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t950.10482021-10-19VNDB Suggestions!It would be cool if the site notified me when some release/game comes out.
t14778.62021-10-18Any other games like this?It surprises me that they are indeed rare, VN fans prefer to be cucked rather than cheating on their girlfriends, we are the noblest community ever
t17193.152021-10-16VN with the ugliest heroine?I don't see the need to exclude fat girls.
t17193.122021-10-15VN with the ugliest heroine?@8 I'm well aware of that due to the very nature of these games, who wants to date ugly girls? It makes no sense to create ugly heroines (?). At
t17193.32021-10-15VN with the ugliest heroine?Either option is fine. Characters designed to be ugly according to plot, and characters you just find ugly overall. But I'm personally more
t17193.12021-10-15VN with the ugliest heroine?Is there any VN with an ugly heroine? Which one is the ugliest?
t17182.42021-10-14What's your favorite dating sim?"I just like "balancing" the experience of reading a normal VN and raising stats within a single game."Not dumb at all, I think I understand what you
t17182.12021-10-14What's your favorite dating sim?Title.
t950.10442021-10-10VNDB Suggestions!" "oh all the other websites have photos for the lolz"" Well, that's my main reason, if you don't like it, that's fine, and the reasons you came up
t950.10422021-10-10VNDB Suggestions!Because it's basic wiki information to have photos, just to show their faces, it's not like biographies are much more "useful", VNDB actually informs
t950.10402021-10-10VNDB Suggestions!"invading their privacy"Fine, make this exclusive for the actors then, they are public personalities.
t950.10362021-10-09VNDB Suggestions!It would be cool to add images to the staff's entries, like photos of actors, directors, writers, etc; and the corporate logos for the companies in
w2940.42021-10-09Isekai TS Tensei Cheat Nashi!? ~Juchuu Quest wa Ecchi na Mono ga Ookute Taihen Desu~@masturbator And it's a damn hard quest which requires 1000xp.
t10302.3392021-10-08Suspicious voting behavior reporting threadMaybe he gives a 1~ to good VNs, and a 10 to VNs so good that his notes become speechless by how good they are.
t15563.172021-10-08Favorite girl?Makoto is the worst of the bunch. And his sister is boring. And nanoha makes me want to puke. Sora, Rain and Chinatsu win, actually Chinatsu is the
t17141.12021-10-07Recommendations of the communitylink - Dark VNs link - Romance VNs link - Fap VNs
t17135.62021-10-07Where can editors post a link to the trailers?@mrkew It would be nice.
t17135.42021-10-06Where can editors post a link to the trailers?Oh, I didn't know that, well, almost nobody posts a link to the trailers, so it seems useless, what a shame ๐Ÿ˜”.
t17135.12021-10-06Where can editors post a link to the trailers?I know it's too much to ask for VNDB to host videos, but then can editors post the link to the trailers on the VN description (normally they only
t10302.3242021-10-05Suspicious voting behavior reporting thread@322 Holy shit I actually did that, do I need to report myself? *o*
w2910.22021-10-05Fraternite@pinochet Calm down fella, how old are you? Maybe in the next 50 years there will be a translation to this ;)
t16640.52021-10-04Romancing teachers but...?I am a loli, boy version, so I can fap to this.
t17103.112021-09-30Who are the smartest VN protagonists?Yeah I know that he is very intelligent, but when you compare him with Light Yagami or Lelouch, he gets his ass beaten really hard. He never really
t17103.72021-09-30Who are the smartest VN protagonists?#3 I agree with plisken, not necessarily: In Grisaia for example, in Amane's route she shares the MC role with Kazuki, they are trapped in the
t17095.242021-09-30What's the darkest, most fucked up VN you saw?Muv-Luv Alternative, you're welcome sir.
