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t16650.32021-07-20This one is going to be interesting#2 Check this link
t8242.6422021-07-09The how to edit threadv10078.16 Translator/editor as a staff? :thonking:
t16533.52021-07-03Does VN industry upward or downward recent years?Sofurin's data (number of titles, pkg/dl sales, etc.): pic Source Most important column - 販売本数, both in package and DL section 1992-2016 - Only
t16205.462021-06-25It's time boysIt's up now, another link
t16169.232021-06-07Machine translation patch#22 Well, honestly I was able to recognize this clip only because I have read tons of similar shit, lol If it was hard sci-fi for example, I wouldn't
t16169.212021-06-07Machine translation patch- 見れば、ふたわがかり叶わぬ程つばさが傷んでおる様子 - 見上げた大言壮語だ、さぎぬま。あの青二才が吹くようになったものよ。ありがたく馳走に与ろうか。冥途の土産にその首級頂いておく Don't know what "ふたわがかり" means, looks like chuuni shit
t15372.702021-02-03Advancing Search@69 ??? gif
t15478.62021-01-28Looking for a specific theme/genre/scenarioAside from what has already been suggested: Cute Resort ~Shiyou yo♥ Ecchi na Activity~ Oide yo! Mizuryuu Kei Land ~Kazoku to Sukebe na Theme Park~
t15372.302021-01-11Advancing Search>it was very good It wasn't good enough tho, I really love new system. Just play with it thoughtfully for 10 minutes and you will understand how
t2108.33172020-08-19Candidates for deletionPerhaps Mistletear (instance of Amanogi Akira) is not needed actually, since her appearance after a henshin does not change at all. Same face, same
t6458.1492020-01-06Changing Username?Lolifoxie, please === Thanks!