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t2108.47532022-06-15Candidates for deletionActually JAST had PC version of their engine used for those early games - it was used in official english localizations of Meisou Toshi, San Shimai
w4441.12022-06-05StarTRainI definitely agree about original approach in Yomogi's route. I especially liked how the bad end serves as a kind of warning about unhealthy
t8242.11592022-05-27The how to edit thread"was it maybe a problem left over from before changes with how releases work?" Many people believed that her route was part of main game in Cruise
t16748.92022-05-24machine translation questionI use various tools, depending on the game. For PC versions my first try is usually AGTH, since it's smallest and simplest. If it doesn't work or has
t18438.62022-05-22Why Akari is labeled as main character?To make everything clear about Akari - she's the romanceable heroine of the all-ages version of Flight Diary (fandisc), which first appeared as a
t6347.112022-04-26kono aozora ni yakusoku wo -GD-It seems that anime just tries to cram each girl's story into two episodes in a flashback format, and reportedly it isn't good. So, especially after
t18244.22022-04-25Games like Summer Pockets but not from KeyI'm not aware of any that could be the exact match, but Natsuzora Kanata from Yuzusoft has very similar opening scene, and also the setting can be
t18169.32022-04-11VNDB inaccessible from latest version of FirefoxYeah, it works fine, at least for now ;) Thanks :)
t18169.12022-04-11VNDB inaccessible from latest version of FirefoxAfter recent Firefox update I'm unable to access vndb - I get error message: SEC_ERROR_OCSP_OLD_RESPONSE In the update description they say something
t18068.32022-03-29How do I see “yes” to “no” ratio of vn reviews?I think that results being invisble for some time might have discouraged some people from voting ;)
t2108.46042022-03-08Candidates for deletionAh, so that's the difference between PC and console releases. I played PS3 version, and there Yomi's route was initially locked behind Ruka's and
t2108.46022022-03-08Candidates for deletion@4601 - ah, thanks for correction. My memory is a bit hazy when it comes to the route structure details, but wasn't Yomi's route also initially
t2108.46002022-03-08Candidates for deletion"She's 5-6 years old for most of the game but there's a timeskip in her route (IIRC the post-timeskip part is long enough to essentially be a full
t2108.45982022-03-08Candidates for deletion@4597 I played the game. There are indeed older versions of characters in the true route, that features significant time skip. Since those character
t2108.45962022-03-08Candidates for deletionThere seems to be some mess with characters in Himawari no Kyoukai to Nagai Natsuyasumi Oboshiro Hipopo Daiya, Ayugase Tsukiko, Sagitsuki Ruka and As
t17746.62022-02-01Do I need the 18+ for the story ?I played Japanese Complete Edition (r74265), which is all-ages, and it was very good for me, but Steam version is more censored than this
t17656.142022-01-19Scamware: A Proposal"I am pretty sure that very few people care about JAN. Still helpful for the few who care." Yup, it's very helpful when searching various online
t17652.12022-01-15Text hooking the Switch versionHi, I'm trying to hook the text from the emulated Switch version, using Cheat Engine. Unfortunately it seems that this version uses some custom text
t17589.202022-01-05Can the planned restoration patch even salvage thiTo avoid Steam's banhammer which seems to be very sensitive to high school settings ;) Perhaps they hope that the reviewer won't check other
t17540.22021-12-24Offline reading & VN HookIf you need just hooking and dictionary look-up, then that should be no problem - most of the hookers and parsers should work offline. For example
t17219.42021-10-22Original vs Remake? (and h-code for original)@2 "Here you go: /HSN3C@4423E6"Thanks! "the VA changes don't help. "Ah, so they also changed the VA? So the ones listed on vndb page are for
t17219.12021-10-21Original vs Remake? (and h-code for original)Hi, This VN caught my attention and I'd like to read it. The thing is, I'm not sure which version should I choose. The remake can be bought quite
t8242.7952021-10-21The how to edit thread@790 - I'm all in for both of your suggestions - voting on releases with "umbrellas" over them and merging two White Album 2 chapters. I suggested
t2108.41002021-10-07Candidates for deletion"Takatuki" Well, it technically is valid romanization for たかつき - just not the one we use here ;) I guess he took it from OP movie or something like
t17097.42021-09-29Eroge with best ero animation"Sisters ~Natsu no Saigo no Hi~, which is basically just H-anime." While we're at Jellyfish's productions, I found animated H-scenes in Lovers ~Koi
t17079.112021-09-27Translations of visual novels in the form of videoWhile it certainly would be beneficial for users to have the information on such translations in the db, I feel like they don't fit the release
t950.10322021-09-14VNDB Suggestions!@1031 - I already use "RPG" and "Strategy" tags to filter out such games. I think it covers most of such cases.
