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v18411.122020-07-26 at 16:41luckydaikonRandoseru SyndromeAdded homepage url to description
v19723.42020-07-26 at 16:40luckydaikonKurotsume YotsubaAdded homepage url to description
v28297.72020-07-26 at 16:38luckydaikonHoshizora Tetsudou to Shiro no TabiAdded homepage link to description
v28297.62020-07-26 at 16:36luckydaikonHoshizora Tetsudou to Shiro no TabiA translation of the description of the official site: link
v19723.32020-07-26 at 16:14luckydaikonKurotsume YotsubaFixed minor typo.
v18411.112020-07-26 at 16:10luckydaikonRandoseru SyndromeAdded translation of the description from the official website: link
v19723.22020-07-26 at 15:17luckydaikonKurotsume YotsubaAdded translation of the description from the official website for this game: link
c84458.72020-07-25 at 13:46luckydaikonWakui ArataAdded main character image (captured from game)
r70257.62020-07-13 at 11:51luckydaikonAmairo Chocolate 18+ DLCThe 18+ Steam Patch for this game is Chinese only! There is no Japanese support for the patch.
v24626.102020-06-20 at 02:18luckydaikonKoi ni, Kanmi o Soete 2Added screenshots