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v295.212020-04-10 at 03:31gerasama-knightFamicom Tantei Club Part II: Ushiro ni Tatsu ShoujoIm a slow reader and I finished it under 9 hours
r70479.32020-03-29 at 21:19gerasama-knightRadical Dreamers: Le Trésor InterditCorrected title
r70479.22020-03-29 at 21:13gerasama-knightRadical Dreamers: Nusumenai Housekifreeware
r70479.12020-03-29 at 21:10gerasama-knightRadical Dreamers: Nusumenai HousekiAdded spanish translation
v12738.42020-03-17 at 22:41gerasama-knightIsogashii Hito no Tame no Bunkachou ~Koumakan Mashimashi Tengu Nuki~added length
v26486.112019-12-04 at 06:04gerasama-knightMonster ga Shihai Suru Isekai de Mamonotsukai ni Natte Haramase Hunt de Kyuus...changed lenght. Cant possibly be less than 2 hrs unless skipping a lot
v15905.52019-12-03 at 22:45gerasama-knightQueen At Armsadded lenght
v6212.122019-11-20 at 10:10gerasama-knightSerifu de Kanjite! Seiyuu DoushiToo much game to just play in less than 2 hrs
v23320.22019-11-05 at 02:55gerasama-knightGirls in the Big Cityscreenshots
v16984.72019-10-31 at 00:31gerasama-knightThis World Unknownadded demo screenshots