t950.10232021-09-14VNDB Suggestions!Also, I think that to check the visibility of your votes to others, you'd have to view the page while logged out - because you will always see
t16969.42021-09-12How to read visual novels with textractor?Maybe I'm weird, but I actually often feel uncomfortable when reading VN in fullscreen mode (I have 24" 1080p screen) - it gets kind of straining
t16987.122021-09-11Animation: A ProposalI'm not sure if it has been addressed or not, but games like Love Escalator or Lovers ~Koi ni Ochitara...~ (actually two versions of the same game
t16712.332021-09-09Question on spoilers via voice seiyuu & their roleI'll add another example, when one VA voices THREE characters - Little Busters! Tamiyasu Tomoe voices Natsume Rin, but also Naoe Riki and Sasasasasami
t16712.282021-09-09Question on spoilers via voice seiyuu & their roleAs others have already pointed out - it's virtually impossible to avoid that "spoiler", unless you're going to pirate the game without reading
w1917.32021-09-099-nine- Kokonotsu Kokonoka Kokonoiro@2 - I bought Complete Edition so I'm definitely going to read it all :) Especially since I'm already liking what I'm seeing in the first episode (I
w1917.12021-09-099-nine- Kokonotsu Kokonoka Kokonoiro"go in expecting a moege and let yourself be pleasantly surprised by the interesting supernatural plot that goes with it." That perfectly describes
t7442.8522021-09-05Game inclusion in the DBSo, something like the permanent auto-mode?
t16054.1392021-09-04Reporting MTL releases@138 - I hate to admit it, but he has a point here. If you just edit MTL's awkward English to make it somewhat readable, then the result is so called
t16728.1932021-09-04A VN Play Time Voting ThingUnless someone lets the VN sit idle in the background for hours, I don't see any problem with Steam's time. It almost sounds like you couldn't stand
t16728.1912021-09-03A VN Play Time Voting ThingIsn't that getting overly paranoid over it? Besides, there's no way to check what actually every player has used, so it's pointless - if you put such
t8242.7642021-09-02The how to edit thread"9 -Nine- has collectively accumulated 50 different releases over five games. Rolling them into a single entry would create an ungodly mess. So I
t8242.7612021-09-02The how to edit threadSo do you really think that for every VN that has been initially released in episodic form, each episode should have separate entry? Like for example
t8242.7572021-09-02The how to edit threadSince 9 -Nine- got complete Japanese edition (both physical and digital) - r74265, r76735, r79385 - wouldn't it be good time to merge all episodes
w2719.12021-08-31Kono Oozora ni, Tsubasa o Hirogete: FLIGHT DIARY"Cool that MoeNovel actually went out of their way to translate Cruise Sign only content." Whole Steam release is actually a translation of Cruise
t16054.1152021-08-29Reporting MTL releases@114 - It's quite stiff and perhaps overly literal, but that doesn't prove it's MTL. Just that whoever wrote or edited it isn't good English writer ;)
t16054.1092021-08-25Reporting MTL releases@108 - but AFAIK Deepl doesn't have all those languages? Perhaps they made English "translation" with Deepl, and then based another languages on this
t16728.1752021-08-24A VN Play Time Voting ThingFor measuring VN playtime I use three tools: - for Steam titles I use Steam's time tracker - for PS3 games I use rpc3's built-in time tracker
t16857.42021-08-23translation quality?I've seen worse (I think Mugen Yasoukyoku translation was even worse when it comes to typos and grammar errors), but yes, it has big share of
t16857.22021-08-23translation quality?It isn't as bad, but it looks like it suffers from lack of editing - especially the later parts are full of typos and grammar errors. It's readable
t16836.22021-08-19One of the worst VN translations ever?"From gems such as "Johnny Lotten" and "The Crash"" I think band names might have been mangled intentionally to avoid licensing problems. It's the
t8242.7442021-08-18The how to edit threadThat depends on the degree of the changes to the scenario made for the Re:Tsumugu Ito versions. I haven't played those remakes, turned off by the new
t950.9922021-08-17VNDB Suggestions!@991 But perhaps, we could manage votes in a manner similar to how we handle reviews and playtime? I mean, that it would be neat if one could point