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-Dropped11eyes -Tsumi to Batsu to Aganai no Shoujo-2019-08-18
6FinishedAibo Nyuujoku ~Moushuu no Kyonyuu-zeme Zanmai~[100%]2018-08-22
-DroppedBoku no Elf Onee-sanDropped it cuz the start is rly slow and there was no way for me to continue.2018-10-04
-StalledBoku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai PortableI have it, but not sure when I will play it, because I can't use tools on console like VisualNovelReader on PC.2018-06-30
9FinishedBUNNYBLACKGood H Scenes, no boring text but instead really well written one, good gameplay despite forcing u to reaload sometimes at the start, good CGs, good sprites, motivating to continue the series2019-08-11
7FinishedCHAOS;HEADRly good game. Many VNs tend to get boring if they are really long. I liked how they made the room from the MC in CGI. Far better than the anime. Imo the MC had a good Voice Actor, and despite some ppl saying they dont like the MC, I rly like him. I can identify myself with him to some extent since I collect figures myself and play MMORPG and Eroge.2019-08-15
3FinishedChiccha Love ApaatoRoute: [Hinata: 2] || General: [Plot: 2] [Characters: 7] [Music: 4] [Art: 8] || Game in general would be not this bad, but since its focused on H Scenes I have to rate this point the most. But sadly the H Scenes were not good, so I can´t give the game a good rating. Also, the SoL was rly boring.2018-09-16
6FinishedCLANNAD[100%] Route: [Misae: 9] [Tomoyo: 5] [Yukine: 5.1] [Ryou: 5] [Kyou: 6][Kappei: 6] [Sunohara Siblings: 9] [Kotomi: 5][Fuko: 8] [Koumura: 7] [Nagisa: 5] [After Story Ushio: 6.5] [After Story Akio: 6] [After Story True End: 7] General: [Plot: 8] [Characters: 9] [Music:9.5] [Art: 5] ||As a whole VN its a really good one. But giving a 10 would be too much, since there were moments when the SoL was slightly too much, at least at After Story before the birth of Ushio. I know it was the last moment together with Nagisa in Ushios Arc, and it was really nice Plot in general, but far away from 10 imo.2018-11-24
-DroppedD.C.4 ~Da Capo 4~2019-08-08
7FinishedD.C. ~Da Capo~[100%] Route: [Nemu:1.5] [Sakura:7] [Kotori:3] [Moe:6] [Mako:2] [Miharu:4] [Yoriko/Misaki:3] || At my first run (which was my first VN experience) I found out that Nemu is annoying and I stopped it. After quite a time I replayed it with Sakura, and I liked the game at this moment. After that I started DaCapoII, and noticed its one of my favorite VNs I had ever played. After playing DaCapoII with all routes I decided to play also the first DaCapo with all routes, and here I am.2017-11-17
2FinishedD.C. II C.C. ~Da Capo II Character Collection~ Otome Sensei no Doki...[100%] Little H Scene Bonus for Otome. Not rly worth it imo, since it was rly bad H, not a surprise for Da Capo Games. Even though the Da Capo Franchise is the best in my opinion, I cant rate this higher than 3.2018-12-31
2FinishedD.C. II C.C. ~Da Capo II Character Collection~ Tsukishima Koko no R...As much as I love Da Capo (and also Koko), the Fandisc is not good. Its the same as the Otome Fandisc. Boring H Scenes, which are bad drawn and unnecessarily long. I struggly hard to give any Da Capo Game a 2/10, but I wont help companies with overrating. My honest opinion is that this is way too bad.2018-12-31
