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v26063.72021-03-22 at 19:05carito728Gnosiaadded length
v24278.52020-05-17 at 11:06carito728Royal Alchemistadded length
c62001.52020-01-26 at 00:10carito728Ise Kaoruadded traits
c82859.32020-01-10 at 22:58carito728Akariadded trait
v22741.162020-01-10 at 08:22carito728Nie no MachiReverted to revision v22741.14
v17853.172020-01-09 at 21:55carito728Blackish Houseadded length based on the sideA+sideZ length
c14485.112020-01-07 at 11:59carito728JJadded trait
v22741.152020-01-05 at 13:31carito728Nie no Machichanged length to long due to append patch 2.0
c28285.102020-01-05 at 11:58carito728Matsunaga TsukasaReverted to revision c28285.8
c28285.92020-01-05 at 11:58carito728[spoiler]Matsunaga [/spoiler]Tsukasaspoiler settings test (?)
c28285.82020-01-03 at 01:35carito728Matsunaga Tsukasaadded disaster trait
c28285.72020-01-03 at 01:31carito728Matsunaga Tsukasaadded traits
v13882.102019-12-24 at 14:26carito728Kintoukaadded scenario writer
c28285.62019-12-24 at 01:29carito728Matsunaga Tsukasafinished desc
c28285.52019-12-24 at 01:27carito728Matsunaga Tsukasaadded desc
c28285.42019-12-24 at 01:24carito728Matsunaga Tsukasaadded description
c28287.72019-12-24 at 01:14carito728Watari Shuuadded age and height
c28286.62019-12-24 at 01:13carito728Watari Kyouadded age and height
c28288.62019-12-24 at 01:12carito728Oumi Munesadaadded age and height
c28285.32019-12-24 at 01:12carito728Matsunaga Tsukasaadded age, height, and last name of the original name
c28284.62019-12-24 at 01:10carito728Suzumura Soutaadded age and height
c65714.72019-12-17 at 18:52carito728TakaraAdded major spoiler to rape trait
c65714.62019-12-17 at 18:52carito728TakaraChanged avoidable rape to rape, since it's part of his canon route, just like in Matsuda's case.
c65716.62019-12-13 at 02:45carito728Hongouadded age
c65715.52019-12-13 at 02:45carito728Shimadaadded age
v25385.52019-11-30 at 20:44carito728NGAdded director.
c57786.92018-06-05 at 21:02carito728Hinoyama SakuraFixed romaji name
c57787.92018-06-05 at 21:02carito728Suzuno ChiyaFixed romaji name
c57788.72018-06-05 at 21:01carito728Yuisaki SeriFixed romaji name
c64412.32018-05-23 at 18:19carito728Kosaka ShikiAdded trait
c57788.62018-05-19 at 13:39carito728Yuuzaki SeriAdded birthday and height, taken from in-game profile.
c57787.82018-05-19 at 13:38carito728Suzumu ChiyaAdded birthday and height, taken from in-game profile.
c57786.82018-05-19 at 13:38carito728Hiyama SakuraAdded birthday and height, taken from in-game profile.
c57789.62018-05-19 at 13:37carito728Haruna SoutarouAdded birthday and height, taken from in-game profile.
c57788.52018-05-19 at 01:04carito728Yuuzaki SeriAdded traits
c57786.72018-05-18 at 23:07carito728Hiyama SakuraEdited for consistency with other characters.
c57789.52018-05-18 at 23:07carito728Haruna SoutarouEdited for consistency with other characters.
c57787.72018-05-18 at 23:06carito728Suzumu ChiyaEdited for consistency with other characters.
c57788.42018-05-18 at 23:06carito728Yuuzaki SeriEdited for consistency with other characters
c57787.62018-05-18 at 23:04carito728Suzumu ChiyaAdded role
c57789.42018-05-18 at 23:04carito728Haruna SoutarouAdded roles
c57788.32018-05-18 at 23:03carito728Yuuzaki SeriAdded roles
c57786.62018-05-18 at 23:01carito728Hiyama SakuraAdded role
c57786.52018-05-18 at 23:01carito728Hiyama SakuraAdded role trait
c57788.22018-05-18 at 22:59carito728Yuuzaki SeriAdded description
c57787.52018-05-18 at 17:18carito728Suzumu ChiyaAdded trait
c57786.42018-05-18 at 17:16carito728Hiyama SakuraAdded traits
c57789.32018-05-18 at 17:14carito728Haruna SoutarouAdded personality traits
c57787.42018-05-17 at 16:19carito728Suzumu ChiyaAdded personality traits
c57786.32018-05-17 at 16:17carito728Hiyama SakuraAdded personality traits