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t7302.32015-12-24Restoration patchThere is a restoration patch at a torrent page and it's 1850 MB big
t6732.22015-08-02Mirai no Kimi to, Subete no Uta niNo. I quit translating games
t5998.72015-04-22Translation StatusJAST Update So Shiny Days will be censored.
t6242.102015-04-03German full version ?!Yeah it was a machine translation and very rushed without proof reading. So please can some erase link?
t6054.42015-01-02Error in the gameWhy not buy it?
t2108.7082014-10-28Candidates for deletionNot anymore since I released the real demo and erased the teasers
t2108.7062014-10-28Candidates for deletionPlease erase r26637 and r26631
t3943.2122014-10-25troll voteru20770 has only votes with 10
t5743.92014-09-12Lack of votesJust buy vita and the game. It's totally worth it. The second game is much better as the first one.
t5731.42014-09-08Comyu Sprites?try xp3viewer
t5657.62014-08-14That one Eroge...Identify pls?I meant that I haven't played Mitzukis Route
t5657.42014-08-14That one Eroge...Identify pls?I haven't play the game but in the anime she definitely was in the swimming club.
t5655.22014-08-14Any updates on this?There was never a translation project. They only released a small part of the trial with a bad translation and bugs.
t5657.22014-08-14That one Eroge...Identify pls?Kimi ga Nozomu Eien? v94
t5627.522014-08-09Automated recommendationsI want recommendations too.
t5464.422014-06-25Unteralterbach -GD-I didn't mean all are trolls but most of them only have a single vote.
t5464.52014-06-23Unteralterbach -GD-How is this game? How quality of translation? It seems it has very polarizing votes.It's from the german imageboard krautchan and most of the votes
t5410.12014-06-10Entry for Neptunia PP?Should Hyperdimension Neptunia: Producing Perfection get an entry on vndb? It's way more a VN than the main tiles. There isn't any gameplay where you
t5124.252014-04-03Clover Day's Trial English translationYeah it is long. It took 4 days for me to finish Anzu Route (I didn't play 24/7)
t4374.32013-07-25Most Anticipated Visual NovelsTaiyou no Ko
t1015.452013-07-03Will JAST USA really work on this??I got an Email and they wrote it will be shipped in late august
t4087.222013-05-15About getting 18+ games shipped to Germany@21 Yeah I got it but he said it was just a exeption. Strangely that didn't happen with PC games from japan.
t4087.202013-05-15About getting 18+ games shipped to GermanyI only had once trouble with the customs as I bought a japanese PSP Game because on the package was this Japan only.
t4087.82013-05-15About getting 18+ games shipped to GermanyI'm from germany too and had never problems. Lolicon isn't dorbidden too
t2108.2672013-04-27Candidates for deletionlink already added
t3978.62013-04-17LicensingI wouldn't say Cure Girl is a nukige...
t3978.22013-04-16LicensingAn offical release of Free Friends 2 would be awesome! I really like that game. Also Coffee Kizokus art is amazing.
t3909.82013-03-28Crowdfunding on indiegogoBecause kickstarter isn't open for german projects. You need a domicile in the US or UK to start a campaign.
t3909.12013-03-28Crowdfunding on indiegogoI just started an indiegogo campaign for this game. link It's german but there will be an english translation if the crowdfunding sucess.
t2108.1732013-01-02Candidates for deletionIsn't Corpse Party a RPG?
t3162.12012-09-03English Translation?I just found this on Baka Tsuki Link Is this really a translation of the game?
t2773.52012-06-06Extracting script?Use arc_conv
t1492.12011-06-20Shiny Summer DaysIst seems that overflow makes a remake for summer days. link Can't write more about it because my japanese is bad.