10FinishedD.C. II ~Da Capo II~[100%] Route: [Anzu:9] [Nanaka:9.1] [Koko:9.5] [Minatsu:9] [Yume:10] [Otome: 9.9] [Sakura (Bonus):9.5 || General: [Plot:9] [Characters:10] [Music: 10] [Art:9.5] || Cute and Heartwarming Characters, Really good Vocals and lovely setting. I loved the game, and sometimes I had to cry. It was a rly important experience for me to play this game. Its my Favorite VN. For me D.C. II defines the Moege Genre, it's so cliche and still it holds the most important place in my heart regarding VNs. No other VN was able to get me to love Characters as much as in D.C. II, simple lines made me cry and the music wasn't a big help of stopping my tears.2018-09-15
6FinishedD.C. II ~Da Capo II~ Harukaze no Ultimate Battle![100%] A fun game for people who liked the D.C. Da Capo II Franchise2018-12-31
6.5FinishedD.C. III ~Da Capo III~[100%] Route: [Common: 5] [Ricca: 7] [Himeno: 9] [Charles: 6] [Sara: 5] [Aoi: 5] [True End: 4] [Side Episode Ultimate Battle of Their First Encounter: 2] [Side Episode Hinomoto Aoi: 4] [Side Episode Tomoe: 7] [Side Episode Elizabeth: 7] [Side Episode Ultimate Battle in the Cherry Blossom Breeze!: 10] General: [Plot: 6] [Character: 8] [Music: 8] [Art: 8] Da Capo 3 was in general a quite good VN for the Series, since the SoL was not too stretched, which can be a rly negative point in a lot of Moege. That was at least the case with the routes. The first Side Episode was rly stretched and boring. But the last Side Episode was the best part of the whole Game. It was about Da Capo 2, and since DC2 is the best VN on the market and the whole mood, music, theme, characters and so on was based on it, I was not able to resist giving this side episode part a 10. The characters of the DC3 part of the game were cute like always, especially Himeno. Music was good since the Vocals in general are rly good in Da Capo games and the art too. Though, the H scene CGs were really decent. In whole it was better than I thought, though it could never reach the greatness of Da Capo 2.2018-03-05
-DroppedD.C.P.K. ~Da CaPoker~2018-12-31
3FinishedDRACU-RIOT![100%] Route: [Azusa:3] [Rio:3] [Miu:4] [Elina:5] [Nicola:7] || General: [Plot:2] [Characters:8] [Music:3] [Art:9] || Plot was really boring, from every character, but bonus route was the best because there was not any boring plot like in the other routes. Characters were good, but the route's were boring because the plot was2017-11-17
2Droppededen* They were only two, on the planet.Too boring to continue. I cant. I cant.2019-01-05
3DroppedFurifureGood theme. But the H Scenes were bad and at some point I had to drop it2018-09-16
3DroppedHigurashi no Naku Koro niCompleted Chapter (+Rating): [Chapter 1: 3]2018-12-16
-DroppedHoshizora no Memoria -Wish Upon a Shooting Star-Common Route: 4/10 | Current: Asuho2019-07-19
-DroppedJK Bitch Sannin Musume! Tokunou Hame Pako DiaryToo big boobs for me, not gonna finish this, but also not rate it since I dropped after 2nd CG because its just not MY taste. Since the artstyle is good I am sure its rly good for other ppl2019-08-18
-DroppedKamidori Alchemy Meister2019-08-20
6FinishedKawakaburi no Cherry[100%] Good for a change of pace.2018-08-07
2FinishedKedamono (Kazoku) tachi no Sumu Ie de ~Daikirai na Saitei Kazoku to...[100%] The beginning was quite okay, but it was too long in my opinion, and got boring after some time.2018-07-08
-DroppedKin'iro LovericheRoute: [Prologue:3] I dropped it because its difficult to play with VisualNovelReader. The jokes are only funny if you have a good translated version of it, or you understand Japanese. I dont think its a bad game, but its not worth with a translator.2018-08-03
