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t11856.82019-05-07Complaining about Rikka. *slight spoilers*It's true that I have a little crush on Rikka and Marika. But now that I have finish the game, I like all the heroines! The routes were great! So
t12257.72019-05-04Suggestion: Character voting system.#4 I already suggested the "favorite" system for characters about a year ago, and there was never any follow-up so I think you can forget about it :'(
t12213.52019-04-22100% Save File with Sagaoz Tutorial#4 Yep, it's that one! Look like i'm not the only one XD
t12213.32019-04-20100% Save File with Sagaoz TutorialIt works with the majority of the games but not all of them. For example, it don't work with games by Tone Work's or else you have to reinstall the
t12214.12019-04-19Easter egg from the previous gameHave you noticed it? Need hints? Ryousuke receives a lot of flyers from a certain pizzeria in his mailbox (sora - after story)... Pizza Moon is back
t11929.62019-04-14Natsuki's friend (MAJOR SPOLIERS)I don't remember exactly when, but after Tsukumo got into a fight and injured himself during the fight, he comes back really late at night. Knowing
t9953.72019-04-12Mako@6 No, I believed it was a Moege at first too. When I saw the cover of the second game (haven't saw the first at that time) I said to myself "oh it
t950.5442019-04-12VNDB Suggestions!A voting system for translations? That would be nice. Because I find that sometimes amateur translations (look at Tsurezure Scans, that group is on a
t12166.12019-04-08What is it that bothers you the most w/ Netorare?I've been playing visual novels for three years now and I've already been registered on VNDB for almost two years. Since I started, I've sailed on
t3617.16182019-03-17Tags suggestions/fixesRemarriage should be a child trait of Wedding, no ?
t9625.152019-02-07Favorite route? *SPOILERS* (of course)Personally, I can't choose a route. Let's be honest, each route has its good points and they are all varied. I played the routes in the following
t11820.42019-01-17About Yuuki Rin and Yuuki IsamuAll right, do it like that, I don't want an edit war either (because it's useless) but in exchange don't forget to add all the traits (clothes, roles
t11820.22019-01-17About Yuuki Rin and Yuuki IsamuTo simplify said and avoid to make a long story, yes, it's mostly to hide the spoilers that I found too important in relation to the story of the
t11805.12019-01-13Need InfosThis game is tagged with multiple endings, but I don't see any tags in relation to bad endings or good endings... On the other hand there is the
t3617.16042019-01-12Tags suggestions/fixes@1603 Just like mandrakes, which are sometimes much more human than plants, but they are always affiliated. I propose to link goblins to orcs because
t3617.16022019-01-12Tags suggestions/fixesPlant (w/ Mandragora), Centaur, Orc, Goblin and Merperson should be under Monster. And Goblin should be a child trait of Orc by the way.
t1052.2222019-01-02Quotes question...Fujima Emiri in Boku to Koi Suru Ponkotsu Akuma. : "I don't get why people are into NTR stuff..."
