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t16670.82021-07-27Capture MonsterNo, I haven't finished the story yet. My friend closed the game and stated that there are two storylines in the game. One is available on the first
t16670.62021-07-25Capture MonsterEveryone can
t16674.42021-07-24What's the best ANIM Mother & Wife game?I generally like everything except part 3. Despite "some" resistance of the mother, there are not so many h-scenes in it, and they are not so erotic
t14495.1502021-07-24YES i need thisGiven the trend towards the development of the latest ANIM games, this should not be counted on it. Next part Musumama will not differ globally from
t16671.42021-07-23Ending questions? Spoilers ObviouslyUsually, I guess. What can you expect from such relationship? Heroine motivation is trampled upon as soon as she begins to enjoy sex. If you plan to
t16671.22021-07-23Ending questions? Spoilers ObviouslyWell? Do you want to discuss this? Or what?
t16588.32021-07-18Comparing from previous series ?No, unfortunately the new game in the series failed to achieve the desired result. As a result, we have a swinging game rather than NTR. There are
t16623.42021-07-17Developer\PublishersYes, exactly. I have accumulated quite a lot VN studios, and I would like to be notified of new release. Method presented by historyeraser is wild
t16623.12021-07-17Developer\PublishersI'm wondering if there is any way can add developer and publishers to my lists besides VN? Is it possible to implement it? Or is it a useless feature
t14495.1462021-07-16YES i need thisIt would be cool to see such a project. However, ANIM.teamMM released its own game this year, so it is very unlikely. Most likely the next game will
t14495.1442021-07-15YES i need this"why dith you say October ? " ANIM doesn't usually release multiple games in the same month. They currently have a scheduled release for the end of
t14495.1412021-07-13YES i need thisMost likely there will be no announcements until October.
t16551.12021-07-05I would like much more like thisAfter completing Aoe Mai route in Love × Holic, I would like to know about the direction of the content in this game. In the first game, Mai route
t16531.42021-07-04ExpectationsI only have expectations for sequel the Ikusa Megami series.
t16276.22021-06-20Windows 10 only ?Confirm.
t16205.22021-06-07It's time boysI am happy about any game from Atelier Kaguya (mostly from Bare & Bunny and HonkyTonk Pumpkin).
t16171.52021-06-03How good is this one?There are 7 endings in the game, 3 of which are related to Akemi, 2 to Nana and the remaining 2 to Mayuka. In terms of time, it can take
t16171.22021-06-02How good is this one?With exception of Orihara Akemi (who turns out to be biological mother of the protagonist, and (weak) conflict will be built on this), game is
t16161.32021-06-02Is it really only Chinese?WHAT? Of all ANIM games, did they decide to translate this one? They must be kidding me. ANIM has more successful projects than this.
t16098.22021-05-23Difference between reboot and original?link
t16024.92021-05-12Who does Karian have a scene with?"I also noticed a girl with short-cut red hair, green eyes, and a maid-style outfit in one scene."This is succubus maid taking life energy of some
t16024.42021-05-11Who does Karian have a scene with?She sleeps with monsters using sex magic so that later they will fight by your side. This is completely optional, it can get combat skill instead.
t16024.22021-05-11Who does Karian have a scene with?It was Louie. I will not explain content and route/requirements, since I think that it makes no sense to pay much attention to such scene, because
t15036.62021-05-03tenmei no conquista: new storyFinished append 02 (Mazoku Seiatsu Hen). As a result, story is still incomplete. Hence, there will be another story append.
t15921.22021-04-24Animated CGsWell, the very first and most obvious recommendation will be games from studio ANIM.teamMM. All of their games (except for the very first ones) are
t15807.42021-04-04opinion :Kuna CharacterNo. EU on their page confirmed that nothing vulgar will happen to her. Game about "family", so lolicons with a father/daughter fetish pass by.
t15807.22021-04-04opinion :Kuna Character... I don't know what exactly you are thinking, but I'll tell you just in case. There will be no h-scenes with her.
t15453.92021-03-28Animation versionIn any case, you have no alternative. Apart from ANIM, no other studio has made announcements about games with this genre.
t15453.72021-03-28Animation versionPerhaps after May another game from ANIM Mother & Wife will be released. At least one game from this studio is due out this year.
t15453.52021-03-27Animation versionNothing new except animated h-scenes was added to the game. This is not a sequel and side story. If you have already read this, then there's not much
t15475.22021-03-22Spec WarningIt seems to me that people on Win 7 can use Tenmei no Conquista patch without any problems. Which contains api-ms-win-shcore-scaling-l1-1-1, MFPlat
t15733.142021-03-21Kara no Shoujo LengthOkay, I give up. I'm already tired of discussing this. The information about the length of the game shouldn't drive me crazy. Hopefully sometime in
t15733.122021-03-21Kara no Shoujo LengthI'm not sure how much you can trust this site, but here the length is 35 hours. link The second episode, as you said, takes much more time, 50 hours
t15733.102021-03-21Kara no Shoujo LengthI very much doubt that I lost track of time while playing the game. I played for 2-4 hours a day, after which I added them to the time I already had
t15733.82021-03-21Kara no Shoujo LengthYou do not understand, I meant that you can not skip unread lines. If they have already been read, I naturally skipped them. I'm talking about those
t15733.52021-03-21Kara no Shoujo LengthI think you understand that you can't skip storylines if they haven't been read after the true ending? I played FULL VOICE HD SIZE EDITION with no
t15733.32021-03-21Kara no Shoujo LengthI played this game for a month, therefore I even recorded my hours spent in the game. I have no idea why you did it within 20 hours. There are 15
t15733.12021-03-21Kara no Shoujo LengthI would like to clarify the situation for the modders in this thread. I just finished the first part of Kara no Shoujo (link). It took me 38 clean
t15699.22021-03-14Animated CG?No.
t15678.22021-03-09I need Mamagoto 2Not sure which product will come out next, but I also hope they take the milf path.
t15635.32021-03-03Amayui castle meister TranslationThere is some kind of translation available on the Discord channel. They claim to have translated everything except sex scenes, but this should be
t15632.42021-03-03fullscreen problemNo, full-screen mode does not work that way, I made sure of this myself. No idea what your problem is. Perhaps your screen resolution is too high, or
t15632.22021-03-02fullscreen problemConfig, upper left corner, first line.
t15575.22021-02-20Does anim games have some female point of view?ANIM.teamMM is very famous for this. Games that have the opportunity to see the story from the face of the main female character: link - link - link
t15571.32021-02-19Missing CGMissed h-scene is most likely the three main characters' group sex with Will. Works on the same principle as with other suits. (link) As for arena
t15530.52021-02-11Stuck in Chapter 3They are very easy to miss. Sometimes you just have to re-enter a location several times to get night events with characters in the temple. If a
t15530.22021-02-10Stuck in Chapter 3Presumably your problem is that you don't read the night events at the main temple. In this case, you will not get the true ending if you missed many
t14426.122021-02-07incest maybe ?Unfortunately, there is no incest and harem ending in these two games.
t15504.52021-02-05H codeIf Textractor did not find any exciting lines, then most likely he will not be able to catch anything from the licensed version of the game. Only