-DroppedKoihime † Musou ~Doki ★ Otome Darake no Sangokushi Engi~2019-01-01
-DroppedKud WafterSofmap Limited Edition2018-04-30
7FinishedLilium x Triangle[100%] Route: [Yuuna: 8] [Sana: 6]2019-02-15
8FinishedLittle Busters![100%] Route: [Komari Good+Bad End: 3] [Rin1 and 2: 5] [Kurugaya: 3.5] [Haruka Good+Bad End: 1.5] [Kud Good End: 5 | Bad End: 4.9] [Mio Good End: 3 | Mio Bad End: 2.9] [Refrain: 6] Bonus: [Masato: 5] || General: [Plot: 6.5] [Characters: 10] [Music: 10] [Art: 6] || I watched the Anime before playing the game, so I was too spoiled for enjoying the game in the most parts.2018-03-05
2FinishedLove Love H-Maid[100%] For a 10 minute game not bad, but the content itself is2018-07-26
3FinishedMaitetsuRoute: [Common: 3] [Hibiki: 4] || General: [Plot:2] [Characters:9] [Music:6] [Art:9.9] || I stopped after Hibiki since I dont wanted to play the other routes, because the other one I wanted to play is locked until I finished Hachiroku. And I somehow don't want to play her route.2018-07-06
-PlayingMaitetsu - Last Run!!2022-03-23
-PlayingMonobeno -Happy End-Prologue: 8, Currently: Alice2020-05-07
2DroppednarcissuDespite all the postive ratings its really boring. A slow start, I tried quite some time but was not able to finish it. It was a pain.2018-12-27
7FinishedNatsuiro Mikan ~Ecchi na Shoujo to Shitataru Nioi~[100%] Is having good H-Scenes, and was quite a good Nukige2018-08-01
7FinishedNew Love PlusNot really finished since it's not really possible. But I was kind of close to Manami, which was the cutest one. Didn't pay much intention to the other two. It was kind of fun, maybe I will play it again at some time.2018-07-01
5.5FinishedNoble ☆ WorksRoutes: [Common: 5] [Sena: 6] General: [Plot: 4] [Character: 8] [Music: 6] [Art: 8]2019-08-09
2FinishedOnii-chan, Oshiete... ~Gimai to Himitsu no Hoken Jisshuu~[100%] Heroine was quite okay, but H Scenes were not really good.2018-08-18
7FinishedOokami Shoujo to Issho[100%] Good for a change of pace. Since its an short game and I really enjoyed it, its a 7.2018-07-19
3DroppedRe;Lord ~Herford no Majo to Nuigurumi~Dropped it because I was not able to fight the boss (Its having a fighting system). I would have finished it otherwise, completed 2/3 of the game.2018-08-31
1DroppedSensei! Shite AgeruI think every aspect you can do wrong in a VN was a success here. Disgusting sprites, boring "plot", bad CGs, bad H Scenes, bad music, bad UI. I dont have any positive point about this game. I cant continue this during all this bad points.2018-09-07
7FinishedSono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke o: Deatta Koro no Omoide ni[100%]2018-12-25
9FinishedSTEINS;GATESuzuha Ending: 9 | Faris Ending: 9 | Luka Ending: 7 | Kurisu: 9 | Steins;Gate Real End: 9 | Mayushi: 62019-08-11
6FinishedSuikaRoute: [Itsuki (Chapter 1): 6] || Was not bad, but I somehow dont want to play the other routes. Besides, all in all it was quite okay.2018-08-24
9PlayingSummer Pockets[Common Route: 9.5] [Shiroha: 9.9] Currently: Ao2019-07-16
-PlayingTomoyo After ~It's a Wonderful Life~2020-10-29
3FinishedTsumairo Shoujo ~Fuufu Seikatsu, Hajimemasu~[100%]2018-08-12
1FinishedYome no Imouto to no In'ai ~Tsuma ni Kakurete Majiwaru Otto to Gimai~[100%] Boring Nukige with boring H-Scenes2018-07-26
5FinishedYotsunohaRoute [Nono: 6] The Game was actually quite interesting, but unfortunately a bit stretched at the end. Nono is a really cute character, and the only one worth reading imo. Didnt tried the other ones.2019-08-03