t11724.42018-12-29About the naked traitsYeah, I noticed that too XD I've only played three of their games so far and there are always 3, 4 scenes where the heroine is naked lol The best is
t11724.22018-12-26About the naked traitsNo, since you told me it was not necessary for the characters who were naked (sprites) only once, I put them only when they are naked several times
t8018.42018-12-24Spoiler questionComplicate story between Shuuji and Konomi but Shuuji run away from his "new" family and Konomi want a family: She want brotherly affection but
t11708.62018-12-23Opposing traits on one characterlink
t8378.32018-12-22Virgins?I don't know where I read it but it seems that the artists didn't receive (at the time of the drawings) the plot of the game which didn't allow them
t3314.16372018-12-20Traits#1636 My reaction No seriously it was a good one XD
t3314.16342018-12-18Traits#1632 Already try but denied XD (Friendzoning & Friendzoning) #1633 Tell your joke dude x)
t11666.12018-12-16Kyouko, Makoto and Arisa family treeArisa's Grandfather + Arisa's Grandmother (Finnish) = Arisa's Mother + Arisa's Father = Aikawa Arisa (1/4 Finnish
t3314.16312018-12-16Traits^ I meant by EVERYONE not just friends, like completely unpopular from a romantic point of view XD anyway thanks Beliar for answering me :3
t3314.16292018-12-16TraitsIs there a trait to designate people who are not recognized as members of the opposite sex by the others (like for Kajiya Ayano, Oikawa Tasuku or Tach
t11665.12018-12-16Need more information about PSV charactersI played the PC version of the game and decided to complete the character sheet as well as possible so that more people will want to discover this
t3314.16272018-12-15Traits^ Ok, thx :D
t3314.16242018-12-15TraitsCan we change the desc. of Creampie Eating for adding the characters who eat/drink cum from a condom? There are dozens of characters who do that but
t3314.16192018-12-14Traits^ It's true that it's not stupid, after all it's a bit the same "logic". Btw is there a trait to designate people who are not recognized as members
t3314.16172018-12-14Traits^ Ok let's do that :)
t3314.16152018-12-14TraitsI notice that the trait Sexual Dysfunction is 100% masculine when it is supposed to cover both sexes... Do you think it would be useful to create a
t3314.16132018-12-13Traits#1612 For now, just create the two traits that interest you. The thing about "Half-Blood" or "Half-Breed" meta trait, it's up to the moderators to
t3314.16112018-12-13Traits#1607 What Warfoki is trying to explain to you in #1609 is that it might be quite complex to add a "half-breed" role where you'd put all the traits
t3314.16062018-12-13TraitsBtw, Pregnancy (by other) --> Illegitimate Pregnancy : This character gets pregnant with someone who isn't their legitimate partner (such as their
t1052.2212018-12-12Quotes question...Eda Ichio in Kiss Bell : "Eeh!? Would have I catch a cold? No way... I thought that idiots don't catch a cold!" Kajiya Ayano from the same game
t11519.72018-12-12What's with you?Don't listen to him Traumatizer, I thank you for always watching if what I wrote is in English and not in broken English ;)
t3314.16042018-12-12Traits#1602 You can use Elopement for a couple who run away to be together. Marriage is just one of the multiple reasons for explaining why they eloped
t3314.16012018-12-12TraitsI recently finished a game and I've put to Hatsushiba Chitose the trait Baby Complex. To be honest, I put it because I did not know how to really
t3314.15992018-12-11Traits^ Roger ;)
t3314.15972018-12-11TraitsGuys, do you think that a "Female Bukkake" is a good idea? Because I noticed that when the girls characters squirts while their boyfriend (or
t11611.92018-12-11About the Shin Koihime † Musou series...We are approaching Christmas so I'm a little short of money for now x) I think I'll take Koihime † Musou ~Doki ☆ Otome Darake no Sangokushi Engi~
t11133.142018-12-11About NTR VNs, does "revenge" exist for Protag. ?Dude, I will immediately put it in my wishlist! I hope it will be worth it :3
t11602.202018-12-10Tone Work's 4th project: Tsukikana#18 In truth there are many possibilities, maybe she makes believe that she is no longer a virgin and that she sleeps with a different man every
t3314.15922018-12-10TraitsOh! I had a light for other ways to name Geminus: Counterpart or Homologue ?
t3314.15902018-12-10Traits^ Or character who is too quick x)
t3314.15882018-12-10Traits^ It's me for Orgasm Interrupted, do not tell me that Orgasm Denial is the same thing? I misunderstood somewhere???? D*mn, if it's that, I feel idiot
t3314.15842018-12-09Traits#1582 Quite to pass for a homophobe (which I am not), the most "normal" sex is between a man and a woman because it's reproductive, it's the norm (or
t3314.15832018-12-09Traits"Homosexuality is romantic and/or sexual attraction between members of the same gender." "Bisexuality is sexual behavior or an orientation involving