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v14062.512019-08-24 at 14:44ktang200Majo Koi Nikkilink It's shorter than VNs like Damekoi and Sharin which are also listed as 10-30 hours.
v14062.492019-08-03 at 13:52ktang200Majo Koi NikkiESLs finished it in 22 hours, also script dumps says the script size is only about 1.3 MBs so it's not even that long
c14905.162019-03-02 at 22:04ktang200Ushio Yuutadecided to add something that actually related to the protag lol
c14905.152019-03-02 at 22:01ktang200Ushio YuutaI thought the description was a troll because of the terrible grammar. Then I realized it was sort of legit. So I fixed the grammar to make it less
v14265.732019-03-02 at 02:07ktang200Hoshi Ori Yume Miraiwho changed it to long lmao