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r60582.22020-01-14 at 14:00draconyanHiyori BiyoriThe game is also available to play on a browser on the same site where you can download it
v8490.92019-07-20 at 16:16draconyanOnii-chan Mou Icchatta no?English title translation correction
v20424.582019-05-27 at 19:01draconyanSummer PocketsCorrected titles
v9093.782019-02-27 at 11:14draconyanKono Oozora ni, Tsubasa o HirogeteFixed typo
c76973.22018-11-05 at 16:37draconyanMosesSide character, not main
c76974.22018-11-05 at 16:37draconyanKatouSide character, not main
c76974.12018-11-05 at 16:36draconyanKatouAdded secondary character
c76973.12018-11-05 at 16:17draconyanMosesAdded secondary character
c76972.22018-11-05 at 16:09draconyanKosakaI added two copies of this character (c76971 and c76972) by mistake, and I don't know how to delete this one. Sorry.
s17427.32018-11-05 at 15:59draconyanTokoroten小坂 is Kosaka, not Kousaka