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r58636.52018-09-25 at 23:23dqwyySummer Pockets - English Trial Editionupdate link
c25805.72018-08-16 at 06:18dqwyyTingxueplaceholder
r23149.72018-08-11 at 16:13dqwyyXue zhi Benjing EXEX is a remake of the original "Xue Zhi Ben Jing", not a release of "Xue Zhi Ben Jing Jie Jing Pian".
v19772.82018-08-11 at 12:26dqwyyBlue Blood Lagoon -Ta He Ta He Ta De Penghu Wan-update the description
c61853.72018-08-11 at 11:19dqwyySun, Yi-FangShe is a female
c71655.62018-08-10 at 16:05dqwyyXiao KeTraits
c71655.52018-08-10 at 16:04dqwyyXiao KeTraits
c71655.42018-08-10 at 16:02dqwyyXiao KeTraits
c71655.32018-08-10 at 16:01dqwyyXiao Ked12#3 > If the real sex is a spoiler, which is sometimes the case with traps, the sex field should correspond to a character's apparent sex as
r58552.32018-08-10 at 15:54dqwyyBlue Blood Lagoon - Trial Edition 2.0voice
r47336.42018-08-10 at 15:54dqwyyBlue Blood Lagoon - Trial Editionvoice
r47336.32018-08-10 at 15:42dqwyyBlue Blood Lagoon - Trial EditionAccording the file name, it calls itself "trial" instead of "demo".
r47337.52018-08-10 at 15:40dqwyyBlue Blood Lagoon -Ta he Ta he Ta de Penghu Wan-Age rating link
r58552.22018-08-10 at 15:38dqwyyBlue Blood Lagoon - Trial Edition 2.0media
r58552.12018-08-10 at 15:37dqwyyBlue Blood Lagoon - Trial Edition 2.0add release
r47336.22018-08-10 at 15:31dqwyyBlue Blood Lagoon - Demothis demo is in both English and Chinese
c61853.62018-08-10 at 15:27dqwyySun, Yi-Fanguse the name from the r47336.
c61854.32018-08-10 at 15:26dqwyyChao, Yenuse the name from the r47336.
c61852.62018-08-10 at 15:24dqwyyTeng Linuse the name from the r47336.
c61849.112018-08-10 at 15:22dqwyyYin, Hsiao-Fenguse the name from the r47336.
v19772.72018-08-10 at 15:19dqwyyBlue Blood Lagoon -Ta He Ta He Ta De Penghu Wan-use another ss
r47337.42018-08-10 at 14:46dqwyyBlue Blood Lagoon -Ta he Ta he Ta de Penghu Wan-Release date
v19772.62018-08-10 at 14:45dqwyyBlue Blood Lagoon -Ta He Ta He Ta De Penghu Wan-add ss
r58445.12018-08-06 at 07:34dqwyyFeicui Yueadd release
v23672.22018-08-06 at 07:30dqwyyFeicui Yueadd cover
v23672.12018-08-06 at 07:29dqwyyFeicui Yueadd vn
v11245.82018-07-27 at 04:45dqwyyXue zhi Benjing ~JieJing Pian~use another screenshot
c25310.112018-07-25 at 08:55dqwyyChang Sheqingadd role
c46547.42018-07-25 at 08:49dqwyyYao Fengyiadd vn for c
c46551.52018-07-25 at 08:48dqwyyMu Xinplaceholder
c25807.22018-07-25 at 08:47dqwyyQi Lianyaoadd vn for c
v11245.72018-07-25 at 08:45dqwyyXue zhi Benjing ~JieJing Pian~add screenshots
r58098.32018-07-25 at 05:18dqwyyXue zhi Benjing ~JieJing Pian~ Xian Qing Yi Xuetypo
r58098.22018-07-24 at 09:34dqwyyXue zhi Benjing ~JieJing Pian~ Xian Qing Yi Xueadd
r58098.12018-07-24 at 09:31dqwyyXue zhi Benjing ~JieJing Pian~ Xian Qing Yi Xue+release
r57477.32018-06-21 at 10:42dqwyyTimers - Demovoice
v23232.62018-06-21 at 10:42dqwyyTimersadd screenshot
c71605.22018-06-21 at 10:21dqwyyLin Jiajunadd vn for character
c71603.22018-06-21 at 10:19dqwyyChen Jianchenadd traits
c71602.32018-06-21 at 10:18dqwyyWu Wanxueadd traits
c71601.32018-06-21 at 10:17dqwyyChen Yinlinadd traits
r57478.12018-06-21 at 10:10dqwyyXia Hua de Guiji - Forever eden in that summerTBA
v23232.52018-06-21 at 10:00dqwyyTimersDescription
v23232.42018-06-21 at 09:59dqwyyTimersDescription
r57477.22018-06-21 at 09:57dqwyyTimers - Demowork in Win
v23232.32018-06-21 at 09:56dqwyyTimersadd description
v23232.22018-06-21 at 09:13dqwyyTimersadd cover.
r57477.12018-06-21 at 09:09dqwyyTimers - Demoadd demo
v23232.12018-06-21 at 09:05dqwyyTimersadd new vn.
p7475.22018-06-18 at 06:17dqwyyHuan Le Bai Shiedit