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t18400.32022-05-17Torn on whether changing a certain name or notChecked the op and it actually says her name. Pretty weird, because i vividly remember that her name being Kureha was actually a big deal in her
t18400.12022-05-16Torn on whether changing a certain name or notSPOILERS Here's the thing: Akizuki Kureha's very name is a spoiler, because her route is centered around her protagonist thinking she's someone else
t18324.42022-05-08"black comedy"May sound a little screwed up, but when i read that term i immediately thought of Eddie Murphy movies.
w4204.32022-04-30Akaya Akashiya AyakashinoI can't come up with a detailed explanation, but the reason i said it on quotes was because it seems she simply wants to survive with her family, and
w4204.12022-04-30Akaya Akashiya AyakashinoI thought this had an excellent mix between character work and mystery and i feel i liked it ever better than you did. Mikoto might be the most
t18277.32022-04-29Feeling confused about each version.It seems Kikoku no Shou is simply the version with updated art. The reason i wanted information from someone that played the games is because i
w3827.32022-04-29Silverio TrinityVery light on romance, the most you get is around the first half of the individual routes and true route has no romance whatsoever. Protagonist is
t18277.12022-04-29Feeling confused about each version.Grew interested in this series enough to try it, but i'm sorta confused about all the different versions of Gakkowa there are and how different they
t18259.12022-04-26Wildest theory that turned out wrong? (SPOILERS)When i was theorizing about what was going on in the game, i came up with some wild stuff like Sai and Isla being comrades in the future or Isla
w4127.12022-04-17Otome Game no Hametsu Flag Shika Nai Akuyaku Reijou ni Tensei Shite Shimatta... ~Haran o Yobu Kaizoku~Otomate being the ones to make this rather than Kadokawa or MAGES does look promising. I'll probably only try this if it gets translated, but the
t18062.32022-03-27Remake announced?Moon would be worse.
t18040.32022-03-23Sengoku Rance connectionKenshin is a guest character with no love events.
w3938.12022-03-19Danganronpa Eonadeo ~Tto Hanaui Jeolmang Hagwon~Interesting surprise, as i remember this series not having an entry back when i last checked it. From what i've heard, those two Another games are
t18017.22022-03-19Any news or status of the Fan TL for this?They mostly give updates on fuwanovel. I think they predict for the patch release to be finished in 2023.
t16503.82022-03-09About the translation..If it's not on the vndb page, then there is not news. My guess is that the localization is only gonna be announced about a month from the actual
t17955.22022-03-08Twitter and Visual NovelsI feel that the non-company accounts that get most interest on twitter are mainly translators. Can't point anyone specific because it has been a
t17935.22022-03-04about certain bad ends in the mystery route From what i remember he's meeting his robbery partners in front of the lodge the morning after, so he's probably killing people during the night to
t17932.12022-03-04Theory for the artistic theme for this sequel(i didn't even touch the trial, so if i'm completely wrong already that might be why) With Naoya and Rin's discussions about beauty and Naoya's
t8857.112022-03-01Ley Line Trilogy Kickstarter LaunchedIf the second game is ready, then they have finally worked the engine out. They should really release the third game in september and have a trilogy
t13085.152022-02-25ADELTA's comments on the last routeAfter finally finishing the VN, i'm sorta going on maggie's direction for the ending. Since you're meant to reach that ending after doing Professor's
t17879.32022-02-21160 hours...i think this is the first time i've seen someone put outside research into account for the length of a VN.
w1312.102022-02-20EvolimitFrom what i understood, that has something to do with his character motivations. He wants humanity to keep evolving so that they can discover all the
w3765.12022-02-20Ever17 -the out of infinity-"there aren't really much of big plot twists or revelations" I understand that going through Zero Escape beforehand lessens the impact of the plot
w3761.12022-02-20Kichikuou RanceThe permadeath wasn't enough to ruin the experience because of my savescumming, but i could definitely see it being an annoyance to most people. I
w3713.22022-02-14Making * LoversAnd i did Karen first, so i'm another weird one.
