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t18567.12022-06-13How do you interpret the end ? [Spoiler]What do you think of the last CG ? Do you have some theories or do you think she just enjoy her new life without the sickness ?
t17665.12022-01-19Will this really be release by key ??Like, it doesn't seem like something they'd produce and I don't see any information about this because of my poor Japanese...
t17105.62021-09-30Fourteen 🎉Happy birthday!!
w2648.22021-08-22Ore-tachi no Sekai wa Owatteiru.@1 Yes, it's also a weak point of the game. Especially since the routes are very very short.
t950.9902021-08-17VNDB Suggestions!Maybe it's already been suggested but I couldn't find anything about it. I like to read VNs in my native language but it's not uncommon for the
t15720.32021-03-20Kira ~ Fleur des neigesThank you very much!! You were my last hope! I feel like I'm pretty lucky that you were still keeping it. It's a shame that the few VN that we have
t15720.12021-03-19Kira ~ Fleur des neigesHello ! I saw your comment on the game Kira ~ Fleur des neiges. You said that you download the game in french. Do you still have it ? I can't find it
t15488.32021-01-30difference between patch and unoficial patchAlright! Thanks for your answer!
t15488.12021-01-30difference between patch and unoficial patchHi ! I'm sorry if it's already been spoken somewhere or it's written somewhere because I couldn't find ... The title is self-explanatory. I saw that