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w2489.22021-07-299 -Nine- Haruiro Harukoi HarunokazeWent through episodes 1-3 and stalling a bit before Episode 4. I haven't been that impressed by what i saw either but that cliffhanger really gives
t16639.22021-07-19Correct chapter order?Always do the reports after each case, the game would be near-incomprehensible if i hadn't done that.
w2431.22021-07-18Sekai Metsubou Kyouyuu Gensou "Mamiya" SeriesI'm thinking of waiting until the story is complete to try it but since this was originally released in 2017, that might not happen. The best thing
t16581.32021-07-10Best stories with dialogue about incest?Doko e Iku no, Ano Hi last route you unlock, even main heroines look at the relationship with some prejudice. Natsu no Ame, not as severe but things
w2366.12021-07-06Faustão Dating SimAs far as i could tell, this was pretty much a brazilian youtube poop in VN form. I grew out of youtube poops by the time i was 18, so i thought this
t16548.52021-07-05What's your favorite nukige?( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)Monster Girl Quest series.
t16544.22021-07-04ATTENTION: You guys are missing outBecause since Fruitbat Factory mostly goes after doujin VNs, their localizations take some time to get recognized like what happened with SeaBed.
w2272.12021-06-22Kikokugai - The Cyber SlayerI didn't understand your last line. The VN DOES explain the reason why the sister was raped and killed, if you're asking why the four others went
w2264.12021-06-21ShizukuI didn't like it nearly as much as you did, but i will agree that the VN gets better as the routes go. That one bad ending where the protagonist
w2248.22021-06-18Soshite Ashita no Sekai yoriIt might just be me, since the other reviews i've seen focused on the writing and talked a little about the atmosphere, but almost the whole way
t16266.22021-06-18How can VNs improve their storytelling?I might be talking out of my ass, but i think that the people saying VNs are dying were specifically talking about galgames because of how uncreative
w2228.12021-06-16Perfect Gold: The Alchemy of HappinessIf you enjoyed Yangyang Mobile's presentation, please play The Letter (my favorite OELVN) and Love Esquire (one of my favorite dating sims) if you
w2221.12021-06-15Zettai Junshu ☆ Kozukuri Kyokashou Paradise!! ~Aa, Subarashiki Haramasekai~What an opening sentence.
t14978.72021-06-15Rance 02 Kai GDThe script changes are some interactive dialogue addtions and joke rewrites. Not exactly "expanding the story a shitton". The mere fact that the OP
t14978.32021-06-15Rance 02 Kai GDAlright, you're gonna have to explain the story expansions then because i had a very similar experience as OP and it literally said NEW in the title
t16242.32021-06-13Spoiler questionUhh, none? Some of the heroines are a little possessive, but the relationships in this VN are so modeled after soap operas that there is nothing that
t16231.42021-06-12How to handle Miotsukushi (and other suggestions)I'd say it's the best solution. My opinion is that the less entries the better to avoid confusion and the arguments towards making the console arcs
t16231.22021-06-12How to handle Miotsukushi (and other suggestions)And this kind of thing is why people were hesitant about giving entries to the console arcs. Maybe u110446 should've given it more thought before
t2108.37962021-06-12Candidates for deletionNot exactly a deletion request, but Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Matsuri and Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kizuna being separate like that is just the kind
t15767.142021-06-10How do you prefer these words/phrases English TLd?For a good while, i was in favor of localizing all that stuff, but after thinking how regular novels would approach it, nowadays my answer is "don't
w2181.72021-06-06Grisaia no Kajitsu -Le Fruit de la Grisaia-I can't take a review that dropped the VN in the first route seriously (make a thread instead), but i remember from discussions that the length of
w2144.32021-05-31Tsukihime I'm pretty sure Shiki lives in every main ending because all of them must lead to the Eclipse epilogue
t16024.82021-05-12Who does Karian have a scene with?My memory is vague since it has been a while since i've finished it, but it think it might one of the maids that were already in the mansion before
t16024.62021-05-12Who does Karian have a scene with?From the hair and eyes it seems to be Zefira, but i might be wrong since the maid-style outfit description sounds like it's one of Celica's main
w1964.62021-05-07Sakura no Uta -Sakura no Mori no Ue o Mau-My story with it so far: went through PicaPica and i thought it was fine but unimpressive and thought "that's fine, i hear Olympia is more
w1945.12021-05-03Swan SongI think Swan Song is a classic among VNs because it was an awesome survival story, but saying it was better than Fata Morgana is a bit ridiculous.
