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t15657.72021-03-06Please help find a song from a VN I can't identifyMaybe link?
t12763.72019-08-29Wanted: Online querying/analysis toolThe version you have (3.0.0) is still in beta. Maybe the latest stable (2.8.1) will have less issues?
t12763.42019-08-27Wanted: Online querying/analysis toolTwo tools come to mind: SQLPad and redash. I never used either of them so I can't be sure how much they fit your needs, but I think it's worth
t3599.2102018-06-13Some love for the APIWow. Thank you. Didn't expect it to be added that quickly.
t3599.2082018-06-13Some love for the APIIt seems like the "instance of" information for the characters is currently unavailable in the APIs. Is there a plan to make that happen?
t10484.32018-04-15Unable to remove staff aliasI was only trying to remove Kagara Mao, with a goal of seperating Kagara Mao into a different staff. Does that mean I have to un-assign Kagara Mao
t10484.12018-04-15Unable to remove staff aliasAfter listening to a few samples of Kagara Mao, I'm quite certain she is not Ishihara Mai's. However, in an attempt to remove the alias via the