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v7460.82020-01-03 at 06:39silent-n1ghtVie - Itsuka no Natsu no Hi.Corrected spacing according to Sweet Bail's Official Website.
v6194.122019-12-27 at 08:29silent-n1ghtMinyo! -Miko-"it's right in the TITLE of the OFFICIAL page" - Like I said it was a header and the two phrases 巫女 and みにょっ! are not right beside each other. Just
v7276.102019-12-27 at 08:19silent-n1ghtKyousou no Nie NiAgain, it is key to keep the title name precise. Funny how you're removing it when it is actual one on both the official page and on Getchu. Smh
v6194.102019-12-27 at 08:17silent-n1ghtMinyo! -Miko-Did you even look at the official page? The page does not print the exact name, it only shows it as an header which is not clear which prompted me to
v7276.82019-12-27 at 08:03silent-n1ghtKyousou no Nie Nialias added
v6194.82019-12-27 at 07:48silent-n1ghtMinyo! -Miko-Title swap
v26790.102019-12-20 at 19:11silent-n1ghtShiny Sistersalias added
v8119.52019-12-18 at 15:32silent-n1ghtFella‐Fe​tish!alias added
v14205.42019-12-18 at 05:59silent-n1ghtR24/7 -Twenty Four/Seven-alias added
v7383.72019-12-18 at 05:41silent-n1ghtH24/7 -Twenty Four/Seven-alias added