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t13541.422020-02-17The future of NSFW#41 It is not objective, which is fine, and don't count these middle east countries that cover women's faces, this just makes things unnecessarily
t13459.202020-02-17What do you look for in a good VN story?i don't look for anything in particular when i'll play something but i avoid some types of content, especially games focused on homosexual
t13541.392020-02-16The future of NSFW#38 hahahaha strangely this trope is true in real life, people become embarassed if seen in underwear but don't care being seen in swim trunks, even
t13053.32020-02-14[poll] Favourite heroine?never played this game but i voted for Sylvia anyway cuz why not? (ᗒᗨᗕ)
t13535.22020-02-13Length?you can see this type of information in erogamescape, each user can inform how much time they spent playing, in the case of this game: link more or
t974.1452020-02-13Muv-luv Alternative and Muv-luv [Spoiler Heavy]Japanese shounen storytelling in a nutshell: Hard work, effort, will and friendship/love You're just seeing what you want to see, MLA has a lot of
t974.1442020-02-13Muv-luv Alternative and Muv-luv [Spoiler Heavy]#141 White people don`t have the state making laws against them so you should be fine if you`re an heterosexual white man, and neither do have black
t974.1402020-02-12Muv-luv Alternative and Muv-luv [Spoiler Heavy]#139 Don't worry man, i have some relatives who went through depression a few times but i myself am perfectly fine, i work out and eat healthy, which
t13524.22020-02-09Yumiko Body Swap??c569.40
t974.1372020-02-09Muv-luv Alternative and Muv-luv [Spoiler Heavy]I suspect the effort put into the walking monologue was actually minimal, because he DOESN'T DEVELOP I give up, think whatever you want, i understand
t1223.792020-02-09Ever 17 GD#78 I'm talking about Blick Winkel, time travel, dimensional travel, this is the main sci-fi part of the game and it was very nonsensical, probably
t1223.772020-02-09Ever 17 GD#76 This "physics" this game presented is way too esoteric, i already read some physics books talking about this dimension stuff, and it lies a lot
t1223.752020-02-09Ever 17 GDYeah, not even Jesus pleased everybody.
t974.1342020-02-08Muv-luv Alternative and Muv-luv [Spoiler Heavy]I seriously don't understand these people saying Takeru is some Gary Stu like character, he has so many flaws, fails so many times, and come on he
t8188.222020-02-08NTR#21 Yeah, in most part of the cases, this is true, but then "the game doesn't show the others dating someone else in order to not bother some readers
t8188.202020-02-08NTR#19 anooo, most VNs i know don't show the other heroines' future when the protagonist hooks up with someone, even the girl you choose don't have a
t1223.712020-02-08Ever 17 GDJust finished and it has a really good true route, the others were not that great in my opinion but they had a bit of mysteryous stuff being threw
t13286.342019-12-15List of all games banned by SteamWhat is GoG?
t13010.1002019-12-15Support VNDB on Patreon or SubscribeStarwhata ??
t13010.972019-12-14Support VNDB on Patreon or SubscribeStarwell legally that's true, and the reason that kind is more important is that there's no way around it. you can't just up and move to a different
t13010.952019-12-14Support VNDB on Patreon or SubscribeStarWhy? It seems like you are implying it would only be censorship if and only if it's done by a government.Wrong, censorship is when you invade the
t13286.222019-12-14List of all games banned by Steam#20 In my country there were an exposition in an artistic museum in which a naked man would be standing still in front of everybody, including
t13286.212019-12-14List of all games banned by Steam#19 Don't know man, but the states in the east don't use to be much friendly with things they don't like either, in a lot of eastern countries porn
t13010.922019-12-14Support VNDB on Patreon or SubscribeStar#90 THIS IS NOT CENSORSHIP, they're just refusing to give their services to people they disagree with, they have the right to do so, nobody has the
t13286.162019-12-14List of all games banned by Steam#14 I don`t understand laws and jurisdiction very much, but probably valve is under US jurisdiction mainly, so if a game don`t please the authorities
t13286.152019-12-14List of all games banned by Steam#13 Yeah i know, i understand the side of the companies, they're forced by the government to do these things, who always writes convoluted laws and
t13286.122019-12-14List of all games banned by Steam#6 Yeah this is pretty messed up, the problem is that they say they will ban some types of games but apparently these rules apply only to visual
t13286.22019-12-13List of all games banned by SteamWhy do they do this? Is it some kind of legal issue? like avoiding the younger to buy these games? But even then, doesn't make sense, there are even
t7128.292019-12-13Who do you like better?Are you talking about Saenai Heroine? Yeah, the story is great, but i didn't like the end of that.
