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t17010.642021-11-06The eradication of MTL descriptions on VNDBI think this idea could cause a big problem : when browsing for games, if I read a description and see that it' look like a really bad MTL then I
t17311.12021-11-06Adding link to the VN for example pics in tag defHey I have a idea for a new feature While searching for different tag, I've seen exemple images in tag deffinition to show what the tag look like
t12579.52021-07-13100% WalktroughI finished the game, started a new one and still can't click on "leave it to me"
t15982.12021-05-04Is this game even real ? a joke ? a illusion ?this game is the perfect representation of all the worth thing in the indie game industry it was supposed to come out on September
t15222.182021-04-26English TranslationWTF is this gameplay , seriously I don't understand a thing ... cant' catch the first girl , I really don't know what to do ...
t15826.12021-04-07We should have a new length for title like this onit took me 3 min to finish this "game" , it's the shortest VN I've ever played we should add a new length for this kind of games , like " extremely
t12410.12019-06-03Translation ?hi recently , someone tell me that he have played this game in english unfortunately he had no longer the copy of the game apparently he DL it