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t7643.22016-04-10translateFor you? I guess not. In general? Guess not too, especially for mediocre game like this. Can't remember how many WTF I spilled out while playing
t7637.22016-04-08After 8 hours of playTotally agreed. I remembered blazing through the common route in just 2 days because the story was quite promising, then found myself became less
t7596.22016-03-29Nukige?What would you expect?
t3525.62016-02-24Kanojo to Ore no Koibito: commentsWell, that was the point of this eroge, "True love means threesomes". I remember the producer even emphasized this point in the homepage.
t7215.862016-01-27Yet another Sekai Project prefundiaSo they realized the prices for highest tiers were bullshit huh.
t6144.2252015-03-07Request StaffSo I have to create a character entry for the alias associated with it to be added? Well feel free to skip it then.
t6144.2232015-03-07Request Staff@nutellafan: Regarding もこもなか - Moko Monaka, the character is from this one link, I don't understand why you didn't find it. For 花咲いすず, I only found
t6144.2142015-03-07Request Staff"Real" name of shizuku, Ooishi Ikumi. link "Real" name of Tsuruya Haruto, Ozaki Miku. link "Real" name of One More Chance, Kondou Takayuki. link
t6144.1942015-02-27Request StaffMinase Saki fix one of her alias to Katakura, not Katahura Add 朝香ナツ Asaka Natsu as an alias of Maeda Kei link Add 葉月まぁち Hazuki Maachi as an alias
t6144.1822015-02-24Request StaffRequest to merge link with link, Hoshizora Yume is a new pseudonym. 前田 恵 Maeda Kei - Real name of Aji Sanma. 中村 麻未 Nakamura Asami - Real name of Tach
t6202.22015-02-09Why do Steam users think this is a good game?Otaku wannabe everywhere.
t6144.1172015-02-07Request StaffRequest to merge Uehara Aoi and Fukada Ai, Uehara Aoi is an alias of Fukuda Ai.
t6162.22015-02-02Length DiscussionIt took an afternoon after installing and next day morning for me to finish the main story (except Plus Mosaic part). I used the original Japanese
t6000.452014-12-16Atlas experience@magusgs: You are the first person I've ever seen explaining precisely what Atlas users usually do to get the meaning out of broken Engrish
t5991.32014-12-07Cannibalism tag (Spoilers?)It's in Amane route, the parts about the car accident involving her, Kazuki, and the school basketball team. There is no actual CG about this, it is
t5987.32014-12-06LizeraShe is the protagonist's imouto. Her route can only be accessed after patching. link
t5978.42014-12-03it's literally nothingSame question, how bad is it? I'm considering to play this one or should I switch to something else.
t5778.462014-11-300/10"Everyone has their own circumstances, and you can't just tell people to go study a whole new language just for fapping. I'm a student, so my concern
t5778.442014-11-290/10@astrak: If you pick a game which is considered difficult to read to even people capable of reading Japanese directly, then no doubt I would get a
t5906.22014-11-03Getting into Character Routeslink Flowchart to the rescue.
t5887.22014-10-27I want to confirm somethinglink 『君を仰ぎ乙女は姫に』 に、ファンディスク 『あまかん えっちな“ラブいちゃ”詰めちゃいました』 より 『君を仰ぎ乙女は姫に』 のアフターストーリーを追加収録。 It should contains the original game, else nobody would pay
t5829.32014-10-09The main is cheatWhat if he reload it with magical power, lol. Seems to be stronger than physical bullets.
t5778.372014-10-030/10Nah, some guy said "Nothing is playable with machine translator", and I replied I could play eroge fine using MT. I never said it was an "absolute
t5778.302014-09-300/10You really have a deep hatred for Atlas, do you? Lol. "there are almost always subtle details that completely change the meaning of the sentence and
t5778.252014-09-290/10I've read the common route of Grisaia and several comedy eroges, and can find myself laughing like a maniac. Maybe it is because I have played eroge
t5778.232014-09-290/10Still better than reading a translation which has to change some of sentences' original meanings for it to be more comprehensible to native English
t5778.202014-09-290/10^ Koisora, do you mean Koiiro Soramoyou? If yes then yeah, I've finished both of them. If you check the character section of Grisaia in vndb, most of
t5778.162014-09-290/10@kratoscar2008: Yeah, it is a hidden gem. Although the art is not superb and it's only 800x600 resolution, but I like the way how they develop the
t5790.12014-09-27PS4 platformI found a new release of this game link for PS4 platform but the PS4 option has not been added yet, so I would like to ask admin to add this in
t5778.32014-09-250/10It is quite rare to see a game that has not been even fully released yet to receive bashing this hard. Well, it depends on your personal preference
t5647.42014-09-18Recollection missing in gameOh, thanks a lot. Actually I'm still stalling it waiting for a walkthrough, glad I can play it now. I guess the Harem route is unlocked after all
t5647.22014-08-16Recollection missing in gameOn a different matter, do you know any walkthrough or have any tip to capture this game? It has been 2 months and there is completely no walkthrough
t2108.6602014-08-14Candidates for deletionlink A newbie created this, seems like he didn't understand how vndb works.
t5559.62014-07-20Who voices Riho?link According to this blog entry, its Kano Yui. Yeah, and I'm sure it's not Rino, lol.
t5559.42014-07-20Who voices Riho?^ Nah, it is not Kawashima Rino, I'm certain.
t3617.4372014-07-10Tags suggestions/fixesThese 2 tags: link link Aren't they defining the same thing?
t5519.22014-07-08BALDR BULLET Carna: Virgin or not?The whole page doesn't specify any information about why she is not a virgin. The last paragraph is just he (the one who submits information to the
t5380.42014-06-10Route 2 Ending Meaning?He was not able to finish constructing the clock tower until he died in the desert, so he relied on the Majo Koi Nikki to construct a phantom version
t5380.22014-06-08Route 2 Ending Meaning?I think the later is correct. The game is pretty much completed when the MC finished his one last story with Nanno Arisu, as both of them died at the
t5351.52014-05-26HCG contents on every routeYou are playing an eroge, I don't understand why should you feel concerned about the amount of H-scenes each route? 3-4 scenes per heroine is the
t5337.42014-05-23How to use skillUsually you just have to click one more time before the circle in the middle of the screen runs out, I think. In original version, main characters
t2108.5182014-02-25Candidates for deletionlink is a duplication of link
t5055.12014-02-12DuplicationKoisuru Danjo no Trial is a tentative name for "Imouto no Okage de Motesugite Yabai.", so this entry is a duplication of link, please delete this one.
t4832.22013-11-28[Spoiler Warning] Incest?After finishing the main story, extra stories will be unlocked. The H-scene of Yuuji with his mother is from those extra stories. She is voiced by
t4681.22013-10-17Voice actor for Elina Olegovna Owen? (Dracu-Riot!)Shimizu Ai. She has the habit of using car names for her pseudonyms so Japanese fans call her "車の人".
t4637.32013-10-032007 edition vs renewal 2013 editionThere isn't any change in game content, they just remake the package cover and sell it as a low price edition.
t4202.22013-06-12Why is it tagged sex-change?There are some endings in which the MC or the reverse trap heroine actually use a sex-change spell on themselves, that why. They are joke endings
t4143.22013-05-30Why tagged as trap?link This is the trap you are looking for. "Trap" tag is for supporting character. If one of the heroines is a trap I would have put the "Trap
t4030.52013-04-27The mom is so fucking hot^ The reverse trap imouto route is in PSP version.
t3418.32012-11-20AliasNow I see why, thank you.