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c62700.52019-03-13 at 19:02tiger8125Asada ShinIn almost all endings he becomes a husband, in Kirika's father and Reina's secretary of a company
c41967.102019-03-13 at 19:00tiger8125Jinguuji KirikaIn second ending she has borned daughter with Asada
c41970.112019-03-13 at 18:59tiger8125Kurosu ReinaIn her double ends she becomes a president of her company and in second she rules it and has Asada as secretary
c41968.112019-03-13 at 18:35tiger8125Tadokoro AoiIn one of her end she becomes wife of Asada and in other comes back after some years to be a teacher in her alma mater
c41972.122019-03-13 at 18:32tiger8125Hazama EriIn her route which is evil, she is wearing wedding dress