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t2108.44442022-01-02Candidates for deletionMatcha Pink Factory can be removed, it is a duplicate of Nitto.
t12755.1232021-12-30Linking Databases, part 2Thanks!
t12755.1212021-12-29Linking Databases, part 2I tried finding some freegame mugen links: - About 140 releases with almost the same title and a common producer. - About 50 releases with almost the
t15372.1312021-11-30Advancing Search#130 This is probably the negation on the "any" part that makes the query hard to understand. Your upper filter is "not having a release without at
t2108.40752021-10-03Candidates for deletionSome staff I added while they already existed in the db: - Sara is a duplicate of Sara - JunProject is a duplicate of JunProject
t16907.22021-08-29Regarding r79527.12Oops, I missed that while updating jast links. I corrected the link in r79527 and created r82513 for the full game. Thanks.
t3314.26092021-08-01TraitsThere is a typo in the description of Timid, challange should be challenge.
t12800.842021-07-29Querying Databases@83 link It's far from perfect, but it's a start.
t2108.37832021-06-05Candidates for deletionI added Sara but she is a duplicate of Sara.
t12755.1082021-05-03Linking Databases, part 2It's time for more egs links again. I added a few improvements: - the producer verification removes a few strings like "Co., Ltd." and also checks
t12755.1062021-04-14Linking Databases, part 2Great, thanks :) EGS has 25000 entries and vndb had 15000 of them before this import. Although vndb most probably doesn't have all of them, there is
t12755.1042021-04-12Linking Databases, part 2I'm back with more erogamescape links. I changed the title comparison to ignore most symbols and improved a few other parts of the script. Now, if
t12755.1002021-03-27Linking Databases, part 2Alright, I added some platform checks. I also made a few improvements to the script to avoid some duplicated entries in the output. Releases with a
t12755.992021-03-27Linking Databases, part 2There are two entries on EGS for F Fanatic, so one of the link is incorrect. I checked how many releases are affected by the VN relation and the
t12755.972021-03-25Linking Databases, part 2I wrote a script to add more erogamescape links, mainly by replacing full-width characters to regular ones and giving a margin of error to the title
t2520.5482021-03-21Minor error/sWhen trying to sort a user's reviews by date, they are actually sorted by id. Url looks like: `<uid>`
t3599.2352020-11-13Some love for the API#234 In d11#5.4 spoiler gender uses "gender_spoiler" but I received it with the key "spoil_gender".
t15004.42020-11-11Is there a tag for traps voice by men?Here is a list of traps voiced by men link, just run the query. It's quite short though.
t2520.5112020-11-10Minor error/sIn the description of Nano: "In friction, immature / childish characters are prone to this pattern." I think it should be "fiction".
t12800.652020-07-23Querying Databases#64 link Is this what you wanted? You can comment out the media part to remove the filtering.
t14211.12020-06-18Regarding c41583.3In c41583.3 you added that Thea was 8 years old, but I think this might be wrong. From her description: 主人公の前に突如現れ、8年前の過去へタイムスリップさせた謎の女の子。 The 8年
t2520.4132020-06-11Minor error/sLink detection in messages doesn't include the exclamation mark. link!! should include them in the 'link'. Or is this a percent-encoding issue in the
t2108.32072020-06-03Candidates for deletionI added Sanjou Shino but she is a duplicate of Sanjou Shino. She can be removed.