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t16701.222021-07-29Ass or tits?And what's the female equivalent to boobs or ass? Chest and ass?
t16701.112021-07-28Ass or tits?No, what eroges are lacking is the good ass licking, imagine sticking your tongue in assholes as deep as you can 😛. VNs are already filled with boobs
t16701.82021-07-28Ass or tits?Being forced to choose between the two sounds like torture.
w2482.32021-07-26Debutopia#1 LOL second this, 77kg is a lot of fat where I live.
t16634.32021-07-18How similar to Umineko? (Umineko spoilers)And Higurashi has shitty music unlike Umineko :P
t2511.132021-07-15What's the difficulty level on this thing?And that's one of the reasons that this is hard, you have to put an effort into making good combos, good timing etc. But congrats if you don't
t2511.112021-07-13What's the difficulty level on this thing?It's damn difficult, too many explosions everywhere and I can't control Kou properly.
t12233.282021-07-13Exactly how old is Mitoko?I don't think this is a case of self-insert, but Rape is a Special Kind of Evil, that's why Light Yagami has millions of fans despite being one of
t9414.352021-07-13Is it cool to hate this VN now?What's a chuunige exactly?
t16228.132021-07-11What are your thoughts on meaningless choices?I feel nothing about them.
t16582.22021-07-11Why is this game listed as fully voiced?My guess is that "fully voiced" indicates the release with the most voiced lines. Any release having less than that is partial. Just a guess though.
t14957.92021-07-09spoilers#7 That was, unnecessary.
w2065.122021-07-07Soukou Akki MuramasaJust passing by to say that I hope MTL technology always improve as the years go by xD
t16560.12021-07-06Who is your favorite VN hero?I never saw a thread about VN romanceable heroes so just asking :)
w2366.22021-07-06Faustão Dating SimLol yeah, I saw some youtube videos, but this is the thing, this is so shitty that it's "good" xD
t16548.92021-07-05What's your favorite nukige?( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)^ Okay fair, pure fap ones I'll go with Sansha Mendan ~Rensa Suru Chijoku Choukyou no Gakuen~ then, I said KF because it's marked as such in the db.
t16548.62021-07-05What's your favorite nukige?( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)#4 a comrade of mine ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)b #5 This right? link I saw this series ranked high but unfortunately the MC is a shota and that turns me off
t16548.12021-07-05What's your favorite nukige?( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)Kyonyuu Fantasy Gaiden 2 ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)b
t16546.12021-07-04What's your favorite VN?Rewrite 🙌
t16048.22021-07-04Favorite VN Protags?Best protags are: Battler from Umineko, smart, funny, has his badass moments, and experiences extraordinary things. Yuuji from Grisaia, stoic
t16533.102021-07-04Does VN industry upward or downward recent years?The video psm posted says the VN Industry is still experimenting in the West (video from 2017), the market is still figuring out what's the best way
t16533.82021-07-04Does VN industry upward or downward recent years?#5 I cannot read that but I guess bad news? #7 Yeah anime studios are in deep shit also, I saw one article talking about that and they are highly
t16533.42021-07-03Does VN industry upward or downward recent years?A statistic showing the sellings and how the companies do financially would be important also.
t16530.32021-07-03How to date Rena Ryuugu?Hopefully in the future humans will invent super-advanced robots that look like and behave exactly like anime waifus. Just like Alice in Sword Art
t7429.52021-07-02Starless Endings^ *ouch* my dick. But I think we need more VNs with penises being graphically mutilated, gore is full of arms being chopped off but the genitals
t15994.282021-07-02This VN is an award winner#27 LOL I had the same reaction, cool seeing people relating to you.
w1682.52021-07-02Sakura SakuraYou're already my comrade because of your teacher fetish.
t15967.122021-07-02SoundtracksWow thanks a lot, there are a lot of songs there so your comment made me happy 😊
t15967.102021-07-02Soundtrackshahaha thanks, I had tons of fun doing it. Music is part of my life after all.
t15967.82021-07-02SoundtracksCool thread. Until some time ago my favorite game in this department was Rewrite, but now it's Umineko. I have an youtube playlist with my favorite
t14727.262021-07-01[hidden spoilers] Story full of cheap twistsI mean yeah, it would not make much sense if Kyosuke were really Maou, I don't remember the details but I think Maou did something bad to Haru in a
t14727.172021-07-01[hidden spoilers] Story full of cheap twistsI would love if Kyosuke were really Maou, it would make him so much more badass.
t5012.52021-06-30Rank episodes 1-4 from best to worst. (SPOILERS!)3 = 1 > 2 > 4 1 I liked from beginning to finish, the tension in the area without the magical characters, I thought I was reading a normal mystery
t7823.352021-06-30Thoughts about vn in general (MAJOR SPOILERS)#34 Are you talking about the tea parties? That's because in Higurashi they don't have any importance, so I just assumed it was the same in Umineko
t7823.332021-06-29Thoughts about vn in general (MAJOR SPOILERS)Holy shit I'm full full of questions, Umineko no Naku koro ni is 10/10, but when it comes to Chiru and the solutions to the mysteries, I did not like
t16496.22021-06-29Trying to solve this stupid Episode 8Welp, it seems that none of them are the culprits, the only explanation is that there's more than one then.
t16496.12021-06-29Trying to solve this stupid Episode 8Okay nice. Let's assume there's only one culprit in this shit. 1st Twilight: Kumasawa says Eva, Hideyoshi, Rudolf, Kyrie, Rosa, and Genji were
t16319.52021-06-26Insufferable Protagonists...Yes I had a similar experience, with Katagiri Yuuma, he's the first to come to my mind, I do not remember much why, probably because he's too kind
t15994.262021-06-25This VN is an award winner"Does anyone know of an English VN with a cool protagonist that is actually nice to girls and doesn't treat them like objects? It's unsettling when
t8242.5762021-05-25The how to edit thread@575 Just to comment on this, there's little difference between the two either way so few people will care, if you're able to read Portuguese
w2059.22021-05-22Motto! Haramase! Honoo no Oppai Isekai Ero Mahou Gakuen!Nice, I love boobs, gotta try this one.
w2089.12021-05-22ClannadDo not forget the great OST.
w2090.12021-05-22Tomoyo After ~It's a Wonderful Life~That moment when Tomoya says something to her after a long time was tearjerker no jutsu.
w2097.12021-05-22Tsujidou-san no Jun'ai RoadAll the moments of this VN are golden.
t16083.62021-05-21Regarding c24992.6I'm sorry I never thought you guys were being rude to me, you were just pointing out, nothing more :) Haha this is the thing about internet chats, I
t16083.42021-05-20Regarding c24992.6"unless you are trying to make all the characters for that game to be consistent." Yes that's what I'm doing, to explain it more, if you go to the Kyo
t16083.22021-05-20Regarding c24992.6Skorpion already called my attention on that, he said that I should be consistent with images and that background images are fine, so rest assured, I
t16033.152021-05-18This game has no right being this good.The first one is good, start there guys.
t15635.1362021-05-13Amayui castle meister TranslationOkay, but I'm talking about the case of MTLs surpassing human translations in quality (or being at the same level), MTLs as they are today will not
t15635.1342021-05-13Amayui castle meister Translation"1) Professional translators will be so severely undercut that the market for human translations of niche works could collapse in a very short time."