Votes by ragnes


Cast Vote Visual novel
2018-03-168Autumn's Journey
2018-03-156DRAMAtical Murder
2018-03-155Osananajimi wa Daitouryou: My Girlfriend is the President.
2018-03-157Sunrider Academy
2018-03-155Wander No More
2018-03-157Cursed Sight
2018-03-158Soul Gambler
2018-03-155Date Ariane
2018-03-155Arkyos Angel
2018-03-156Moonlight Crossing
2018-03-158Chook & Sosig: A Case Of Murder
2018-03-157Daisy Chain
2018-03-153What's Your Name?
2018-03-1510Faustão Dating Sim
2018-03-156The Photographer
2018-03-157Amour Sucré
2018-03-154Iris Dream
2018-03-155Asagao Academy: Normal Boots Club
2018-03-157Starlit Flowers
2018-03-155RE: Alistair
2018-03-158Cute Demon Crashers!
2018-03-157The Blind Griffin
2018-03-159Doki Doki Literature Club!
2018-03-155Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side
2018-03-157Tunnel Vision
2018-03-156Date (Almost) Anything
2018-03-158Katawa Shoujo
2018-03-1510Susanghan Messenger
2018-03-153Dandelion ~Neoege Buneun Baram~
2018-03-155Best Romance Game Ever
2018-03-156Valentine Panic!
2018-03-158Remember, Remember
2018-03-156Seduce Me: The Beach Episode
2018-03-157Seduce Me: Simon's Revenge
2018-03-157Seduce Me: My Princess
2018-03-157Seduce Me: A Succubus's Sacrifice
2018-03-159Seduce Me: A Lesson In Romance
2018-03-156Seduce Me: Shall We Dance?
2018-03-155Seduce Me: The Prince vs the Brute
2018-03-157Love and Romance - A Study of Intimacy
2018-03-1510Seduce Me 2: The Demon War
2018-03-156Blind Love
2018-03-158Seduce Me
2018-03-154My Lady
2018-03-156Date Treat