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w806.12020-10-20Sayonara o Oshiete ~Comment te Dire Adieu~Heavily disagree on the lack of incentive for doing the rest of the routes. Even though the ending is always the same, each route shows a different
t14884.12020-10-19Timeline for chapters IV-VI (slight spoilers)Doing some stalling in Sakura no Uta (only did PicaPica) and there is something i'm curious about: i know chapters IV-VI are essentially Ai's route
t14882.22020-10-19GoreVery little. At the very most you'll get some CGs with blood splatters.
t14879.22020-10-19Which vn will get me the least amount of side-eyeClannad and Narcissu are safest. Chaos;Child would be pretty bad and Grisaia might be bad depending on how long the flight is.
w788.12020-10-18Flyable HeartEven without the spoiler, i thought it had a pretty fun common route and characters are pretty fine for moege. Only read half the routes (Yui
w736.22020-10-14Tokimeki Memorial 24 to 6 hours per playthrough depending on how much you savescum, i think. Only done 5 routes so far (might undrop it) but i thought it had the best
t14854.52020-10-14The r/visualnovels growth in the past 2 monthsI don't remember the name of it, but some pretty famous anime podcast had an extended discussion about visual novels. r/visualnovels is probably just
w739.12020-10-14Itsuka, Todoku, Ano Sora ni.I wasn't as harsh on it as you were but i will agree that, while the build-up to the genre shift was great, the storyline beyond that shift was more
w725.22020-10-12Soushuu Senshinkan Gakuen HachimyoujinMeh, changing to antagonists then. I just didn't think it would that much of a deal.
t12287.42020-10-04Have a happy end ?From what i've seen in a plot summary, in a fucked up way the desperation route is the good end, because at least the heroine is still in love with
t2108.33602020-09-24Candidates for deletion#3359 Yeah, we can probably call it a VN in the same way that LittleBigPlanet and Super Mario Maker are still platformers despite the focus on
t2108.33582020-09-24Candidates for deletionA little on the fence about Student Transfer, as it seems to be more of a "creative engine" than a proper vn. Maybe keep it so that there is no need
w510.62020-09-22Aster I always saw that as Hina being active so that she doesn't feel like an invalid and can improve her psyche.
w489.12020-09-20Kimi ga Shine -Tasuuketsu Death Game-Review is a bit too positive for the rating, quite honestly. I can't tell what negatives could make the game a 6.5 rather than a 8 or so.
w479.12020-09-20Sekai de Ichiban Dame na KoiI haven't even touched WA2's Coda yet, but my favorite part of it so far was the common route for closing chapter with the borderline comedic
w367.12020-09-17Cartagra ~Tsuki Kurui no Yamai~I'm probably the only person on earth that liked Cartagra a little better than Kara no Shoujo. I found the overall cast of heroines better (Kuchiki
w74.52020-09-14Hoshi Ori Yume MiraiAnd i thought i was harsh by giving it a 6. I still insist that if you only care about the chemistry between the girls and the protagonist, you might
w280.12020-09-14Yoake Mae yori Ruri Iro na -Moonlight Cradle-The sinopsis confused me, are the different routes alternate timelines or the protagonist straight up cheats on Feena?
w135.12020-09-07Shinigami no Kiss wa Wakare no AjiJust a silly thing, but i always find it hilarious how the text kept saying Shizuku had a big butt and then in her H-Scenes, her butt is so flat it
t14648.22020-09-01Written By Romeo Tanaka senseiMini-review from sacredge0: link
t14577.32020-08-23I help to find this Adult VN...Deathtopia?
t14468.112020-08-06Best voice acting / most convincing portrayals?Yokote Kumiko's Tachibana Ema outright carries her game.
