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c122748.62023-01-28 at 13:50shanksHirose AyatoHighschool student. Did some math to figure it out if he is a middle or highschool student. Kiyoko 29 years old. Both met on their way to school. So
c122748.52023-01-28 at 01:17shanksHirose Ayatodescription and traits added.
c122751.72023-01-28 at 00:02shanksOda Kiyokoage info on amazon: link
c122749.72023-01-28 at 00:02shanksNinomiya Rinkoage info on amazon: link
c122752.82023-01-28 at 00:01shanksKido Tsumugiage info on amazon: link
c122750.102023-01-28 at 00:01shanksJyodohama Kanaage info on amazon: link
c122751.62023-01-27 at 11:50shanksOda Kiyokosex.
v41944.122023-01-26 at 22:36shanksBunny's Mama Daikou Servicedesc
v41944.112023-01-26 at 22:21shanksBunny's Mama Daikou Servicedescription. included links to the characters.
v41944.102023-01-26 at 22:16shanksBunny's Mama Daikou Servicere-translated the whole description.
c122750.72023-01-26 at 00:10shanksJoudohama Kanatraits.
c122751.42023-01-26 at 00:09shanksOda Kiyokomore traits.
c122749.52023-01-25 at 23:57shanksNinomiya Rinkomore traits.
c122752.62023-01-25 at 23:53shanksKido TsumugiTurtleneck Tank Top and not Turtleneck shirt.
c122752.52023-01-25 at 23:31shanksKido Tsumugisome more traits.
c122750.52023-01-25 at 23:06shanksJodohama Kanasome more traits.
c122749.42023-01-24 at 16:06shanksNinomiya RinkoGrammer.
c122748.42023-01-24 at 14:12shanksHirose Ayatoname fix
c122750.42023-01-24 at 11:26shanksJodohama KanaSex.
c122752.42023-01-24 at 11:26shanksKido TsumugiSex
c122748.32023-01-24 at 11:25shanksHirose AyatoSex.
c122751.32023-01-24 at 10:53shanksOda KiyokoHuge instead of Big oppai.
c122749.32023-01-24 at 10:53shanksNinomiya RinkoHuge instead of Big oppai.
c122750.32023-01-24 at 10:52shanksJodohama KanaHuge instead of Big oppai.
v41944.92023-01-24 at 10:43shanksBunny's Mama Daikou ServiceDescription fix
v41944.82023-01-24 at 10:19shanksBunny's Mama Daikou Servicefix getchu link
c122752.22023-01-24 at 10:19shanksTsumugi Kidofix getchu link
c122751.22023-01-24 at 10:18shanksOda Kiyokofix getchu link
c122749.22023-01-24 at 10:18shanksNinomiya Rinkofix getchu link
c122750.22023-01-24 at 10:18shanksJodohama Kanafix getchu link
c122748.22023-01-24 at 10:09shanksHirose AyatoProtagonist.
c122752.12023-01-24 at 10:08shanksTsumugi Kidoname, description, image and some traits. translated from getchu.
c122751.12023-01-24 at 10:08shanksOda Kiyokoname, description, image and some traits. translated from getchu.
c122750.12023-01-24 at 10:08shanksJodohama Kananame, description, image and some traits. translated from getchu.
c122749.12023-01-24 at 10:08shanksNinomiya Rinkoname, description, image and some traits. translated from getchu.
v41944.72023-01-24 at 10:08shanksBunny's Mama Daikou Servicedescription translated from getchu.
c122748.12023-01-24 at 10:08shanksHirose Ayatoadded MC.
c116149.52022-12-15 at 18:38shanksArujino Enji> He is always striving to be a good master, and his grades are among the highest in the school. He is also very good-natured and polite, and his
c116756.62022-11-04 at 19:51shanksFran Franchirwidow but still wears her wedding ring.
c116151.62022-11-04 at 19:49shanksMyoudou Maasayou can see a wedding ring on her standing picture
c116245.92022-10-15 at 22:55shanksLaurecia Le BlanchetteShe is a human not a mermaid.
c116245.82022-10-15 at 22:54shanksLaurecia Le Blanchetteshe aint a virign.
c116132.122022-10-12 at 22:35shanksKriemhild Valhannalink its mentioned here that she has a hardworking and strict personality.
c116127.92022-10-01 at 21:24shanksMyoudou Meigrammer
c116230.32022-10-01 at 21:08shanksSaizelWrong link! the url you used was for the MC and not Eibel.
v36366.192022-09-22 at 00:02shanksAnetomosetting not sequal
v36366.182022-09-22 at 00:02shanksAnetomosame inn as Susume
c110155.202022-08-28 at 18:26shanksHino Eimishe is possessive.
c110158.122022-08-16 at 11:15shanksSonohara Yuikoshe seems like a really kind teacher in the trial.
c110157.72022-08-16 at 11:13shanksNashiki RiaShinoa calls her Riary (リアリー).