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2022-04-184Tsukihime PLUS-DISCdisliked the main short story
2022-02-183euphoriaThe most shocking thing abt it is how fucking boring it is. You'd think it would be impossible to be boring with content like this, but somehow this game managed. i will say i had a good laugh at rinne route bc the plot twist was the same dumb one from swan song which i'd just played a week ago, what a coincidence
2022-02-184Bad FaithReally hated the writing but would feel bad going into detail bc it's clearly a v personal vent project
2021-12-303Dahliashlock but not in a fun way
2021-12-292Little Lamb
2021-12-236Rituals in the Dark
2021-12-237CarmillaMostly good on the strength of the og story which really holds up
2021-10-222School DaysOk this is irredeemable kusoge and I can't say I "enjoyed" reading it but I'm treasure the experience. A wild ride into the depths of the author's utter misanthropy
2021-10-225Muv-Luv Unlimited: The Day After 00
2021-10-016SWAN SONG
2021-09-173LynneDid nothing for me
2021-07-107AI: Somnium Filesgreat execution on the twist but... the mastermind's machinations were awesome but the character themself was insultingly boring. the cheese really didn't work for me tonally, and i usually like cheese. still this is the least worst uchikoshi to me
2021-05-142Really? Really!wanted to like this game bc i like kaede, and the concept should be cool, but god the execution is so bad. tick tack was a significantly more enjoyable reading experience than this even though i fucking hate nerine and really like kaede and sakura, that's how bad it was. BANGER OP FROM YURIA THO
2021-05-116.5Rei-Jin-G-Lu-Phad a good time reading it and then the end was ugh. also it's ugly???? and the ost is unremarkable. if the writing was exactly the same but the aesthetics were great i would have enjoyed it so much more
2021-05-107.5FLOWERS -Le volume sur automne-spicier drama than the previous games... i know slow burn pining was the point but i still wish we saw more of the main couple as a couple
2021-05-106CHAOS;HEADsome good denpa content, story so-so, could've done without... most of the girls lol
2021-05-101Manatsu no Kageroupeak kusoge
2021-05-105.5Kyokugen Dasshutsu ADV - Zennin Shibou Desufound the experience of playing it insufferable for the same reasons as the first game buuuut i actually liked most of the characters this time, and the ending? so fucking good, retroactively redeemed a lot of the frustration for me
2021-05-023Yueye Xia de Hongcha Bei
2021-05-029.5Tsui no Sora Remakeperfect aesthetics. yasuko 10/10. zakuro chapter definitely worse than looking glass insects, takuji chapter maybe not as good as it's my own invention? but can't overstate how much the ending knocks it out of the fucking park compared to subahibi. i will read 1999 someday
2021-04-206Psycholonialshard to recommend to basically anyone, i enjoyed the read quite a lot but cannot articulate why. the main characters' dynamic & bond feels really organic? funney clown names? idk i think hussie should make a VN of the starlight calliope. that would be my dream
2021-04-187Lost Friendsthis game is abt the formation of a very weird polycule. i find the og's art style a little more charming but the remake is definitely worth it for the alterations in the endings and THAT CG OF THEM HAVING A SNOWBALL FIGHT
2021-04-098SeaBedthis one needs time to sink in
2021-04-054Kyokugen Dasshutsu - 9-Jikan 9-Nin 9 no Tobiramore like 9 hours of unskippable cutscenes of doors opening
2021-04-039.5Koshotengai no HashihimeIMPECCABLE aesthetics. love the structure & how different the routes are. above all just so damn fun to read - my easily bored ass voluntarily reread the first two routes immediately after finishing the game lol. so close to being perfect but what the author does with the character of the man in noh mask... Sure Was A Thing... i understand what they were going for but jeeeeeeesus. Read in eng and looking forward to rereading in jp sometime
2020-09-238Fata Morgana no Yakata -Another Episodes-
2020-09-188Fata Morgana no Yakatacould not stand the writing bc, well. YOU CAN'T JUST HAVE YOUR CHARACTERS ANNOUNCE HOW THEY FEEL! THAT MAKES ME FEEL ANGRY! sucks cos i was very into all the things it was *trying* to do it just... didn't pull it off for me. aesthetically it's GOAT tho
2020-07-186Rinjin -Neighbor-just extremely mid. fine way to spend an evening if you're into this sort of thing but not really for me. higher score than some games i kinda enjoyed more just bc it's so standard it's hard to find fault with it lol
2020-07-187Muv-Luv Photonflowers*
2020-07-118Muv-Luv Alternativeit's just a really fun read man. yuuko is an all-time great character
2020-07-067Muv-Luvagainst all odds i quite enjoyed extra. something abt age's approach to SoL just clicks for me. meiya a cute
2020-05-292.5Tick! Tack!Ai was cute... i really liked Ai...
2020-05-279Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kaimeakashi is still one of the greatest things he's written. got a lot of complaints w/the last two eps but it's been so long i kinda don't care anymore lol. have not read all the console exclusive arcs, will slowly make my way thru switch version as the mood strikes
2020-05-252.5Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke o
2020-05-135.5Hatoful Kareshi ~Kibou no Gakuen to Shiroi Tsubasa~
2020-05-123Natsu no Hi no Resonanceinoffensive just not good. Also bs class s ending, yuri fans beware
2020-04-294The Last Birdling
2020-04-281Vechernij Sjurpriz
2020-04-288Sweetest Monsterdoes its nasty twist and it does it well, hard to find fault with if you like this sort of thing and easy to if you don't
2020-04-271.5Lily's Day Offcomedy game that isn't funny
2020-04-265.5Tsuki no Terasu
2020-04-266.5Pesterquestoverall probably not as strong as friendsim but damn that last choice tho
2020-04-266.5Hiveswap Friendsimunfortunately very much a mixed bag by virtue of its format... but the worldbuilding and the momentum of the main plot through each volume is executed v well, was not expecting to be as impressed as I was
2020-04-257Witches & Woodlands
2020-04-255.5Stargazer -Shoujo wa Hoshi no Yume o Miru-
2020-04-122SHUFFLE!wow the structure of this is such a clusterfuck i'm amazed the writers for the anime managed to wrangle it into something that made sense as a story. despite this i genuinely quite enjoyed sia, kaede and mayumi's routes! primula and kareha routes are godawful i have to imagine that for a reader who'd actually liked those characters and been excited for their routes it would've been Insulting
2019-10-128Shingakkou -Noli me tangere-i can see why ppl call it kamige. one of my all-time favorite vn protagonists and a villain that legitimately scares me (a rarity.) true ending was disappointing and i couldn't help but feel the work would've been stronger without That Particular Character And Plotline entirely. of course the worst thing abt this game is HOW IS JACK NOT A LOVE INTEREST?!?!?!?!?! he was so moe and his dynamic with michael was so compelling wtf!!