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t9825.112018-08-18Is Euphoria the most disturbing VN?It's in the top 10 of most disturbing translated VNs, but it isn't the most disturbing. For example : I think that Homeless Joshi ***Gakusei is more
t10560.212018-05-14Fantastic#13 I love Euphoria as much as I love Clannad, Chaos;Head and Steins;Gate. I think that most people have bad taste because I hate some highly
t10490.52018-04-18Similar VNs ?Thanks everyone for the replies and suggestions, I will try them all. What made the atmosphere captivating to you?It felt like the perfect
t10490.12018-04-16Similar VNs ?I love Euphoria it's my favorite visual novel, mostly because of the captivating atmosphere and fantastic story. I have searched for similar visual