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t7020.52015-10-15Secret Facebook VN groupI think juhula9 wants a group that is invite-only so non-VN fans will not see it. The group itself would be for VN fans, though. And no, I am not
t6972.492015-10-01VNDB is 8 Years OldUgh, I come here one day late thinking the birthday thread will also be late, and what happens? The thread is actually on time! Anyway, a belated
t6965.22015-09-29"User vn list" in vn search not working?If you turn on the 'User VN list' toggle, it will display the number of releases you have added to your VN list. I notice you haven't added any
t6862.272015-09-08Searching the discussion forumsOoh, nice work with the search feature! The first mention of a hypothetical discussion board search feature I could find using the discussion board
t6898.422015-09-0418+ coming to Steam UNCENSOREDEven if everyone in the VN community were to campaign to have eroge available on Steam, I'm rather doubtful Valve would change their stance. …And I'm
t6898.392015-09-0418+ coming to Steam UNCENSORED@36: "Some [articles] even applauded the slackening of censorship on the platform"That is precisely the problem. As far as I can tell, there is no
t6899.132015-09-04Having problems with the text in gameUnder copyright law, you need permission from the copyright holder to redistribute their work. As such, VN companies always get permission from the
t6901.92015-09-03When gender is a spoilerI agree with those above who say only the apparent gender should be displayed, with the real gender hidden in some way.
t5202.122015-09-03All-age or H version of the game?All the content in the original release has been translated, so you can use the fan translation with the ME to essentially read the original version
t6899.82015-09-03Having problems with the text in gameThere are two official translations. The iOS release has a translation specially commissioned by Visual Art's. The Steam release, however, is based
t6898.132015-09-0118+ coming to Steam UNCENSORED@9: By "uncensored" they probably mean there's none of that "mystical steam that just so happens to cover up the characters' naughty bits in H-scenes
t6899.22015-09-01Having problems with the text in gameWhich release are you using? In VNs there's often a setting that allows you to switch between having the voice interrupt whenever you click, or
t6776.412015-09-01I search a great and mature VN !@40: "Sound novel" is essentially a synonym for "visual novel", or a subset at most. There are a lot of unique visual novels out there. They can be
t6882.42015-08-28Can someone help meYou can try browsing the tag Shotacon, but I'm not aware of any freeware shotacon visual novels. Also, you won't find any media other than visual
t6875.52015-08-26IndieGala Sexy Girls BundleI'm actually quite interested in this bundle. Shame I keep getting error messages whenever I try to access the IndieGala site…
t6852.52015-08-26NA download edition missing from releasesIn future, if you wish to add a release, simply click the "add release" tab above the Releases section: link Alternatively, you can click into a
t6610.292015-08-26Ryu07 art@27: "Visual novel" is just a term that was coined by developers so they could avoid using Chunsoft's earlier trademark "Sound Novel". Though the
t6873.32015-08-26Is there any English translation for Josou Gakuen?d6#8. Short of learning Japanese, you could try requesting the VN from MangaGamer or JAST USA… or use a text hooker or whathaveyou.
t6702.52015-08-25What's your opinion and at what age did u read?I had just turned 19 when I read Saya no Uta. I was expecting something really gruesome, but it was really rather tame. It's a brilliant story though
t6776.332015-08-23I search a great and mature VN !Though the real reason the protagonist often doesn't have voice acting is because they're usually the one with the most lines therefore making it
t6862.52015-08-22Searching the discussion forumsrobots.txt is configured in such a way that search engines and other programs (such as the Wayback Machine) are not permitted to crawl *any* of VNDB
t6862.22015-08-22Searching the discussion forumsGoogle is not permitted to crawl VNDB's discussion boards, as per robots.txt.
