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t19665.1242023-02-05New Mommy EROGE from Bare & Bunny!That literally happens everytime. Dosent mean this isnt a mommy-ge anymore. Its still very different from ur usual netori. Especially since its at
t19665.1202023-02-04New Mommy EROGE from Bare & Bunny!This isn't your usual MILF Netori were the MC wants to steal a married heroine or rape her. Most of the times they ain't even "mommy" like. Just
w5921.212023-01-28Hoshi Ori Yume Miraisigh... whatever bro. do what you want. I literally asked you to give your 2 cents about the heroines. i really dont know how hard it is to
w5921.192023-01-28Hoshi Ori Yume Mirai> and rather because you kinda don't like my opinion of the game. I can gurantee you that its not about ur opinion for not liking this game. As I
t19115.162023-01-28Milk Factory announces 4th and 5th project."His". Derauea is a woman. Same for Rio. >They likely gave the moms more screentime qs this one was done by Akagi Rio who is more known for adult
w5921.172023-01-28Hoshi Ori Yume Mirai#15 as cheeky already said it. its confusing to read it and how long it even takes for u to come to the point. its not about me understanding its
t19115.132023-01-28Milk Factory announces 4th and 5th project.why would people need 10 more virgin side heroines? they already eating good with the 10 main heroines lmao. keep the mothers and done. they have a
t19322.162023-01-28Mommy popularity poll is up!Now that i remembered it, aint you the dude who always wants teacher heroines from B&B? yea no wonder you are begging for the teacher, director and
t19665.1052023-01-28New Mommy EROGE from Bare & Bunny!thats fair
t19665.1022023-01-28New Mommy EROGE from Bare & Bunny!nah, they dont show all outfits for the sprites in the official website. NeeNeeNee has sprites with bunny outfits which werent shown in the official
t19665.1002023-01-28New Mommy EROGE from Bare & Bunny!if you include side characters, yea. but w/o them... we already had mamagoto and mama x holic.
t19322.142023-01-27Mommy popularity poll is up!worst "mom" top 3. nice. now we gonna get that VA again. thanks japs. also japanese being stupid virgin fags is already annoying anyway. "mama". got
w5921.142023-01-27Hoshi Ori Yume MiraiAfter reading your review. I literally got no idea why you dropped it. You are just beating around the bush and then weirdly comparing it with fast
t19665.982023-01-27New Mommy EROGE from Bare & Bunny!the skins for the mommies look really good. didnt expect a micro-bikini + nun combo lol. hot swimsuits and lingerie. now the question is... where is
t19665.882023-01-24New Mommy EROGE from Bare & Bunny!A Mommyge is already a win imo. Especially how good Mama x Holic was and the whole mother-son act. Onee-chans are nice and all. But I really like
t19665.812023-01-24New Mommy EROGE from Bare & Bunny!the official website will be up this friday. voice actor reveal and voice samples will be up 4-5 weeks later. you can expect voice actor around end
t19665.782023-01-24New Mommy EROGE from Bare & Bunny!I would love to get more of Chikage and Yasha!
t19665.762023-01-24New Mommy EROGE from Bare & Bunny!yea she calls her "kokonoa-senpai". kokonoa = MCs mothers name. you can also read the review in anetomo. link the dude even mentioned in a whole
t19665.742023-01-24New Mommy EROGE from Bare & Bunny!#71 yea, as i said. you just need to get rid of the 3 main heroines from anetomo for a specific time frame and give the mothers the last push to get
t19665.692023-01-24New Mommy EROGE from Bare & Bunny!I will be honest, i have no idea how they would do that. But they managed to do it for Love x Holic already. So i am sure they can think of
t19665.662023-01-24New Mommy EROGE from Bare & Bunny!#62 yea after reading the description... my fav is now Rinko too xD Kana is my 2nd and Kiyoko 3rd. Tsumugi... is my least honestly. I have to see if
t19665.642023-01-24New Mommy EROGE from Bare & Bunny!#61 i dont think so. especially after reading anetomo, i think its quite high they will make one soon. as w3lcum already said it the main heroines
t19665.602023-01-24New Mommy EROGE from Bare & Bunny!#59 i think we have to wait for the trial to see if she is more onee-chan or mommy. because their relationship is like "brother and sister" but the
t19665.572023-01-24New Mommy EROGE from Bare & Bunny!I am happy its a mommyge anyway. Mama x Holic was amazing even w/o MC real mom. So I am really looking forward to this title. After such a long time
t19665.552023-01-24New Mommy EROGE from Bare & Bunny!#52 literally exist: link idunno why u would assume they wont. especially when they already did it long ago and they already do blood-related
