Saiban 2 -Naruhodou Ryuunosuke no Kakugo-A little over 30 hours
v12513.32018-02-20 at 02:59onorubIsogashii Hito no Tame no Youyoumu Extra3 to 4 hours
v12512.42018-02-20 at 02:59onorubIsogashii Hito no Tame no Koumakyou Extra3 to 4 hours
v21013.32017-12-31 at 00:01onorubThe Last BirdlingAdded length (about 6 hours for single playthrough, 8 hours all endings)