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t11267.12018-09-22ExpectationsHey, Da Capo 4 was announced recently and now I am asking what are your expectations, and if u are happy about a new DaCapo, or you just don't care
t11045.62018-08-11English Walkthrough#3 Thank you, no, until now I had not any problems with Kin'iro Loveriche, its just that I had not any VN which is so serious with saving and loading
t11045.42018-08-11English Walkthrough#2 It is not about the choices. It is more about the saving and loading. At which point should I load which file and so on. There are always little
t11045.12018-08-11English WalkthroughI found a site with the Japanese Walkthrough, but do not understand the logic behind it. Anyone who can explain it, or know an english one? The
t1449.92018-07-28Kud wafter start up problemsJust for those who do not now at the moment they want to play it, its an really old tread but I want to tell you. You can just close the two windows
t10957.42018-07-23Who is the best girl?#3 Thank u, didn't know about it. Then I will not play Nagi and Fukami.
t10957.22018-07-21Who is the best girl?Hibiki is the best one in my opinion. But I have to be honest, and say I will not play the other routes. Just played the common one and I am at
t10432.122018-04-03Why VN with great story don't sell well on steamI understand it very well that it is bothering you. I don't understand why anyone would want to play NEKOPARA or the Sakura games(which are created
t10308.112018-03-31adult heroines?Yuzusoft should take some time to make more different music at first, and not burst out the games. Music is one of the most important thing in a game
t10332.72018-03-30Thoughts on the Riddle Joker trial#5 I don't think 2 years is a long time. If they would do it faster I believe the game would be much more worse.
t10308.42018-03-30adult heroines?Hm, I don't think they will do it, but maybe as an bonus route. Would you want Sayo from Dracu-Riot?;) No, but to be serious, I am interested how
t8728.42018-03-30VN opinion and favorite route!My favorite one of the heroines is Elina, she is cute and it is funny with her. First I started with the game I thought she is overhyped, only