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t6702.632018-07-31What's your opinion and at what age did u read?17 by the time i read it.. well actually i read it around 3 month ago but never have the time to finish it, because the guro content is making me
t10246.252018-07-23Rape and Group Sex?@24 Actually there's more h-scene with ramius even as far Raping her while you possessed with a ghost
t10964.42018-07-23Question about SaintsRegarding point 1, is there a choice to not go through with the anal scene of the saint, for completion of quest? Oh you mean the Saint Laurent and
t10964.22018-07-23Question about SaintsI am in Chapter 2 and I want to ask if the anal scenes with the saints(Silent) skippable/optional if i do the quests? ~IIRC the last saint (Silent
t10874.22018-07-02How to actively gain skills?You could gain the skill by defeating the enemy in random encounter but the chance is really low, also don't forget to visit Camelot castle to pick
t10755.52018-06-05MangaGamer DX version censored questionI think DX version don't simply censored or removed any H-content per-se, instead it add new content to cover the censored/removed part. In term of
t10757.32018-06-04White background bugI had the same problem as your's but if i recall correctly the problem is occured if your graphic card doesn't meet the requirement, try updating