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t13698.32020-03-21English translation projectThanks for translation I am looking forward to it !
t12372.62019-05-25Replacing covers/screenshots w/ Eng. vers.#9 by yorhel 2019-02-10 at 07:10 By far the most important part of the screenshots is that they're representative and that they show different
t12357.182019-05-21[SPOILER] Game make me sad#17 fhc As you said nowdays most NTR games have a sad end, If you want NTR game where the heroine stay with the protagonist and still love him , then
t12235.52019-04-27There is no Netorare this time aroundIf they made this as Avoidable NTR VN like they used to do , then no one will complain. and the gameplay of this game is just pain in the ass , it is
t11744.12018-12-31Hook code requiredHook code required for this game