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c31510.32019-06-23 at 11:37yuuridudesterAyase YuukaFixed name
c51999.32019-04-11 at 22:44yuuridudesterYuuki SaeRomanization - furigana on the official site
c51998.32019-04-11 at 22:44yuuridudesterYuuki KayoRomanization - furigana on the official site
c46736.52019-04-11 at 22:33yuuridudesterYuuki AyakaRomanization - furigana on PS store/various blog sites
c38603.32019-04-11 at 22:01yuuridudesterYoshino YuukiRomanization
c10167.102019-04-11 at 20:45yuuridudesterTakaoka YuukiRomanization - furigana on dlsite/getchu
c57839.22019-04-11 at 07:26yuuridudesterSeo ChizuruCorrect surname from the OP.
c57842.32019-04-11 at 07:24yuuridudesterTachibana YuukiKeyboard fail
c57842.22019-04-11 at 07:24yuuridudesterTachibana YうukiRomanization (based on JP wiki)
v9906.82019-04-10 at 22:36yuuridudesterTime Trouble ~Marie ni Kubittake~Corrected the names in the description.