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t3803.262020-02-05僕が天使になった理由 reviewSo, can someone tell me what happens in each of the routes?
t12889.202020-02-04Has anyone played this?Just want some answers on whether this VN is recommendable or not? Based on the comments, it's likely not recommeneded.
t291.102020-02-04spoil KusariHime for me plz :)Anyone here?
t12215.62020-02-04Theorizing the Biggest Mystery in the VNHello?
t12889.182020-02-04Has anyone played this?Anyone?
t12889.172020-02-04Has anyone played this?Anyone here to help?
t5439.132020-02-04Questions on the Ending/PlotStill mind-screwy though.
t12781.42020-02-04Majo koi nikki:DragonxCaravanInteresting. Do we know what it is?
t4924.82020-02-04Question on Endings@7 Too bad that Bushi no Kodou is not translated to English. Even Miburo isn't translated. Do we know the endings of Bushi no Kodou? Miburo is set a
t11113.92020-02-04second alice endingAlice comes to the future?
t11104.102020-02-04rabi endSo, basically, the "first" Lavi has memories of her own route?
t2486.282020-02-04Utsuge?So, does anyone still remember the ending?
t12889.162019-11-12Has anyone played this?@14 So, does anyone recommend this VN? The English Translation looks rushed and unpolished. Not to mention, its insane length. What the hell?
t4924.62019-11-12Question on Endings@3 So, is there a sequel to all this? It seems like the True Ending was a bit lacking in explanations and details.
t8220.42019-11-12Ending summary?@2 Wait, so Suguha has to return to the future (his own time), along with Kazumi, regardless of the endings? Is it because if he doesn't return to
t10084.182019-11-12Just finished@14 So, will there be a sequel to this or not? It feels like there's a sequel. Also, what happened to the other Shinsengumi in the true ending?
t12889.132019-11-02Has anyone played this?Anyone here?
t6603.142019-11-02Kimi to kanojo to kanojo no koi -GD-Interesting to note. Can only choose one or the other, huh?
t12889.122019-10-30Has anyone played this?@8 Considering that this VN has mixed reviews, many of them being low-scored reviews, says that the VN is not quite good along with its pathetic
t12889.72019-10-29Has anyone played this?So, the translation is full of mistakes and grammar errors?
t4794.182019-10-21Ending Interpretations@17 I see. Do we even know what happened to the other two heroines in Koharu's route? Do we see them?
t4794.162019-10-02Ending InterpretationsSo, Koharu is actually Hiyori with amnesia? Both Hiyori and Makoto (their souls) were guided back in time by Izayoi to when they were kids, at the
t3095.142019-09-29Questions - Soshite Ashita no Sekai yoriSo, what happens in the epilogue? I hear it happens in a desolate post-apocalyptic Earth. What happens in this epilogue if I may ask?
t291.92019-09-28spoil KusariHime for me plz :)So, what happened in the ending?
t5439.112019-09-28Questions on the Ending/PlotDo we even know what happened to the other heroines in the True and Secret Endings?
t5426.122019-09-28Majo Koi Nikki ReviewSo, it's agreed that this VN kind of sucks? There are some good things in it, but there are a food amount of pretty bad things in it? Even the
t2460.202019-09-27Shinigami no Testament: commentsOkay, then. The time loop concept is prevalent here, correct?
t681.62019-09-27Eiden Fantasia ReviewIt's decent, but it could have been better. Rin's route was good. The final route was nothing but pure fap material, just one long H-scene.
t802.112019-09-27Eiden Fantasia -General Discussion-So, the fandisc is okay and decent?
t121.182019-09-25Yet another VN review/commenting, by Finitos@16 It's kind of old though, there's no argument about that, right?
t2460.182019-09-25Shinigami no Testament: comments@17 I didn't actually read it, I only watched videos of the True Route, which was in full Japanese, and I can't understand Japanese. That's why I
t2043.222019-09-25Wind - a breath of heart - Simple ReviewWait, so what happens at the end of Hikari's route? She dead or something?
t12798.32019-09-25So, what is this actually?Wait, what is this short OVA (for Hikari?) about? I'm curious. Also, the afterstory for Nozomi, that takes place near the end of her route?
t121.172019-09-25Yet another VN review/commenting, by Finitos@16 I see, okay then. It's great that you like the game nonetheless.
t10250.112019-09-25Review + GDSo, are we comparing themes here?
t4506.52019-09-25Akane Route QuestionsSo, Akane is possessed by Yuka? How?
t2460.162019-09-25Shinigami no Testament: comments@15 Yeah, I'm a bit confused. What was going on in the True End? It looked like Rui sacrificed himself to breal the loop or something. Also, Irina
t121.152019-09-25Yet another VN review/commenting, by Finitos@14 I see. Are there any flaws with it, despite it being a good action H-RPG? Do you remember any of the heroine endings and what happened in them?
t121.132019-09-24Yet another VN review/commenting, by FinitosInteresting. What's going on here? Is it decent?
t2460.142019-09-24Shinigami no Testament: commentsI want to ask, what is this time loop that the VN is about? Is everyone stuck in this loop?
t5479.102019-09-20Green Green GD@8 and 9 I see. I mean, it's a remake of the original, with updated artwork. Other than that, there's no difference between the two since they're
t215.872019-09-19Edelweiss - General DiscussionThat's true, Haruka is the main heroine here. Are there even afterstories for the heroines at all?
t5479.72019-09-19Green Green GD#6 I see. Is the overdrive edition even worth getting and playing, if at all?
t4274.72019-09-19Sakurai Komomo's route, spoil me pleaseSo, the protagonist and the reincarnated Komomo (after her death in her second life) meet again for the third time after the former becomes a teacher
t5479.42019-09-18Green Green GDWhat is an h-code? Anyone?
t12215.52019-09-18Theorizing the Biggest Mystery in the VNAnyone?
t215.852019-09-18Edelweiss - General DiscussionSo, anyone here?
t9736.92019-09-18Questions@7 Are you there, tyr? Can I ask you something?
t12215.42019-09-15Theorizing the Biggest Mystery in the VNWait, so what exactly happen in the ending? It was bittersweet or something like that?