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w1518.22022-08-11Rance 03 - Leazas KanrakuIt probably won't happen because the team behind the remakes got out of alicesoft. Told him.
t18688.202022-08-01Why is only this one voiced?Wait what? Why did Rance 08 and 9 went poorly on sales? That's depressing.
t17192.382022-07-31Yet another 'best girl' doesn't get a routeThere are numerous games where cool chick doesn't get a route and I don't give a fuck.
t17523.642022-07-26rejected by steamI actually like High School girls, don't have a problem with them, but now I wish there were more College girls, because I'm in college right now xD
t17523.492022-07-24rejected by steamSometimes I ask myself how old is the average VN reader? Why the hell is there so much high school if the audience are not high school students? Or
t17523.322022-07-22rejected by steamAs far as I know it's not illegal to have under 18 characters in porn -> link Only very few countries are like that. I think the disclaimer of being
t3617.28622022-07-14Tags suggestions/fixesI think Christian Mythology has many misleading child tags, such as demons and angels, not every game about demons is related to Jesus or the Bible
t18708.62022-07-05How would I be able to...yep.
t18708.42022-07-04How would I be able to...Not Deepl but you'll need to download some tools that show the game text in a different window. You don't need to have experience with this, just
t18688.142022-07-04Why is only this one voiced?I disagree because if he doesn't like unvoiced games then he will be just torturing himself starting from the first one, that's not how fun should be
t18708.22022-07-04How would I be able to...There are some tutorials on Youtube using DeepL: link
t18688.122022-07-04Why is only this one voiced?I don't watch MCU, but No Way Home was a good movie ;) Anyway, that was not really my point.
t18688.102022-07-04Why is only this one voiced?@9 No. @5 You can play this game without a problem, even if you don't get something it doesn't mean you didn't have your fun, just start somewhere
t18688.82022-07-04Why is only this one voiced?Yeah I would prefer for it to not be voiced at all, because if I listen to some characters speaking here, I start to feel like something is "missing
t18705.42022-07-04Mangagamer AX 2022 announcementsOh ho ho, I almost fell back from my chair when I saw Rance 03. Never heard about the other games, but easy peasy decision which one is my favorite.
t950.13032022-06-26VNDB Suggestions!@1296 Holy shit I didn't know about that, it's pretty cool, thanks for pointing that out xD. Could there be a feature for ordering by game length?
t950.12972022-06-26VNDB Suggestions!@1294, i dont know, but I feel like if it becomes limited to two or more, it becomes more and more similar to the voting system.
t950.12932022-06-26VNDB Suggestions!@1291 Yeah but I thought abour one system where you can only select one VN as your favorite, and then one can order VNs by the number of users who
t18638.72022-06-26My pet peeve, background voice in H-scene.Don't mind those at all, I just put them in low volume to trick my mind into thinking that the voice doesn't loop. By the way what's your opinion if
t950.12882022-06-26VNDB Suggestions!ok but that's not what I am saying, I'm talking about most favorite, which is a non existent function, and by game length also, what do you think
t950.12862022-06-26VNDB Suggestions!yeah, but i think that could appear in the visual novel list when searching, we can order them by rating, popularity, tag importance, alphabet and
t950.12842022-06-25VNDB Suggestions!I think it would be cool to be able to favorite VNs and list the most favorite ones in the search list, and show in the user's profile which game is
t18547.122022-06-25Yukiko Mild Spoiler QuestionNo she doesn't, but her past might be interesting for you, it wasn't for me. The only girl in this story is the red hair one.
t8700.92022-06-24Do you Think Rance 04 should be?:( There should be a clause on their contracts saying that they couldn't leave AliceSoft until making all the remakes lol
t8700.72022-06-24Do you Think Rance 04 should be?Any news about this?
t3649.102022-06-23No Remake?How much better is the remake compared to this?
w4546.12022-06-23Kyonyuu Fantasy 2Isn't this the game where he kills a minotaur because of his super pervert thoughts? Burst out laughing when I saw that, not to mention the clumsy
t18616.62022-06-23Inappropriate footer quotesthe sexual harassment and rape quotes are actually the best, you're just no fun dude.
t17192.342022-06-23Yet another 'best girl' doesn't get a routeLol "fragile ego", I burst out laughing at how VN players love roasting each other for enjoying the same thing.
t17192.292022-06-22Yet another 'best girl' doesn't get a routethere should be a game where the mc is just a wingman, or acts like a generic "friend of the protagonist", he doesn't get any girls, just his friends
t17192.232022-06-22Yet another 'best girl' doesn't get a routeSeeing the pictures I definitely think Noa is the most beautiful.
t17192.192022-06-22Yet another 'best girl' doesn't get a routeThere definitely are some VNs where a great girl doesn't have a route, G senjou devil comes to mind.
t18606.62022-06-22Does it have romance?Yeah that, should have used the word "flaw". I agree with you and I think VNs are under-tagged here, I already perceived this when I try to tag some
t18606.42022-06-22Does it have romance?What's wrong with being user-edited?
t3617.28442022-06-20Tags suggestions/fixesAdolescent Romance -> I guess this needs a different name, with this one it sounds like it's talking about relationships between teenagers. "Shy
w4427.22022-06-03CLANNADThere must be a Kyou After
w2874.72022-06-01Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai!Yeah I kinda see that making the protagonist physically much weaker than the heroines might be annoying, but misandry? TF? I'll be honest and say
t17843.112022-05-30is threesome in this game avoidable?I kinda agree with that, harem doesn't feel so romantic because the heroines don't feel jealousy towards you, and I like jealousy, yanderes are
t18395.92022-05-25OH S**T, LOLICON#6 Wow I didn't thought of that, you're right. @8 We just pretend they are 18 because some disclaimers say so. Maybe High School in the anime world
t18395.52022-05-25OH S**T, LOLICONAs long as they are under 18 it should be fine. I guess there should be a tag for under 18 lolis because that's a whole new world to be explored.
t18452.22022-05-25the artistlink Yes.
t17827.132022-05-15WHITE ALBUM 2 CODAI believe Haruki is happy in Kazusa's true, it's just that he's so indecisive that whatever he chooses he's going to have some level of regret
t18389.42022-05-14Graduated from high school and entered a job ?You don't need to get to college in order to get a job, only some professions require a degree of some sort, while others don't require any type of
t18300.22022-05-02Question before playingYes and no, it's complicated. To clarify: SPOILER BELOW: Only the meta-versions. Also, put spoiler tags there.
t13739.92022-04-30Is it me, or the premise is kind of weird?It's a bit unsettling, yeah, that's why people have an unwritten rule of always portraying nazis as villains in TV. But VNs target Japan, so there
t18265.32022-04-27Is that change on the MC permanent?Thanks, now I know that this franchise is too weird for me.
t18265.12022-04-27Is that change on the MC permanent?This MC loses his body and becomes sort of an hermaphrodite, if I remember correctly, is that permanent in every game he appears? Every image I see
t17894.32022-04-25The BGM is -so- monotonousI kinda had the same feeling, a few tracks were boring, but some were good too, I particularly became very fond of these: link link link ------ link
w4165.32022-04-23Umineko no Naku Koro niThis is a misleading review, there's neither incest nor porn here.
t18195.232022-04-21Lack of Zombies in Japanese Visual NovelsI prefer VN zombies to be nymphomaniac hot chicks with massive tits.