t14236.72020-07-26Is it worth it?The futa stuff is only on the bad end. Someone even tried to take the futa pictures off the vndb page because it doesn't represent the whole vn
t14330.222020-07-13Who is your favorite protagonist?Okabe Rintarou. I'm still amazed at how he managed to be the star of the show in a vn with so many good characters. Adding Tamamori as an honorable
t2520.4572020-07-11Minor error/sI don't know how fixable it is, but there is a screenshot from ef - the latter tale. that randomly shows up in vndb's main page when the entry was
t14266.22020-06-28NTR ruin the entire story.I can't tell for certain because of no sinopsis, but it seems the whole point of the game is to watch the protagonist be jealous because a more
t14236.22020-06-23Is it worth it?I can definitely say the story is at least acceptable. It didn't have the crazy plot twists that Euphoria did, but i thought Maggot Baits had a
t12482.62020-06-05Rip-off of Mōryō no Hako?Reading the summary, that explains why one of the normal endings was this detailed story about the killer going to the church with Toko's head as we
t10797.32020-06-02Compared to Cartagra?Necroing for the people that want to know about the game. Quality-wise it's nowhere near Cartagra/KaranoShoujo level. Mystery is crap while
t8970.82020-05-31Moe Game AwardsNot really surprising, the japanese loved Nukitashi 2. I'm pretty sure westerners would prefer Musicus.
t14095.22020-05-31Some questions left unanswerdA lot of this would require a good re-read, but off the top of my head: It's heavily implied Naoki killed Nanoha's parents after the possession
t10302.1492020-05-30Suspicious voting behavior reporting threadAt first i thought the guy was just going for a simple like/dislike system, but the amount of votes in a day is just ridiculous.
t14046.12020-05-24Top 5 hardest boss battles? (slight spoilers)Since it's been a little while since Baldr Sky came out in english, which in your opinion are the hardest boss battles in both parts? If i were to
t14016.62020-05-18Position nameReverse Piledriver... oh wait, i don't think that was what you meant.
t14005.22020-05-17Scenario completionI guess you're talking about the wallpapers, menu voices and chibis? If you're doing all non-game over endings you're eventually gonna get all of
t13886.22020-04-27[SPOILERS] About Hideaki...Pretty sure it's revealed in Nene's route and it's not a big spoiler at all.
t13672.82020-03-16What to expect. Mini-review (no major spoilers)Just wondering, what did you think about the black hole math puzzle at the final battle? I'm asking because it was such a ridiculous thing to do
t13290.282020-02-26AwesomeAs much as i loved the three initial routes, i completely agree that the finale was tensionless nonsense. It's specially unnaceptable when 3days
t13574.42020-02-24VNs where the MC is a terrible personSaya no Uta and Hanachirasu are probably the main ones.
t13469.22020-01-28Annoying Japanese moral through the story?It's not as simple as "killing is bad". In war, killing soldiers is somewhat glorified and that's the notion that Muramasa tries to fight against. It
t12739.42020-01-25Should Niita Yuuhi be tagged as "protagonist"? Him getting killed is an integral part of the story, so it has to be done regardless of route. You find out the deeper meaning for it in chapter 5
t13372.22020-01-03Inconsistency with Tsumugi afterstory -SPOILERS From what i understood, you could only used magic once after becoming a full witch via fullfilling the contract. The reason the protagonist couldn't
t11443.302019-12-27Best Girl ~ Route [Poll]I thought Wakana had the best chemistry with the protagonist but Nene was my favorite route (second favorite Yuzusoft route just behind Shizuru's
t13337.42019-12-27Same universe as 11eyes?3days is far more of a mystery VN while 11eyes is more about action. 3days is also kinda of a puzzle VN (think 999 with only the choices) while
t13337.22019-12-27Same universe as 11eyes?I don't think it's the same city, but pretty sure it's the same universe (i think the main antagonist of 3days and the one from 11eyes used to be
t13291.22019-12-15Trying To Find A VNKimi to Kanojo to Kanojo no Koi.
t13009.52019-10-12The English dubbing is amazingThe Letter had amazing production values for an OELVN, so i wouldn't be surprised to see a similar level of quality from another VN of that company
t11074.232019-10-04Would having H scenes make this even better?It would'nt add anything. In Rinne's case they would actually make the VN worse once you reached her big plot twist.
t12957.52019-10-03Is there NTR in this game?#4 The definition of NTR can get as broad as the girl the protagonist is interested in getting seduced by someone else while he's watching. Ayumi's
t12957.22019-10-02Is there NTR in this game?Yes, for one specific route and that storyline has a happy ending.