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t10769.12018-06-06GeneralI help improve the database. What's wrong with it?
t9733.32018-06-06TranslationYou mean freely or with programs?
t10767.12018-06-06Novel GDWho already played this fantastc novel please share your opinions of it! I will play it definitely! OP song is great, saw it for a few times already!
t10766.12018-06-06New visual novel from Liar-softGreat! I am waiting for this new novel. Like their series Ourai no Gahkthun and Shikkoku no Sharnoth. Also wait for translation of Shiei no Sona-Nyl.
t10750.672018-06-06Best Starter Visual Novel#62, yeah, it's ridiculous. Instead of S;G, Umineko, Fate/Stay Night... Very strange. I don't understand such people at all.
t10765.22018-06-06cut content?As far as I saw CGs, there is full version. Don't worry.
t10755.62018-06-05MangaGamer DX version censored questionThere are two novels - one without H-scenes, other is with H-scenes. Play both.
t10474.72018-06-05Kamaitachi no Yoru - Rinne Saisei (translation?)Hope some company will translate it eventually. It's a great detective novel with interesting plot.
t10755.42018-06-05MangaGamer DX version censored questionSo you have to play two novels.
t10750.532018-06-05Best Starter Visual Novel#51, agree with you. Only 18+ novels.
t10762.202018-06-05good vn from promising new brandYeah, especially at the ending... Let's see what they will make.
t10762.182018-06-05good vn from promising new brand#16, I also like Kara no Shoujo and sequel too, there will be part 3. There is translated novel of part 1 and part 2 already, you can play them
t10749.132018-06-05We're on GiteaDo we need to send data we changed in visual novels and where?
t10762.152018-06-05good vn from promising new brandYes, I am. There are detective novels too.
t10762.132018-06-05good vn from promising new brand#12, link Touma Kojirou no Tantei File. Detective novel, althought short, translated into English already. Also link Trick or Treat, detective story
t10750.492018-06-05Best Starter Visual Novel#48, I don't know about this novel. Firstly hear about it here.
t10762.22018-06-04good vn from promising new brandOh, you recommend it? Then I will definitely play it. I like Fate/Stay Night very much! Also I enjoy mysteries and different detective cases.
t10750.422018-06-04Best Starter Visual NovelFor me novels like books, I would never read something that is not have good plot and strong characters. Same with Katawa Shoujo, also didn't play it.
t10750.402018-06-04Best Starter Visual Novel#39, I am also very interested why. Don't play it.
t10323.112018-06-04Moege Awards 2017I am too glad NoBrand is not dead and became another company.
t10750.352018-06-04Best Starter Visual Novel#32, thanks for explaining! I understand.
t10760.82018-06-04Screenshot replacementOk, I understand. Sorry. I will be more accurate with this.
t10750.312018-06-04Best Starter Visual NovelWhy Saya no Uta?? So many people recommend it. Why? Can somebody explain me please?
t10760.62018-06-04Screenshot replacementOk, thanks for advices) I write in topics I interested in, it is not prohibited even if there are many of them. Many people simply write there, they
t10760.42018-06-04Screenshot replacementAlso in other novels too I can't edit... Why? I said they are reflect gameplay, each heroine... Not one or two random as they were. 5 normal, 5 with
t10760.22018-06-04Screenshot replacementOk, maybe you are right. But I still don't understand why is it necessary to have these pictures instead of mine. Explain please to me.
t10757.22018-06-04White background bugHmm, I think it is a problem with your PC. I haven't played this novel yet. So wait here for others who played and who can help you with this.
t10756.22018-06-03Any good visual novels suggestion?Hi, ducky, welcome to VNDB! I recommend you Steins;Gate and its sequel Steins;Gate 0, Umineko no Naku Koro ni and its sequel Umineko no Naku Koro ni
t10755.22018-06-03MangaGamer DX version censored questionMangaGamer include all content, they didn't remove anything.
t10750.232018-06-03Best Starter Visual NovelG-Senjou no Maou is a detective story first of all. Who likes mystery and drama, recommend to read it! True ED will make you cry...
t10753.112018-06-03How is the patch working?Good luck with patches to all!
t10750.212018-06-03Best Starter Visual Novel@20, Oh, I understand, maybe you are right. Don't read Muv Luv, so can't say about it and its sequels also. DDLC - Doki Doki Literature Club, also
t10754.32018-06-03Walkthrough for both versionsThanks! So in 18+ there are only H-scenes to unlock? Don't play novels yet.
t10750.192018-06-03Best Starter Visual NovelDDLC?
t10753.92018-06-03How is the patch working?Here is the patch replacing general mistakes and in names too, from torrent forum: link
t10754.12018-06-03Walkthrough for both versionsCan somebody please write full walkthrough for All ages version and 18+? Walkthrough on FuwaNovel is not complete and some choices are wrong and don
t10750.172018-06-03Best Starter Visual NovelYeah, Umineko is the long novel, but very interesting! Play it! Although the final answer on the riddle of the novel is in maga by the same author of
t10749.122018-06-03We're on Gitea#11, how should I write it? Coudn't open it, error.
t10750.132018-06-03Best Starter Visual Novel#10, totally agree with you! Umineko is fantastic! I didn't play Higurasi yet because there are childrens deathes... Maybe later, don't know. Also
t8140.42018-06-03Liquid's news feedIs Liquid defunct now? No new novels from them since 2015.
t7675.112018-06-03Kanojo o Netotta Yarichin Otoko o Mesu [...] GDI also didn't play this novel, only saw CGs. Seems very interesting.
t7479.42018-06-03Deserves at least one thread.Maybe Kanojo o Netotta Yarichin Otoko o Mesu Ochisaseru Made? link There is also one boy. I don't play it, only saw CGs.
t10750.72018-06-03Best Starter Visual NovelI recommend Steins;Gate, Fate/Stay Night, Umineko, G-senjou no Maou, Dramatical Murder. They deserve your attention. I received big positive emotions
t10749.102018-06-03We're on GiteaOk, thanks)
t10749.62018-06-03We're on GiteaWhat is Utawarerumono? How can I see it? And about current UI - where is it and what is it? Please explain it, I don't understand, unfortunately.
t10746.52018-06-03VNDB Development pollAnd modified user tags, info on novels or screenshots? Do users need to send you their info on this?
t10749.32018-06-03We're on GiteaGreat! I don't understand in codes but who does please wrire your suggestions there.
t10691.92018-06-02Happy GDPR day!I also want to receive e-mail from my favourite VNDB! Andd in addition it will be rebrended too and maybe change design. Not personally but globally
t6247.242018-06-02Any information on this ?Wrote to them on site and e-mail asking them to translate other novels too.
t10746.22018-06-02VNDB Development pollVoted for first choice.