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t16635.22021-07-19Walkthrough?This is a Chinese site but it's got the choices in Japanese: link (NSFW ads, just FYI)
t8964.62021-07-16How to tell if a VN is voiced?I wouldn't mind a "Not voiced" tag for games that do not have a single voiced release. I do use the voiced status on the individual releases a lot
t1297.42021-07-11vocalOops, I briefly got this game confused with the other game about oni saving someone from the verge of death, where one of the heroines is your blood
t950.9682021-07-09VNDB Suggestions!@967 Just came here to say this! I love this feature!
t16302.202021-06-26'Denpa' should be renamed to 'Dempa'" written as-is will create bad habits in, and possibly irreversibly damage the pronunciation of, many aspiring Japanese learners." I can't say I
t16168.32021-06-03I recommended Planetarian to my sisterI think that depends on your sister, haha. I may have cried a little. I really liked it though!
t15983.112021-05-18Should I read the steam version?#9 Yeah, I doubt it's unusual (although hearing the edits alongside the PC text is a very interesting experience), I just felt the need to bring it
t15983.82021-05-16Should I read the steam version?I was just reminded of this since I'm currently reading Matsuribayashi in JP with the voices added. I don't know about the Switch version, but other
t16018.92021-05-10why do some VNs have individual voice volume bars?I've only used the function one time- for Nichika in Hakoniwa Logic. It was really, really necessary. I just halved her volume and she sounded like a
t16016.42021-05-09Question about spoilerIt is an important part of the central conflict of her route, I think. As far as time devoted to it, not so much. It is also all text/voice, no CGs
t16016.22021-05-09Question about spoilerHere's what happens: Kuroki's mother starts dating a man that eventually tries to sexually assault Kuroki. It's not graphic and he doesn't get very
t15983.62021-05-05Should I read the steam version?The Steam version is also compatible with 7th Mod, which lets you add voices from console editions and revert some music changes. It also lets you
t15578.452021-04-29First VN?My first was the Hirameki (non H) release of Tea Society of a Witch in 2004. I was always sort of fascinated by VN but didn't really get into them
t14769.62021-01-18Which guy most interests you? (pre-release)I usually like dudes with glasses, like Fujieda, but going on looks alone... I like Taku so far.
t15336.22021-01-07Does anybody still have this?I can't find a copy of the game itself, but the creator uploaded playthrough videos of what looks to be the whole thing on their NicoNico account
t15346.32021-01-07What end of century anime does Haru talk about?#2 You're probably right, even though it's not at the very end of the century. I've seen those guys in a few Japanese memes.
t15342.72021-01-07EpisodicIt's true that you end up with a harem ending regardless, but there are a few different CGs and H-scenes and dialogue changes based on your choices
t14121.152021-01-07[Poll]Best Yuzusoft VN yet?I've really been enjoying Amairo * Islenauts so far, nothing ground breaking but very pleasant and cute. If this is bottom of the barrel Yuzusoft, I
t14915.412020-12-30Why were you drawn to visual novels?I've always found VNs interesting, but I really go into them when I was studying for the JLPT N1. I found them to be a great way to work on listening
t14603.82020-08-29Should top Otome Games compared to top VNsThis is a weird question to me. Otome games are largely aimed at female players, but the Science Adventure games and other similar titles can be
t8844.312020-08-03chaos;child -GD-#2 The slow advance is killing me. I'm playing the android edition on my chuggy little phone and it's making for a frustrating experience (although I
t14423.72020-07-31Why do visual novels go on sale on same day#2 Traditionally Japanese salaries are paid once a month. The 25th of each month is one of the more common dates. Part-time and temps jobs pay
t14295.142020-07-06Which VN has your favorite soundtrack?I also crank the BGM down and the voice volume up. I play in Japanese as well, and I have trouble with listening comprehension if the music is too