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t16102.252021-06-01this sucksI don't believe you need to add friends to read and enjoy a VN or even to discuss one in a thread. The same applies to MAL, and personally I just use
t15852.22021-04-17Regarding v26316.7No problem. Unfortunately I did play this one and was longer than I expected, not that I was hoping for a good read from Miel, lol
w58.12021-04-07Silver JikenNice surreal VN. The only things I hated was that Life Cut chapter with those 10 towers. I was thinking What do I have to do here, and who the fuck
t13663.32020-03-12Survey for my thesis! (About visual novel games)Done. Hope it helps
t13386.42020-01-08Votes disappearing from voting history ?This happens to me too just recently, starting this year to be precise. Out of the three rules to get into the ignore list, the only thing I can
t12945.112019-10-01TwelveNice! Good work and congratz. Let us hope for many more years to come
t12869.352019-09-27Hope its a huge success.@6 I can see the whole point about a VN/Dating Sim based on a real life person not being a good idea, until I remembered the AKB 1/48 series. Who
t12894.72019-09-23someone give me a reason to keep playing?I happen to have the same issue with some VNs. Now I try to search for ones I haven't read, with a Long Common route first if I want to choose from
t11717.22018-12-25Let's talk about Jesus.I played the NES port some years ago, didn't knew those points you mention in the pc88 version. Doesn't surprise me, though. Yeah, the ending was
t11310.302018-10-01We're alive!Congratz VNDB and congrats to everyone in here and following
t10550.42018-09-26What actually happened? (spoilers imminent)I found this one difficult to understand at first in the ending, because of the sea of unnecessary fillers that kept my focus away from the story (I
t9711.562017-10-02Fuck, we're old!Wow, I was already old and sexy even before this thing
t8858.62017-02-18im sorry this is not EnglishI mean you all talk like pros. c,mon, just shut up and read
t8858.52017-02-18im sorry this is not Englishhaha this kind of #post# makes my day. Haha, Ive seen it all before. They all sunk in "whatever", anyway. Every single guy thinks they are a lot
t8749.42017-01-29Of the 19856 visual novels...Yes ^^ That may totally be 'cause there are hundreds of doujins out there, of around 1 or 2 hours at much, without sexual content.
t8705.172017-01-29An apathetic protagonist?Hmm it didnt come to my mind until now, because I just read the trial and not tried any full route yet (Too many VN's in row). But maybe the guy in
t8705.152017-01-27An apathetic protagonist?I think I get what you are looking for. You are looking for a protagonist that is like Squall Leonheart in Final Fantasy VIII, with his "whatever
t8686.152017-01-14MG Survey 2017Last time I asked for untranlsated Rance games and any other Alicesoft games, got them. Nice. This time I want Pianissimo, from Innocent Grey- Any
t6972.812016-12-21VNDB is 8 Years OldAnother one? Wow, its been quite some time now. I hope for many more, this database is great. Gratz to Yorhel and everyone who joined and make this
t7646.42016-12-15Am I...?It did not gross me, but it certainly is not a good work. I mean, just look at Kanae's face or her sisters head drawings. Or body sizes not matching
t8498.92016-12-11New Generation GDJust finished this one. I didnt expected much but instead I found the story to be more enjoyable than in other installments in which is the classic
t7983.32016-11-25Honest Review.Thats a harsh review. Yeah Its boring and Ill give it a 5/10, Im also a hard reviewer. But, I think you're over the top in this. I hope you get
t8325.42016-10-04Seriously!?Dont talk about Aoi Nagisa, Im still having a departure hahaha joking
t8325.32016-10-04Seriously!?Nice revew Eacil. I was a litlle angry back then, but to tell the truth I still say the same
t8325.12016-10-02Seriously!?I know there's gonna be a LOT of people who doesnt agree, but come on. I hate Black Lilith 'cause of this same thing over and over again. Thats IMHO
t6980.142015-11-02The Menagerie GDFutas? Furry? Yuri? Well, from what I got playing this OELVN is that any of those fetishes isn't worth buying this. It is all badly displayed, I didn
t6081.292015-10-23Yandere Translations appears to be dead...Oh god, I just played the demo. And I wish some TL team could make it the justice of translating it completely. I mean, being a long time fan of VN
t2177.22015-10-09That robot...Ok, its years late of a reply. But I have been just playing some old console games recently and I saw this thread. Robot? You meant the machine at
t6972.292015-09-30VNDB is 8 Years OldCongratz for the anniversary and the many more to come in the future
t4107.22015-09-18UhhhNope, even withouth the redhead it's boring and dull from the beggining of it. All of the talking pretends to be funny but it's not, it's totally
t5801.392014-09-30We're at our Prime!As a huge fan of VN's I was very happy when I found about this site a few years ago and start keeping track of vn's I already finished and also the
t329.22009-11-05whats going on in this database?And you have even a tag for them! I mean, its all or nothing, man I like this database, and I just want to help you make it better for all tastes
t329.12009-11-05whats going on in this database?I dont understand! I have been here with all of you in this database for a while, and I even reply about some games not being here because they were
t319.12009-10-26Yes! It belongs herePersona 3 and Persona 4 are a lot different from the previous installments. Why? Because this this ones have elements from a dating sim, in fact ALL