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v19636.92019-03-06 at 15:50dqwyyShenming de Yitian Shijieadd alias (former name)
v24934.62019-03-02 at 14:32dqwyyKehen IIKehen II tells a former story
v23214.42019-01-16 at 16:12dqwyyXia Hua de Guiji - Forever eden in that summeradd cover
p3041.32019-01-15 at 07:33dqwyySP-timeedit the title
v19372.212018-12-24 at 10:52dqwyyHaruru Minamo ni!this alias has been listed in the release
v24934.52018-12-24 at 10:39dqwyyKehen IIadd ss
r61200.42018-12-24 at 10:39dqwyyKehen IIresolution
v24933.42018-12-24 at 10:23dqwyyKehenlength
r61199.92018-12-24 at 06:38dqwyyKehen Ver1.00 Nühaijie Banresolution
v24933.32018-12-24 at 06:37dqwyyKehenadd ss
r61199.82018-12-24 at 06:36dqwyyKehen Ver1.00 Nühaijie Banedit title
c71601.82018-12-24 at 05:21dqwyyChen Yinlinfix my previous edit
v24934.42018-12-23 at 12:08dqwyyKehen IIadd relation
p5365.52018-12-23 at 06:47dqwyyAngels Blue Digital Entertainmentupdate official website. (why i get "website: Invalid URL" error???)
r61200.32018-12-23 at 05:02dqwyyKehen IIuse the original release page. (thanks to wayback machine)
v24934.32018-12-23 at 04:59dqwyyKehen IIfix typo
v24934.22018-12-23 at 04:58dqwyyKehen IIalias
r61201.22018-12-23 at 04:56dqwyyKehen I for PSPadd link
r61199.72018-12-23 at 04:54dqwyyKehenfind the original release page.
r61201.12018-12-23 at 04:47dqwyyKehen I for PSPadd psp port
r61199.62018-12-23 at 04:38dqwyyKeheni'm going to add a new release for psp
r61200.22018-12-23 at 04:36dqwyyKehen IIedit
r61200.12018-12-23 at 04:34dqwyyKehen IIadd r
r61199.52018-12-23 at 04:26dqwyyKehenit seems that i am wrong...
r61199.42018-12-23 at 04:20dqwyyKehenmaybe I should separate the two different platform to different release
v24934.12018-12-23 at 04:16dqwyyKehen IIadd vn
r61199.32018-12-23 at 04:15dqwyyKehenadd p
r61199.22018-12-23 at 04:13dqwyyKehendojin
r61199.12018-12-23 at 04:13dqwyyKehenadd r
v24933.12018-12-23 at 04:08dqwyyKehenadd new vn
p6434.22018-12-22 at 10:46dqwyyYetu AVGadd original name
c46547.62018-11-30 at 08:21dqwyyYao FengyiShe died due to a hit-and-run car accident at common route.
c71604.22018-11-30 at 08:11dqwyyWu Yufanalias
c71605.32018-11-30 at 05:14dqwyyLin Jiajunadd sexual traits
c71601.72018-11-30 at 05:13dqwyyChen Yinlinadd sexual traits
c77730.12018-11-30 at 05:00dqwyyGuo Hengyiadd protagonist
c46547.52018-11-30 at 04:49dqwyyYao Fengyiupdate traits
r58445.22018-11-30 at 03:56dqwyyFeicui Yueupdate comment. (feel free to correct my grammar, thanks)
c71601.52018-11-30 at 03:52dqwyyChen Yinlinundo my previous edit. Remove the Kanji name since its romaji form has exists.
r58098.52018-11-30 at 03:49dqwyyXue zhi Benjing ~Jie Jing Pian~ Xian Qing Yi Xuewell, this release have different version, both patch version and a stand-alone version exist. So in order to emphasize it's a DOJIN (FAN-MADE
r58098.42018-11-30 at 03:45dqwyyXue zhi Benjing ~Jie Jing Pian~ Xian Qing Yi Xueupdate
r60804.12018-11-30 at 03:44dqwyyXue zhi Benjing Jie Jing Pian Peiyin Shiwan Banadd new release
r23148.72018-11-30 at 03:36dqwyyXue zhi Benjingupdate notes
c71601.42018-11-29 at 16:12dqwyyChen Yinlinadd
c25810.42018-11-29 at 16:02dqwyyRan Xueyiedit traits
c25810.32018-11-29 at 16:00dqwyyRan Xueyiadd trait
v23214.32018-11-28 at 15:09dqwyyXia Hua de Guiji - Forever eden in that summerWrong cover. The sequel has different characters.
r58636.52018-09-25 at 23:23dqwyySummer Pockets - English Trial Editionupdate link
c25805.72018-08-16 at 06:18dqwyyTingxueplaceholder
r23149.72018-08-11 at 16:13dqwyyXue zhi Benjing EXEX is a remake of the original "Xue Zhi Ben Jing", not a release of "Xue Zhi Ben Jing Jie Jing Pian".