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Recent changes

c111112.22022-06-23 at 12:37dostedtMori CalliopeForgot to add the most obvious and noteworthy thing she carries.
c111110.32022-06-23 at 03:55dostedtNinomae Ina’nisAdded a couple traits I missed.
c111112.12022-06-23 at 03:53dostedtMori CalliopeAdded Mori. The VN she is in uses her second model, not her first. This means that her general appearance is pretty different from her first, so all
c111110.22022-06-23 at 03:19dostedtNinomae Ina’nisAccidentally put Height as Hips. Fixed now.
c111110.12022-06-23 at 03:19dostedtNinomae Ina’nisAdded Ina. The VN she is in uses her second model, not her first. There is a radical departure between Ina's first and second, so many visual tags
c111106.32022-06-23 at 02:36dostedtTakanashi KiaraAdded specific hair colors.
c111107.12022-06-23 at 02:32dostedtGawr GuraAdded Gura.
c111103.32022-06-23 at 02:03dostedtWatson AmeliaAdded a couple more traits.
c111106.22022-06-23 at 02:02dostedtTakanashi KiaraForgot to put Sex
c111106.12022-06-23 at 02:01dostedtTakanashi KiaraAdded Kiara. Had 2 hat traits since she wears 2 hats.