t17831.42022-02-14Which route is the True End?It is indeed, but it's more or less a proper route. I think there is a Qwon side story right before that, which is based on Mikage's route. Maybe's
t17831.22022-02-14Which route is the True End?It's Ayane, which you unlock after doing Mikage, Qwon and Yuzuha IIRC.
t17828.22022-02-14How the English tag it as 18+ while original is17+Excessive gore might make it go to a 18+ as well per ESRB rules, depending on the country and system.
w1312.72022-02-12EvolimitI don't think so. Pretty sure the relevant information in the other routes pertains to the heroines themselves.
w1312.52022-02-12EvolimitOne of them is the true ending, but all of them are good in the sense of what you're looking for. The change is when it comes to closure for the
w1312.22022-02-11EvolimitShizuku is enforced as the last one.
t17805.22022-02-11Heroines like Otome?More specifically, do you want a heroine that looks cool and collected on the outside but is actually gentle and a massive deredere on the inside?
t17793.32022-02-10Looking for a specif VISUAL NOVEL I can't rememberDaitoshokan no Hitsujikai?
t2108.45162022-02-03Candidates for deletion#4515 Seems to me like a Emily Is Away case.
w3643.22022-02-03CARNIVALI'm referring to (spoiler for two different VNs) Subahihi to a small extent and specially Taisho x Alice's last route . I didn't even know a sequel
t17720.12022-01-27About the "this VN is overrated" takes.I'm not getting into the legitimacy of these takes, but i'm starting to hear about how "Saya no Uta is overrated" is a take that is being seen very
t17713.62022-01-27My thoughts related to the popularity of VNEven then, good job. There are very few brazilian-centric topics i can think about.
t17713.42022-01-27My thoughts related to the popularity of VNI was half-joking, holy crap. I was thinking something more along the lines of both looking like overly eroticized crap for outsiders but turning out
t17713.22022-01-27My thoughts related to the popularity of VNCompare the japanese eroge industry to the "boca do lixo" movie industry from the 70's, that'll do the job.
t17712.22022-01-26MG Survey 2022Voted for it as soon as i saw it on reddit and went for Kara no Shoujo - The Last Episode, Aiyoku no Eustia and Akatsuki no Goei. Boring choices but
t17698.22022-01-23Convenience and a Plot Hole (major spoilers)I always assumed that was just Tomitake telling a white lie to keep Takano from being executed by the Watchdogs straight away.
w3513.12022-01-15soundless - A MODERN SALEM IN REMOTE AREA -Wait, you didn't read the post-game logs? They actually explain what exactly happened in the story.
t17645.42022-01-14Finished it but couldn't get some explanation...I guess i can't help you because it seems you understood the VN better than i did, lol. With my poor japanese, i thought that ending was meant to say
t17645.22022-01-14Finished it but couldn't get some explanation...Just wondering, did you do the "harem" bad end? What exactly Gore is was kept vague (horror monster and all that) but it was the only end that came
w3500.22022-01-12Irotoridori no HikariI haven't played that many Favorite VNs, but her winning that popularity poll a few years ago was 100% justified with how much she goes through for
w3497.12022-01-11Venus Blood -Frontier-I know about Law and Chaos, but which is the third main ending?
w3478.12022-01-09WHITE ALBUM2 - Mini-After StoryI consider it part of regular White Album 2 as an epilogue for Kazusa's Normal Route but good thing you enjoyed it, because i kept hearing prejudices
t17617.22022-01-08Why is Setsuna so well liked? (spoilers)In Setsuna's defense, with how cowardly Haruki and Kazusa were being, if she didn't ask him out some other pretty girl would've done it eventually
t17591.32022-01-05global notification setting for all novels in listJust getting notified whenever a VN in your list is merged/deleted is perfect. I'm not sure why would you need to know about alterations in a VN in
t16618.62022-01-02Expectations.The thing is that she seems to only develop feelings for Ida over the course of Nobuchina's route rather than from the beginning, so if Nora shows