t15899.62021-04-23Remake vs Original (Re-order)This is just from taking glances at playthroughs, but it seems that Chocolat characters that show up in Parfait don't have sprites? (i don't know if
t15903.12021-04-20Philosophical parallels with Miyamoto Musashi?I'd like some help here, because i'm severely lacking in solid data and i lot of what i have is based on hearsay. From what i'd heard, Miyamoto
t15862.12021-04-13About Ley Line and Meteor World ActorSince it seems that both series will have similar approaches (direct sequels with each part having different routes), which series do you think will
w1806.22021-04-12Ryuusei World ActorHey, at least their interactions actually feel like playful banter rather than the constant jabs at each other like with Claris.
w1609.62021-04-05Robotics;Notes DaSH#6 Some individuals in it were good characters but not that good as villains (only talking about the original Steins;Gate ones, don't even get me
w1758.22021-04-04ShiinNot counting game overs, the game has a normal ending if you let any of the side characters die and a good ending if no one dies. MC dying is pretty
w1609.42021-04-04Robotics;Notes DaSHNah, that was just a dumb joke of mine over how a protagonist and his heroine never admitting their feelings is a staple of stolen crush ntr, pay no
w1609.22021-04-03Robotics;Notes DaSHThe kiss never goes anywhere before DaSH starts and Kaito and Akiho simply start feeling akward around each other after growing a little apart once
t10797.72021-03-06Compared to Cartagra? Protagonist and girl sneak into the villain's headquarters, get ambushed and then the scene happens before they get rescued by other main characters
t10797.52021-03-05Compared to Cartagra?#4 Happens towards the end of her route. Protagonist has sex with beforehand, though.
t15650.22021-03-05Why are remakes often not added as new VNs?There is a difference between visual upgrades and script upgrades. Remakes with script upgrades get added while ones with only visual upgrades don't
t15625.32021-03-01I'm lost ;OYou get a rundown of what is actually happening at the last 10 minutes of the VN regardless of route. Everything else is up to your imagination.
t15597.272021-02-28Which VNs most people like but you don't?#25 I don't quite know how Yuuji is meant to fulfill any male fantasy by being "cool and confident". Every single act of his just came off as
t15599.42021-02-24New artists/heroine designs"Student version of Making*Lovers" So Fureraba without the small talk gameplay from Amagami then?
t15597.22021-02-24Which VNs most people like but you don't?Kono Oozora ni, Tsubasa o Hirogete. Sure, the artstyle is beautiful, but the plot in all routes is kinda samey and heroines are either boring or
t15578.112021-02-21First VN?G-senjou no Maou. I've been interested in VNs since 2009, but was afraid of trying them because of the erotic content since i felt i was too young
t15576.42021-02-20double faced heroinesAyatsuji Tsukasa if you don't mind dating sims. Auma if you don't mind yurish OELVNs.
t15563.112021-02-18Favorite girl?I don't think Kuu in significant enough to be on the poll, but this insistence that they're the same is a bit ridiculous. They're two sides of the
t15563.22021-02-17Favorite girl?It's really hard to measure, because some girls have really good chemistry with the protagonist in Reminiscence and awful chemistry in main game and
t15559.22021-02-17Question about the routesAsa route is the same, but i recommend paying attention to the epilogue. Yoru route has a different spin in the "flying above morning glory" ending
t15546.102021-02-15Best Childhood Friend You've Ever Seen?I forgot that she was meant to be a non-blood related sister instead (because their relationship really feels more like childhood friends that were
t15546.82021-02-15Best Childhood Friend You've Ever Seen?Hasekura Youko
t15524.42021-02-10Games with a female protagonist that rapes men?Queen of Darkness might be the absolute closest thing to what you're looking for.
t14265.142021-02-04NTR ruin the entire story.Since we're talking about NTR scenarios, is there a NTR story where you get the option of having the protagonist and the chad share the girl after