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t12454.72019-06-14Why r63733 deleted?^ agree about it. but even that happens, i think deleting r63725 would be more reasonable. is there any rules that later release should be deleted in
t12454.32019-06-13Why r63733 deleted?Deleted release is aダウンロード版(r63733), not a Steam Edition(r63725).
t12454.12019-06-13Why r63733 deleted?PC Download Edition is absolutely different as the Steam Edition. link as can see in the homepage link, Steam Edtion and PC Download Edition is
t10959.12018-07-22wrong release date?It has been released at 26.01.07. But in vndb, it has been released at 2006. How to change it?
t10832.32018-06-21announceanyway, it should be more exact when synopsis reveals.
t10832.22018-06-21announceBut J-MENT has mentioned that it is a sequel in nicozon, and Memorajxo is memory thing, so i think that there would be ruka's past story as a