t3617.18752019-12-12Tags suggestions/fixesCreate a superpowers meta tag and add to it Hydrokinetic, Pyrokinetic, Immortal, Flying, Invisibility, Transformation. Remove these tags from where
t13278.22019-12-10An incoming new Majikoi afterstoryGood news, nice.
t3314.18782019-12-10TraitsHm, maybe i complicated it too much?
t3314.18772019-12-10TraitsIf we're going to be that strict then we were going to have to review A LOT of these "school" traits, there are several VNs with the magic school
t13010.812019-12-09Support VNDB on Patreon or SubscribeStarLet me remind you that Patreon banned someone for mocking white supremacistsHoly shit, fuck patreon for this, hope they apologize for this, mocking
t13010.762019-12-09Support VNDB on Patreon or SubscribeStarIt does have p0rn though, including fictional rape or loli/shota stuff I would be really upset if they refused to let VNDB use their services because
t13010.742019-12-09Support VNDB on Patreon or SubscribeStaryou sure know how to trigger death flags. Hahaha good thing we aren't manga characters, or maybe are we (• ิ _ • ิ)? Truman show. Well it is just a
t3314.18712019-12-09Traits@1870 Well, since most of VNs with students are set in Japan, i doubt these problems would come out often, if some character studies in Italy i
t13010.712019-12-09Support VNDB on Patreon or SubscribeStar@69, I think this is irrelevant, VNDB just wants some money and Patreon helps with that, it doesn't matter their political side since VNDB doesn't
t3314.18692019-12-09Traits@1868 Hi, i think putting ''attempted homicide'' as a child tag of ''survival'' would solve this, but for the time being, the best way to deal with
t13249.92019-12-08One tag here is probably misleadingHow much faithfulness is enough? What makes something unfaithful? Describing those should be one of the main concerns.Yeah you're right. If manga
t13249.52019-12-08One tag here is probably misleading I don't know how should they be named and what should their descriptions be to make sure people don't misuse them'Faithful adaptation of other media
t13249.32019-12-08One tag here is probably misleadingWell, i'm not used to hear that everything set in the same universe is an adaptation, then what i wrote here is pretty much bullshit? But okay, so
t13264.42019-12-08PlagiarismThe guy from above commented as if the company who made this game should be punished, and i'm disagreeing with it. Well, aside from the technical
t13261.22019-12-07this game is shitWell, when there are succesful games out there i just congratulate, i don't care if i like the game or not, it is good for the community.
t13256.22019-12-05About editing characters' traitsI don't see a problem in such cases to have the child tag together with a more general tag, it is the same with characters that can have the 'demon
t13249.12019-12-04One tag here is probably misleadingHi, the g3139 tag is probably misleading here, according to the description, the game has to adapt the anime, but the plot of this game is original
t9232.42019-12-03Favorite heroine (Spoilers obviously)Lol you put even Eushully? I vote for Yuela, sword wielding tsundere girls make me rock hard, servalwi is really nice also, emelita in unbearable for
t3617.18672019-12-02Tags suggestions/fixesit's fine my friend.
t3617.18652019-12-02Tags suggestions/fixes#1863 okay, you're trying to search for lesbian protagonists and heterosexual male protagonists at the same time? I have a solution, open two tabs in
t3617.18622019-12-02Tags suggestions/fixesSorry but i'm not understanding your point, i'm not talking about excluding anything, don't you want to play a game with an homosexual male? Use the