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r9410.72018-04-22 at 03:22meotoiwaNexton Best Series - Goshujinsama DaaisukiReverted to revision r9410.5
r20881.62018-04-22 at 03:22meotoiwaGoshujinsama Daaisuki - Download EditionReverted to revision r20881.4
r1916.82018-04-22 at 03:21meotoiwaGoshujinsama DaaisukiDon't insert tildes in romaji.
r56042.62018-04-22 at 03:19meotoiwaMikosan Daaisuki! - Download EditionReverted to revision r56042.4
r5554.62018-04-22 at 03:18meotoiwaMikosan Daaisuki!Reverted to revision r5554.4
v2839.132018-04-22 at 03:18meotoiwaMikosan Daaisuki!>> Honorifics like "san" (さん) needs to be separated with a suffix. It's for proper nouns. It's overdone for common nouns.
r33535.62018-04-22 at 03:02meotoiwaSensei Daaisuki 2 - Download EditionReverted to revision r33535.4
r706.82018-04-22 at 03:02meotoiwaSensei Daaisuki 2 - DVD-ROM EditionReverted to revision r706.6
r705.92018-04-22 at 03:01meotoiwaSensei Daaisuki 2 - CD-ROM EditionReverted to revision r705.7
v279.202018-04-22 at 03:01meotoiwaSensei Daaisuki 2See Editing Guidelines link To keep the database consistent, we have decided to use a mix of Hepburn and Wapuro for all fields.