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c9358.202019-06-10 at 10:20teamkazatoSerizawa MiyuShe said in the Main Game that she was Living by herself. The Protagonist also said that she is more of a Lone Wolf then most people think. I think
c76477.32019-05-01 at 14:49teamkazatoYellowstonecorrected one little mistake
c9358.192019-04-19 at 18:38teamkazatoSerizawa MiyuImproved the Description.
c9358.182019-04-19 at 18:28teamkazatoSerizawa Miyuremoved one wrong trait.
c35644.122019-03-10 at 12:07teamkazatoHirosawa HikariImproved the description
c35645.92019-03-06 at 17:09teamkazatoSasaki KazusaAdded Classic Tsundere
c514.272019-02-13 at 19:32teamkazatoEustia AstraeaAdded the B-W-H sizes.
c41939.122019-01-05 at 12:15teamkazatoKomachi MayaEdited the spoiler section back. it is fine.
c34578.102018-12-20 at 00:09teamkazatoHatsuaki SoutaAdded shopping to engages in.
c41939.72018-12-17 at 22:04teamkazatoKomachi MayaImproved her description greatly.
c41939.62018-12-17 at 21:54teamkazatoKomachi MayaUpdated her Again.
c41939.52018-12-17 at 16:22teamkazatoKomachi MayaUpdated her.
c13883.312018-12-03 at 18:05teamkazatoMidorishita YuminaUpdated her. Hair, Body, Engages in.
c799.42018-11-14 at 21:20teamkazatoNagasone Kotetsuchanged 1 trait.
c801.112018-11-14 at 21:19teamkazatoSanjou Makotochanged 1 trait.
c801.102018-11-14 at 21:15teamkazatoSanjou Makotochanged 1 trait.
c801.92018-11-14 at 21:10teamkazatoSanjou Makotocorrected and added some traits.
c6558.132018-11-14 at 21:01teamkazatoLiliana "Lun-Lun" Guentheradded some traits.
c68790.52018-11-14 at 20:55teamkazatoKarin Sarinda Rajasthanchanged 1 trait to spoiler.
c68790.42018-11-14 at 20:54teamkazatoKarin Sarinda Rajasthanadded 2 traits.
c17793.62018-11-14 at 20:48teamkazatoRia Carossaadded a few traits.
c7440.202018-11-14 at 20:35teamkazatoEstel Freesiaadded 1 engages in and 1 subject of.
c41324.212018-11-14 at 16:41teamkazatoHoshina Shuujiedited it back..
c801.82018-11-13 at 18:13teamkazatoSanjou MakotoAdded an aliases.
v20330.412018-11-07 at 09:01teamkazatoNewton to Ringo no Kiedit the english title to the aliases category.
v104.142018-11-05 at 20:12teamkazatoZero no Tsukaima -Koakuma to Harukaze no Concerto-Added a few screenshots.
v1275.122018-11-05 at 19:53teamkazatoZero no Tsukaima -Maigo no Period to Ikusen no Symphony-Added a few screenshots.
v216.152018-11-05 at 18:39teamkazatoZero no Tsukaima -Muma ga Tsumugu Yokaze no Fantasy-Added 5 screenshots of the VN.
c42133.82018-11-04 at 18:12teamkazatoFujisaki AraraAdded her Age.
c42130.92018-11-04 at 18:12teamkazatoMarisugawa ArueAdded her Age.
c42131.52018-11-04 at 18:11teamkazatoHachisuka KoiroAdded her Age.
c68484.32018-11-04 at 18:06teamkazatoHoloAdded a Title to her.
c54663.102018-11-04 at 16:22teamkazatoBenzaiten Sara163 CM Height not 163 KG.
c54505.32018-11-04 at 15:50teamkazatoYanai Akiracorrected a little typo.
c41324.132018-11-04 at 11:48teamkazatoHoshina Shuujiadded a sentence to his description.
c26601.132018-11-03 at 00:37teamkazatoKariya WakanaAdded an Role to her.
c10577.32018-10-13 at 19:46teamkazatoSada AkiraAdded an desription to him.
c10503.102018-10-13 at 19:44teamkazatoIchikura ChiharuGave her a description.
c6834.312018-10-13 at 19:44teamkazatoSomeya Yuzualso gave her a desription.
c6833.312018-10-13 at 19:41teamkazatoKamishiro ToukoAdded a desription to her.
c6832.252018-10-13 at 19:40teamkazatoYasukuni AkaneGave her a desription.
c35666.472018-10-13 at 01:25teamkazatoShihoudou NarikaAdded her height.
c1358.122018-10-11 at 18:51teamkazatoTakamizawa NatsukiAdded an Alias title.
c801.72018-10-11 at 16:26teamkazatoSanjou MakotoAdded some spoiler Info.
c7440.192018-10-11 at 16:20teamkazatoEstel Freesia"Priestess" not Priest, she is female.
c5600.172018-10-11 at 16:12teamkazatoAmano Angeline HotaruAdded some spoiler info.
c7440.182018-10-11 at 16:05teamkazatoEstel Freesiaforgot to write the spoiler command.
c7440.172018-10-11 at 16:00teamkazatoEstel FreesiaAdded some stuff for the Spoiler section.
c17791.82018-09-28 at 20:35teamkazatoErika AndersAdded a Description to her.
c17792.102018-09-28 at 20:34teamkazatoFine ClassenAdded a Description to her.