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w4596.32022-07-01Grisaia no Kajitsu -LE FRUIT DE LA GRISAIA-#1 I don't think I would call Yuuji edgy myself, but I've seen plenty of people dislike him. I absolutely hated his character and he greatly soured
t3314.29192022-06-30TraitsNow that the vtuber tag is approved, can we also have a vtuber trait? Role > Virtual Online Streamer was denied, but that was 18 months ago before it
t18616.42022-06-23Inappropriate footer quotesPlease keep the quotes as they are. They are nice. The more weird and/or offensive, the better the quote.
t8242.11902022-06-23The how to edit threadThank you for the help. The only thing that makes it a little difficult for me is that this is how the VN presents it: link While I have already
t8242.11882022-06-22The how to edit threadDoes the Unlockable Gallery tag apply if the currently released version does not have the gallery able to be unlocked yet? In this VN, the main menu
t17192.172022-06-22Yet another 'best girl' doesn't get a route>Last thing we need is VNs that are trying to correct our perceptions. I'd play an EVN if I wanted that I agree. I would hate it if Japanese VNs
t18562.82022-06-21how do i hide VNs w tags that bother me#7 This post reads like an AI generated it.
t950.12772022-06-09VNDB Suggestions!Shoot, I apologize for missing that. I must be blind. It even says it on there. I have plenty of saved filters, but never made one my default filter
t950.12752022-06-09VNDB Suggestions!Ignore this post. Suggested something already in effect.
w4423.12022-06-03Wasurenagusa no YoruI agree on most of this. It is really only suitable for readers who like the style of VN in which you are not trying to understand plot or characters
w107.32022-06-02Dustmania Grotesque ~Kaitai Sounyuu Shinsho~I've had this one on my radar for a while, but you've sold me on it. Sometimes nothing but the most shitty, degenerate works can scratch an itch.
t18484.342022-06-01Restore this VNIf you want to consider Persona 3/4/5 or whatever amount of these JRPGs as VNs, what the heck would the criteria be for them being VNs? I'm easily
t18448.92022-05-25Weekly Polls 1: Favourite -Ge Genre#8 Kind of a hostile answer, don't you think? I guess I will pick both then. Do you really think it was that weird of a question? If you have moege
t18448.62022-05-24Weekly Polls 1: Favourite -Ge GenreThis is weirdly worded. Moege is what I would pick, but many Moege are also eroge. Is the moege option specifically just for only All-Ages releases
t17460.82022-05-24Any news?Fucking hell. I was not checking on f95, and I was wondering if there would be ANY updates anywhere from them. I guess they are too cowardly to say
w1521.132022-05-19Grisaia no Kajitsu -LE FRUIT DE LA GRISAIA-Yuuji really ruined my experience with Grisaia. I wouldn't describe him as a Mary Sue or anything, but his attitude is really annoying. He makes the
w4272.62022-05-19Umineko no Naku Koro niI think this review hit on a lot of the points I would have said. However, many of the problems mentioned here apply more to the answer arcs, which
w4308.32022-05-19Shiny DaysWhile I enjoyed School Days, I did not find myself liking Shiny Days and dropped it. Something about it really irked me, but I can't narrow it down
w4316.12022-05-18Kimagure TemptationWhen you say "sudden twist", it implies that it comes from nowhere. I would like to note that the twist was pretty well hinted at throughout. It came
t18330.62022-05-08Tutorial: How to use Erogamescape aka Japan's vndbThanks for the video. One thing that is quite interesting is that like with some other Japanese websites, they block IPs outside of the country. This
t18296.262022-05-0418+ eng version of Kimaten by SP is still censoredDamn, it's a shame I was made aware of this only after finishing it completely. Thank you for bringing it to my attention as I also despise
t13739.122022-05-01Is it me, or the premise is kind of weird?I wish it wasn't taboo outside of Japan to show the Axis powers of WW2 in a non-negative light. It's one of the many things that makes Japanese media
t17460.52022-04-29Any news?According to a reply on a post they made, they hope to have it done sometime Spring. Man, I never get excited for Western stuff, and the one time I
t18199.112022-04-24Should every VN come with ending flowchart?I don't like flowcharts in general because I like the trial and error present in the medium. I am a sucker for being stuck for a while figuring out
t18195.262022-04-24Lack of Zombies in Japanese Visual Novels#25 Not really sure what you and a few others here are implying by this kind of post. VNs with many choices exist, hence why we have a tag for it. In
t18195.42022-04-17Lack of Zombies in Japanese Visual Novels#2 While I agree that the Walking Dead became a zombie of a series after season 1 and may have effected the West, I don't think it should have much
t18195.12022-04-17Lack of Zombies in Japanese Visual NovelsOne genre that is oversaturated in Western media is zombie stories. And while the Japanese have made plenty of zombie media out there, it's not as