t19665.492023-01-24New Mommy EROGE from Bare & Bunny!All informations up on getchu. Already added it on vndb! We got 4 heroines and MCs mom is obv dead. All 4 heroines are married and 2 of them have
t19665.482023-01-21New Mommy EROGE from Bare & Bunny!would be great if we see a sequal to anetomo but with the mothers as heroines after this title! though Honky Tonky Pump and B&B were both releasing
t19665.452023-01-19New Mommy EROGE from Bare & Bunny!In getchu its listed that reservation will start on the 27th jan. That means we wont see any informations this week and gotta wait till next friday
t19665.412023-01-18New Mommy EROGE from Bare & Bunny!#40 I hope for something like that too! Damn! I already love the game cover. Those 2 mommies got such a nice ass o_O Nee Nee Sister cover looked
t19665.352023-01-17New Mommy EROGE from Bare & Bunny!Yea. Totally disagree with u. They better add MCs real mom again like in mamagoto. Already been a while since we had one. I am 70% expecting we wont
t19665.272023-01-15New Mommy EROGE from Bare & Bunny!Aono Musubi is nice! She voiced the mother of Ria in Anetomo and she sounded really great as a mother. I agree with you. we had Ayana Mako and
t19665.252023-01-15New Mommy EROGE from Bare & Bunny!the black hair mommy. She is hitting all the right spots with her design for me. Long black hair with fitting eye color and to finish it off... the
t19665.232023-01-15New Mommy EROGE from Bare & Bunny!I am hoping for something like the MC getting a surprise visit from his mother, since he is living by himself because of university or school, and
t19665.212023-01-15New Mommy EROGE from Bare & Bunny!that would be nice, yea. I cant wait for the official website. I really wanna know what type of mommies we will get and pls momcest >.< the black
t19665.192023-01-15New Mommy EROGE from Bare & Bunny!Yea Chikage is the only blood-related mother in a B&B game so far. Really hope this one has MCs real mother too. But because of the title name I
t19665.132023-01-14New Mommy EROGE from Bare & Bunny!> Hoping by agency the are going the route of one of the anim titles of just being hired to do chores #12 I am kinda sure it will be very different
t19665.102023-01-14New Mommy EROGE from Bare & Bunny!#8 maybe... just maybe... real mother too busy with her own work and calls the people from "Bunny's Mama Agency Service" to do the housework for her
w74.222023-01-02Hoshi Ori Yume Mirai#21 Totally agree. I have those issues with moeges. I will usually read 1-2 routes of the character I like and then probably stop unless the routes
w4458.12023-01-02Gin'iro, HarukaA really nice review! I am not sure if you are still on vndb or not. But I would like to read your review about the 2 missing routes (Mizuha is done
w4013.32023-01-01Hoshi Ori Yume Mirai> Just hours and hours of small talk and light chit chat. Your own fault not checking the tags. Its a Slice of Life VN. Obviously nothing amazing
w2262.152023-01-01Hoshi Ori Yume Mirai> This game is boring as hell First time reading a SoL (=Slice of Life) VN? What did you expect here? Some kind of amazing plot? There is no Comedy
w74.202023-01-01Hoshi Ori Yume MiraiI mean this is not your typical moege VN. Its a "charage" VN, which focus on the characters, their issues and development in Life. "Charage" VNs are
t19557.52022-12-24so fast?> Naw i won't say 2019 is their best year because mama holic was significantly better than nee-susume, a bit better than mamagoto. Anw this is not
t19557.32022-12-24so fast?> Also damn honky tonky works fast lol, welp looking at their game qualities, not really surprised but it has been a while since they did one game
t19557.12022-12-24so fast?Wow, i didnt expect a new title from HonkyTonk Pumpkin so early since their last release was 3 months ago. Hopefully BARE & BUNNY will also release
t19493.102022-12-10[POLL] Tenshi RE-BOOT Best GirlYea, this is already better: link
t19493.82022-12-09[POLL] Tenshi RE-BOOT Best Girl#6 yea, as if most ppl gonna change their vote. the majority will at least forget about it. As I said just change the title to something else instead
t19458.242022-12-09New Yuzusoft game coming up!Lets see if this one has a strong route like Nene in son of a witch. All the other titles afterwards were so weak and boring.
t19493.52022-12-09[POLL] Tenshi RE-BOOT Best GirlI aint gonna vote. Especially a yuzusoft game. Depending on how good or bad the route is my fav girl can change fast like in previous work. I dont
t19322.102022-11-14Mommy popularity poll is up!I didnt miss any votes for the mothers and daughters. probably because i am rly excited for this one unlike the previous games. but i dont rly like