t17103.12021-09-30Who are the smartest VN protagonists?In the anime world, there are several top lists of who is the smartest anime character ever, with Light Yagami, Lelouch Lamperouge, No Game No Life
t17095.212021-09-29What's the darkest, most fucked up VN you saw?I'll see what this Maggot Baits is all about, picked my interest. About MLA, it's an awesome VN man, it isn't very dark, there's one scene here and
t17095.92021-09-29What's the darkest, most fucked up VN you saw?#8 Yeah there is some weird porn out there, I only saw some of these in manga, I don't find them exactly dark, just very weird, they are normally
t17095.62021-09-28What's the darkest, most fucked up VN you saw?#5 Holy balls of Jesus. #3 About Clock up, which game of theirs is the most fucked up?
t17095.12021-09-28What's the darkest, most fucked up VN you saw?I imagine some themes like human trafficking, sexual exploitation, and brutal torture are fuel for very dark stuff, and I mean serious works here.
t17079.82021-09-26Translations of visual novels in the form of videoI feel they aren't translations because they are not actual releases, you can't install a "video patch" and play your game translated :D, all you
t17074.12021-09-25Who are Hottest VN Heroes?I rarely see people commenting on men's "assets" in VNs, so, may I ask, who are the hottest guys in VNs?
t17060.32021-09-23Recommend me some good vn for starting out I'm newChrono Clock, G-Senjou no Maou, Saya no Uta ;) These are good ones not super long, good for beginners me thinks.
t16115.52021-09-22Is this a VN?The cover is cool, it reminded me of Five Nights at Freddy's, bookmarked.
t7128.452021-09-21Who do you like better?I just watched the anime and I found both of them good, Setsuna cares a lot about Haruki and she's really cute, I think she's more beautiful than
w2839.62021-09-18Kyonyuu FantasyOn this first game my favorite one is Isis, I'm into tsunderes, unfortunately she becomes sidelined in the sequels.
w2839.32021-09-17Kyonyuu FantasyYeah I agree with you. Roxanne and Luceria become even worse in the sequels, fortunately they barely have screen time.
w2839.12021-09-17Kyonyuu FantasyWho is this best character who doesn't have her route?
t16557.102021-09-09Windows 11 announcedLet's see if get rid of Internet Explorer on this one.
w2785.42021-09-09RewriteBEST VN EVER ๐Ÿ™Œ ๐Ÿ™Œ
t16977.252021-09-09Offer: Translating MTLs descriptions for Cash!LOL, I wouldn't mind doing stuff for free while others are getting paid. When you get paid you start doing things as an obligation, I thought people
t14174.22021-09-08Jesus in the underworld?Christianity is parodied in the character Believer of the Church of Holy Rood. The most blatant scene is where Yurinas criticizes God because he
t16870.152021-08-25Why don't VNs with voiced MCs do this more often?Yeah, I like voiced MCs also, even in porn games (except the scenes themselves), but I read some time ago that a lot of VN fans turn off their voices
t8986.232021-08-22I love this Visual NovelWell, this was my first VN so it certainly has a soft spot on my heart. I love this VN too.
t16832.32021-08-19Do i need to play White Album 1?No, they are completely different stories, I know this because the anime are totally different, they just happen to be at the same universe, it's
t16818.102021-08-17Why do you like 2D/CGI-Rape?There's also the aspect of the victim totally submitting to the rapist, in rape scenes, it's very clear that the rapist is above the person they are
t16809.272021-08-17Romance VNs and how do you react to them.Romance is my favorite thing ever, it's one of the few things that make me very happy in any work of fiction. Since I was little I was a massive
t16818.42021-08-17Why do you like 2D/CGI-Rape?Actually, and I know this question is very personal, but I have this large curiosity. Do you guys fap during gameplay? Isn't there a risk of getting
t16818.22021-08-16Why do you like 2D/CGI-Rape?I just like people feeling helpless in rape scenes, the rapist is in total control of the situation and you get that thrilling feel, like, he'll have
t16817.22021-08-16pregnant wives cg?I suppose it's because they got pregnant in some other game.