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t12405.72019-06-01The worst translation I've ever seenHere is some screenshots: link This is completely different of the original text: "Incest is Wincest" "Nani the fuck" "Eroge? You mean those
t12405.12019-06-01The worst translation I've ever seenWho is the retard that translated this game? I can not believe this is an official translation, no way this would pass in QC. I do not even know if I
t9801.832019-05-08Partial English H-patch released!So... The patch for the h-scenes are almost done?! 55 of 67 h-scenes. Just 12 more to go, that's great! I am really looking forward to it! Thank you
t12120.12019-03-30H-codeI need the H-code!
t6358.62019-01-19Another new Science VN (not Sci-Adv series)Chiyomaru in 2019: Fuck that shit! Let's milk Steins Gate franchise.
t9801.182019-01-09Partial English H-patch released!FUCK JAST!!! Please Surferdude, Translate Eiyuu Senki Gold for us!
t11673.22018-12-17mediocre to bad... writingI think you are absolutely right. This protagonist is a pathetic loser, but so are most of the protagonists of visual novels. As for Why they make
t11551.52018-11-23How does the NTR work in this?#4 Dude, this is the worst place to ask for help and information about Visual Novels. (The irony) Nothing but a bunch of Weeaboos criticizing and
t11441.22018-10-30Sanoba Witch Sex Scenes NumberThank you very much asaki!!! You're example to be followed , helping people and not criticizing them with your great knowledge about Visual Novels
t11429.112018-10-29R18 ContentAn incel jerk trying to act online like if he is a normie thoughguy while looking for moeges to play only to jerk off on the ero, GTFO! FYI Weaboo
t11429.72018-10-27R18 Content@6 You are hijacking this thread. Dude, This is just japanese pornographic drawings with text and voices. It's something to be ashamed of. At least
t11430.22018-10-27cool nameNo , it's not weird. I also thought the same thing when I saw your name in other threads.
t11429.52018-10-27R18 Content@4 Nonsense , A real man would die of boredom reading pure love stories. That's a fact! About the other comments , I understand what you are trying
t11429.12018-10-27R18 ContentI only care about the h-scenes , because the story It's just like any other shitty moege anyway. Thus the Adult content will be determinant to me
t10558.1842018-10-14Kickstarter for Venus Blood FrontierA lot of work for a kickstarter that's probably going to fail anyway. Goal is a bit too high for something this niche. Granted I guess there could
t10118.212018-10-09English Patch#20 Oh come on , Shut up Fuwacancer! those fools read all SakuraGames MTL visual novels claiming that is "better than nothing" , and now they want
t10558.1632018-09-24Kickstarter for Venus Blood FrontierI'm an infiltrator as well, I was sent by the Committee of 300 to manipulate peoples mind to buy H-rpg Games. Now the Committee will eliminate you
t10558.1602018-09-23Kickstarter for Venus Blood FrontierWhat a stupid drama you guys are doing. "We are infiltrated, I repeat, vndb is being infiltrated." "Sanahtlig and this Ramaladni are listed as the
t10558.1312018-09-20Kickstarter for Venus Blood Frontieror that Steam users will see a new censored anime game and get curious about what was removed? For the eroge market to continue to grow, the audience
t10697.612018-08-23Fortissimo picked up by SakuraGameVNs scenario in the West: Sekai Project , Moenovel , SakuraGames and Hobibox (featuring Steam censorship) Learn japanese is out of the question to
t11066.82018-08-16H-contentAlso , explain you why all the others Majikoi games (fan-disc , sequel , call it whatever you want) has High Sexual Content ??? Most them are pretty
t11066.72018-08-16H-contentMajikoi has Unlockable Sexual Content?? In any case , let me say this: - To all people that gave Majikoi 8 or above, know that a good VN must have
t11066.52018-08-16H-contentNonsense!!! Stories like these with dirty/sex jokes, lines and cock-tease are much better with H-scenes. But this is such an useless discussion that
t11066.32018-08-16H-contentThanks for the information! I'll pass this one. A good VN must have all the h-scenes during story , That's a fact.
t11066.12018-08-15H-contentI would like to know the number of h-scenes in this game , if there just 5 or 6 boring Vanilla h-scenes I'll pass this one.
t10974.52018-07-26Missing LSC Tag?@3 Now that you mention it , I also think this "High Sexual content" Tag shouldn't be here. Especially if you compare the amount of sex scenes in
t10974.12018-07-25Missing LSC Tag?I believe this one is missing the "Late Sexual Content" Tag. The sex scenes happens only late in the game. (Saki Route/Ending for example) What you
t10731.12018-05-30stkrge is that you?You real identity is stkrge?
t10170.162018-01-21the wrong oneThey better should stay silent and enjoy that they play games that are not intented for them. If you put it that way , then I agree with you, like
t10170.132018-01-21the wrong oneMost guys here normally talking about sexuality have not experienced sexuality aside from their own jerking themselves up. This is one of the reason
t9902.302017-12-20Another butchered game?@29 to us censorship is still censorship , and censorship sucks! Sell it in one largest platform is no excuse to not offer the +18 years old