t6856.22015-08-20HakuokiHello and welcome to VNDB! The original Hakuouki game is Hakuouki ~Shinsengumi Kitan~, so if you want to get into the series, that is the one I'd
t6838.22015-08-16Looking 4 VN Which has Ero ScenesHello, and welcome to VNDB. As stated at d6#6, you are encouraged to use the search/tag system to find visual novels you may be interested in. To
t6835.42015-08-15How to add an image to an entry?It wouldn't make sense to reuse the VN cover image for all its releases, since cover designs differ between releases. For example, having a cover
t6831.162015-08-14Small suggestion for new inclusion criteriaTo be honest, there is a possibility of some piece of software where the presentation is very much like a graphic novel but behaves more like a
t6831.52015-08-14Small suggestion for new inclusion criteria@4: I don't see what plot consistency has to do with anything. I wouldn't even say a VN requires a plot in the traditional sense. The use of the
t6831.32015-08-13Small suggestion for new inclusion criteriaI'm also somewhat dubious about accepting ADV/NVL-style games that do not feature the novel narrative. I can imagine it would allow a lot of dating
t6814.242015-08-12Telltale GamesI'd find it extremely difficult to consider Life is Strange as an interactive movie. Just like The Walking Dead, you can walk around, talk with
t6814.152015-08-11Telltale GamesAh, so it's a similar sort of "narration" to what Ace Attorney has… Internal monologue, and the like. I'm not sure it counts, though. I tend to look
t6814.102015-08-09Telltale GamesI've played a number of Telltale Games's games (including The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us) and can't for the life of me remember noticing the
t6776.222015-08-09I search a great and mature VN !@21: Hi, I'm in charge of the Higanbana translation. I'm sorry our translation didn't meet your expectations, and I'd like to thank you for sharing
t6807.62015-08-07Why Can't I choose my lover?You can choose, and it's not a blind choice. Akira is the tour guide for three of the locations, while Makoto is the tour guide for the other three
t6804.62015-08-07DMM Sale@4: All the items that are part of the half price campaign will remain at their sale price until the end of the campaign.
t6783.202015-08-03Which theme do you use?Since it's the default skin, Angelic Serenade's statistic wouldn't represent the actual number of people who /chose/ to use it. Even so, we can work
t6787.42015-08-01So this exists..."Ohh, I found one good thing about it: it's free to play AND it has Steam Trading Cards. So you can get a few cents for letting it run on your
t6783.122015-07-31Which theme do you use?I'm surprised to see quite a few people using the skins I made (AIR and Higanbana). I personally use the latter. Though the AIR skin was fun to make
t6777.42015-07-30VN educational for learning jap languageI like Go! Go! Nippon!, but it's not really designed as a language learning tool. Your Japanese ability would probably benefit most if you're already
t6779.22015-07-30LengthThe length is /supposed/ to reflect the complete VN. As for whether it does in this case or not, I have no idea. If it's only for the first, then it
t6778.22015-07-30Crowdfunding VN localization: Boon or Bane?Of course, the solution would be to fund eroge through an alternative platform. Unfortunately, Kickstarter is the predominant crowdfunding platform
t6777.22015-07-30VN educational for learning jap languageTokyo School Life
t6685.92015-07-19Click on image to next imageI wonder if it'd be possible to somehow move the thumbnails in front of the overlay? Seems that would solve the problem.
t6730.22015-07-16SequelsThere are no hard and fast rules to determine how two VNs are related (if they even are related). Just because one VN shares a protagonist with
t6718.42015-07-13Steam groupThere are already visual novel groups on Steam. VNDB is also primarily a database, not a community. So I don't really see the need for a VNDB Steam
t3908.32015-07-11The live action movieThe live action films (there was a sequel!) were never going to be hugely accurate to the original VNs, but they could be a lot worse. Funnily
t6707.22015-07-11Was it good as Higurashi no naku koro ni Kai?Higurashi Kai is included in Higurashi Hou, so you'll get to experience the whole story. I don't think it makes sense to say something like Kai is
t6685.22015-07-02Click on image to next imageThe VNDB website isn't exactly designed for mobile devices. A lot of work would be needed before the site could work well on the multitude of screens
t6644.32015-06-22Isn't the sweetest thing you've ever seen?As far as I'm aware, it's not a 07th Expansion project. Just like with Rewrite, just because Ryukishi07 is involved doesn't make it a 07th Expansion
t6543.42015-05-31CG patchOnly the first chapter of Higurashi, Onikakushi-hen, has been released on Steam. Thus, the other chapters are not available to patch. When other
t6534.102015-05-27Where to download games?Use a VPN to bypass the geolock and use a forwarding service to have the game sent to you.