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c23081.112019-03-01 at 03:24trazeHagaru BrunhildeCorrecting a couple character tags.
c23086.52016-09-14 at 12:30trazeChiisana MegamiMarking her role as a spoiler.
c23081.72016-07-14 at 12:30trazeHagaru BuryunhirudeAdding a few things to her traits.
v451.272016-07-14 at 12:24trazeShirogane no Soleil -Successor of Wyrd- <<Unmei no Keishousha>>Adding the alias of the PS2 version and ReANSWER as an alternative version.
c47062.22016-06-20 at 03:44trazeMurakami Ryuuheiadding trait
c11185.52015-12-12 at 14:16trazeMurakami RyuuheiGoing to redo my previous edit later.
c11185.42015-12-11 at 18:41trazeMurakami RyuuheiAlso the protagonist of ReANSWER.
v16587.22015-03-18 at 20:22trazeDead EndTrigger warnings more or less count as spoilers, removing.
v14129.32015-03-18 at 18:00trazeInterQuestDon't really think those images are that SFW. Feel free to undo if you think otherwise however.
v2477.102011-11-25 at 22:18trazeHeart Work Symphony of DestructionThis game took me less than a hour to get all the ending.